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  1. I really like Axl voice on ChD nowadays, he's singing it with a lot of power
  2. ACDC New Album News

    In my opinion he sounds consistently bad since I don't know 1993? But even back in 1991 he had problems with high notes, for example, in Hells Bells. Tbh I really like his voice only in early 80s. Then he started to sound rough and too nasal
  3. Thoughts on Street of Dreams?

    Amazing song, one of the best of ChD, my favourite live versions are from 2001 and 2002. In my opinion his vocals on this song are incredible especially in the ending with that "is only memories" part. Love this song, studio version too
  4. UYI box>AFD box

    I want new music
  5. UYI box>AFD box

    Propably I have a doubts only because of locomotive and Garden of Eden
  6. UYI box>AFD box

    I'll tell you more I'd take Checkmate over SCOM while SCOM is on all Top rock songs lists and Checkmate isn't even a full song
  7. UYI box>AFD box

  8. UYI box>AFD box

    ChD Box>Both
  9. So, by NA2017 tour I meant October/Novemer tour. I was listening to the few (MSG, Prudential Center, Philly, forum) and he sounded better, with more rasp I'll give you examples Here you have soundboard of Mickey Mouse, and he sounded like this in all videos I've seen from 2017 summer It has way more rasp BUT, It's not a big difference. 2018 apart from Berlin was really good but IMO a little bit worse than at the end of 2017.
  10. So if somehow it would be true, which shows you'd like to see/expect? my choices are Axl/DC - Philly 16 GN'R - Houston 16 or something like a highlights of the tour
  11. Who is the MVP of GNR?

    Chris Pitman definitely
  12. And Jungle. Opening scream is original and first 2 verses are overdubbed. and in "feel my serpentine" wild Axl comes back. It's weird, it's the best of his overdubbs tho. It would be hard to say if the whole song was overdubbed but when 92 Axl comes back it's a lot wilder. Jungle was great in 90s, I don't know why he wanted to do it