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  2. GNR in poland 2019?

    But Frank said on his IG "Thank you Poland!! See you soon!!"
  3. Thank you, hope you will someday hear this live too
  4. Me too and I was praying for Maddy in Chorzow. When I heard that intro I was happy AF.
  5. Compare other song Nightrain Poland 2017 Nightrain Poland 2018 Here 2018 is ABSOLUTELY killing 2017 in my opinion. Intro in 2017 is not very bad but mickeyish and in 2018 he sounds like beast like a fucking demon. And verse in 2018 is deeper and more raspy. In Chorzow show was longer tho. Nightrain from Chorzow is 2016 level and from Gdansk is good too especialy ending but this intro in Chorzow kills me.
  6. And to guy who said WTTJ from 2017 is killing 2018 one It's not much difference just 2017 has more rasp, and no in every show. For example, compare Apollo to this WTTJ from Poland. If it's not the same 2018 win for me. And on Polish GnR forum all the people who was at Gdansk and Chorzow says Axl in Chorzow was better or slightly better.
  7. In first verse absolutely Choruses are about the same second verse 2017 win and third 2018 win for me, better low part
  8. They are standing in the shadow of your love
  9. 2 of my friends likes GnR and my best friend was not one of the biggest GnR fans but we went to Chorzow and he is delighted and so is my dad who likes GnR a lot, I forced him to listen to Chinese Democracy and he said this is really good album. And my sister is GnR fan too. So GnR has a good opinion in my family
  10. + Axl's voice, and his look and attitude now. Different man than in 2012 + Slash, Duff, Richard and Melissa + Setlists + They are great and succesful band again + Stage, screens, pirotechnics, everything about stage - Axl's Voice - No new material Great tour in my opinion
  11. I can't listen to KOHD too xD but live it wasgood. Axl sounds good on it guitar solos are nice and all the people in audience singing.. And I don't say that he sounds worse than 2016 because he is old but because now he doesn't have to prove anything because he did this two years ago. That and propably lack of preparations. But you know if he'd sound like in Berlin I would not stand it. But now he is ok. It's standard now. He sounds like this year ago. He sounded very similiar in 2012,13. 14 on beggining even worse than in Vegas better than now