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  1. The Best chinese democracy songs performance

    My favorites Chinese Democracy: Mannheim/Gothenburg 2018 Shacklers Revenge: Edmonton 2010 Better: Los Angeles 2006 Street Of Dreams: House Of Blues 2001 If the world: Saskatoon 2010 TWAT: Las Vegas 2014 Catcher In The Rye: Houston 2016 Scraped: Russia 2010 Riad: Las Vegas 2001 Sorry: Paris 2010 IRS: RAR 06 Maddy: Boston 2002 TIL: Puerto Rico 2010/Taipei 2009 Prostitute: LA 2017
  2. NITLT 8 New dates Announced

    He won’t prepare and he will sound worse than ever, propably worse than you can imagine just to stop Slash talking about a new album
  3. Rammstein

    New album is awesome!
  4. Double Talking Jive Better ...
  5. Haha ok, so the video I posted is already gone. So if every video in this forum is getting blocked...
  6. I saw a video when he was singing Used To Love Her and his microphone fell down, it was pretty funny
  7. I heard the same things about Shadow Of Your Love.. I believe that if he would work his ass off and do reherseals with band he would be able to do it
  8. In asian leg last year he killed it every night too. He killed it so much that it got dropped out of setlist
  9. He was was getting better and better (for example look at WTTJ in Hong Kong night 2, best in 2018 for sure) until this Abu Dhabi show happened. I think his voice was in overally better shape in EU leg. Sure, the Berlin show was terrible but so was Mexico show.. Look at this This I Love for example. After first chorus he is actually laughing at how bad he sounds Lol And he couldn’t even redeem himself on this song so they had to drop it. In EU leg he ruined it a few times but he nailed it later in Moscow for best example. So yeah my expectations are pretty low too but I still have a hope
  10. What's your unpopular GN'R opinion?

    Marketing scheme
  11. They won’t play a new song Setlist won’t be really different Axl will still be fat I hope that at least he will sound decent but... it’s Axl
  12. Happy Birthday Melissa Reese

    Happy birthday Mel! I love her backing vocals especially on Madagascar
  13. They have too many slow songs in setlist. Too many in row for sure. In Poland they played Wichita before Don't Cry and I liked it that way. But you're right after SCOM this is a killer for crowd but not like Nightrain kind of killer but mood killer