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  1. GNR Women's Discussion - Part 2

    I'm in a November Rain situation and trust me it's a nightmare I'm in a November Rain situation and trust me it's a nightmare
  2. I don't doubt Nikki (I know 14 year olds who play better than him) stole songs but the story's from Doug Goldstein a proven lying douche so...I don't know if it's true or not
  3. I don't think heartbroken and Izzy fuck with each other at all. Jokes apart I don't think Izzy gives a fuck about the reunion. If he gets paid well he'll do it else not. Slash? I don't know the exact reason why's he doing it. Maybe coz of the divorce sucking him out of half his money (his ex wife is a joke 😂) or maybe because he genuinely wanted to do it because he did seem open to the idea of a reunion. No special thoughts on Duff Axl don't know why's he doing it Steven seems the only one who is heartbroken over it. PS for whatever reasons they're doing it, the outcome is fucking awesome.
  4. That tape scarred me mentally
  5. Totally agree. But the fabulous thing about Guns is how, even after the nasty breakup, they still sold more than their contemporaries.
  6. Never denied their influence on the LA rock scene. But they're definitely overrated, even if I think Dr Feelgood is decent. Nikki Sixx isn't that terrific as a bass player nor is Vince a great vocalist. What I dislike is how Guns get counted as one of the glam bands still by some general public. They get too much shit for their break up.
  7. Arrgh please you bitches really think I meant this as a serious question? Y'all really think I'm gonna put November Rain VS Home sweet Home? When I know the obvious case? I just wanted y'all to shade the fuck outta the overrated asf Motley Crüe
  8. Agree. Guns opened for Motley and ended up becoming much bigger than them. Motley, Skid Row, Ratt, Quiet Riot, all are the same. The reason I brought this up was because I saw this documentary on VH1 about sunset strip and everyone was equating Guns with the other cheesy Glam metal bands. I was like "Fuck that" But on a side note, Motley were consistent. Released albums, went on farewell tour, etc. But except for like Mick, I don't think others are as talented as they'd like to think. 😁
  9. People with common sense will go with Guns N' Roses because even if this is a guns forum, no one can tell me Vince is a better singer than Axl😂 Guns brought something absolutely new something that hasn't been accomplish since them. It's like they were the last of the great classic rock bands. Motley were inferior/mediocre with their material.
  10. Who's had more impact on the rock n' roll/hard rock scene? Imo it's Guns N' Roses (even tho the original line-up separated). Better musicians, better singer, better 5-album discography, bigger tours, better songwriting, etc. Now Guns didn't last forever just like November Rain but let's see, even then, their reunion tour (which doesn't include Izzy, Steven) they're still selling out stadiums, arenas and NITL tour became the 4th highest grosser of all time. Motley can't sell like Guns, but imo they were consistent. What y'all think? Btw are they still beefing? I know Slash went on Nikki's radio show, etc. But Axl and Vince haven't patched up I guess.
  11. The fact that Axl came through so much hell, trauma, pain, abuse (physical, psychological), came from absolutely nothing, a small town boy who worked his ass off and became the ultimate Rock God of the LA hard rock scene, and eventually the whole world. The depth of his songwriting, vocals, composition, his dedication to his band, the fact that he became clean for his band to not loose sight, etc. I absolutely fucking love his "I don't give a fuck" attitude. I love how he'll speak his mind without caring what anyone thinks of him. His performing during the Use Your Illusion tour inspires me. You can see he gives every bit of his body to performing. Axl Rose to me is hope. When I look at him, I see hope, I sense that no matter what life puts you through, there's always a way out. You just have to get up and put up fight for what you believe in. Those "rants" of him aren't rants to me. They're motivational speeches for me. There's things he's done that I don't think I'll ever get comfortable with but those things happened 30 years ago and I don't wanna hold anything against him. I'm sure he's changed and that he deeply regrets his actions. I don't care if this sounded cheesy/corny, this (and more) is what I feel about Axl Rose. And I'm happy he's back with Slash, Duff.
  12. btw thanks everyone for replying to this thread. 😎😎😎😁😁😁🎊🎊🎉🎉 (I just pulled out an Axl with them emojis 😂)
  13. I'm an MJ fan but Speechless, The Lost Children, Cry suck major ass. Whatever Happens is a gem. And rest of Invincible too. Break of Dawn is another great track.
  14. While I do agree with you, Axl was THE ultimate rock god. He was unique. There's many talented folks out there but few touch upon the God-like stature. And you get surprised if any of those gods make it past a certain age. It's as if they're not meant to be living long. MJ (there was every chance he would've been alive if it wasn't for his homicide), Hendrix, Biggie, Tupac, Marvin Gaye, etc. None made it. It's surprising Axl has made it alive with his mental state. Gotta give him respect for that.
  15. It was that list (2014) where Axl mentioned MJ as one of the singers he'd listen to than himself. Wonder what he thought about Michael. Michael loved GN'R tho. Michael was very intrigued by the whole Sunset Boulevard metal scene. He'd ask Steve Stevens who played on Dirty Diana about Motley Crüe. Yeah Give In To Me is badass. Slash, Gilby were in the video. Wonder if Axl liked it or not. 😛