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  1. He doesn't sound actually bad but you can hear that he push himself very much to achieve rasp and it sounds weird
  2. SCOM and KOHD. I still enjoy November Rain but I really rarely listen to this tho
  3. I listened to Better and YCBM from this show. Better was ridiculous. He is out of breath and can't hold high notes in the bridge. More control? I don't think so his voice was all over the place. Listen to Chinese Democracy and Jungle now. It's way better than from this RIR. And he looks a lot better now and even moves better. So overall, I honestly tell you 2018 is better Way better than RIR 2018
  4. I don't know man.. but I rewatched WTTJ from RIR 2011 and 2017 and yeah 2017 is weak and all but.. 2011 is just a cringe worthy parody... He lookz like clown there sounds thinner than in 2017 + this solo.. It's just embarassing to watch IMO 2017 one is way more enjoyable
  5. People were overreacting after show in Mexico that he is done etc. and now people are overreacting even more but in different way. I am happy is doing better and he sang Nightrain and Soyl with rasp. But when people say that it was the best show in 2018 or since NA 2016(wtf)? Come on, he is struggling so much with This I Love that they had to drop it...
  6. I don't agree cuz 2018 had some really solid performances. He had a few off shows but after Download in Paris it was really decent and from what I heard still better than tonight but he is improving quickly Here some of the best performances: Apart from first verse it has a lot of rasp! In 2018 he sing this chorus cooler than in 2017 I mean listen to "More than you got" part More rasp in outro than even in some 2016 shows and even his Mickey voice didn't sound that bad Here in for example 1:40 you can hear he is fighting with Mickey Mouse literally and whole song sounds amazing
  7. Last time when they didn't play TIL was Troubadour right?
  8. Well, we already have Shadow back.. maybe some Madagascar?
  9. I agree 100%, that's why Chinese Democracy, major part of Don't Cry etc. are really good now. But there is one thing I don't understand at all.. In 2016 shows he sang "We are the people that can find" "You are very sexy girl" "You got a hunger for what you see" in low, deep, nice voice In 2017 ( with some exceptions) and 18 he sings only "If you got a hunger" in this voice and rest are in lame Mickey tone Examples: 2016 2018 But his 2018 low voice sounds more powerful tho