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  1. I love Black Rain, but enjoy new single too. If we are talking bout his vocals.. this song is not that much filled with autotune. Actually songs from Black Rain and Scream are even more processed. For example this. Not bad song but Ozzy doesn’t sound like that at all. Vocals in Under The Graveyard reminds me of his Down To Earth voice so idk for me it’s good. You are right about the guitars tho
  2. Setlist for 2020

    NR is not that bad tbh, YCBM and SCOM are way worse. Rocket Queen is very weak now too. Coma is strong canditate too
  3. Come on he is like 90 years old, he took all the drugs in the world in unbelievably amounts, and is doing rehab right now. He doesn't look that bad. Axl is much less similiar to his older self and that is kinda scarry.
  4. When GNR played It’s So Easy with Foo Fighters, drumming was awesome.
  5. It’s fucking great! Ozzy and GNR are my favorite artists so for me it’s fucking awesome I’m hyped AF!!!
  6. This show made me want to watch Vegas show but from 2014. Axl sounded great there.
  7. Not even Locomotive... I’m sad
  8. When they’re supposed to start?
  9. Hard School was going to be played but they canceled it due to Axl fall.