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  1. Fuck it is so good! Good quality makes it much better too
  2. Listen to what Axl said before the song. That's why Slash is not there
  3. Yes, when I was listening to it for the first time I thought about Ain't Fun. Idk why but I get that vibe for sure
  4. Rock The Rock World Tour with Bugs Bunny special guest
  5. I think this is from this year, maybe few months ago.
  6. The Annual MyGnR Christmas Thread

    Merry christmas everyone
  7. So you guys say that for example his voice in Moscow 2018 is as bad as in Berlin 2018? lol
  8. I don't think timing issues were his fault. Sounding tired is understandable since it's after touring for nearly 3 years. Well,it's interesting because i think this deep raspy voice isn't actually forced. It seems to be easy for him. Tbh I think it sounds awesome. And yeah this is still kick-ass Nightrain because this is not opera but ending of 3 hours long show, and ending of long tour. In topic of ChD, this sounds great too
  9. Sorry if someone post it here already But this is really kickass nightrain! Axl sounds great here, a little bit tired and rough at some notes but you can hear he tries really hard to give his best. If some cracks and timing issues weren't there this would be comparable to 2016 Nightrains
  10. Chinese Democracy - Moscow 2018 Welcome to the jungle - Chicago 2016 Shadow of your love - Chorzów or Taipei Paradise City- Hawaii Madagscar - Oslo 2018 Don't Cry - Chorzów 2018 SCOM - The Forum 29/11/17 Live And Let Die - Washington DC 2016 He sounds like fucking beast on this screams and they are pretty long Also Nightrain from Chorzów has a special place in my heart... He sounds great on intro there and whole performance of this song was one of the best in 2018
  11. I think it was actually one of the weakest performance of Maddy this year. My personal favourite is of course from Chorzow but I think the best one was in Oslo. Axl really tried to kill mickey mouse and sing as much as possible in his lower voice.
  12. Yeah his name is Chris Pitman, If you wanna know ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)