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  1. 1) Civil War 2) Double Talkin' Jive 3) Coma 4) Madagascar 5) Better (2006 Rock Am great version) Wish we could get past the hysteria regarding One in a Million, great song but especially today won't be a chance in $ell.
  2. First ever GnR song that you heard?

    Great thread idea- Paradise City...... had no clue who the group was nor song.... was fairly young at the time but knew the song was amazing and just had to figure out who it was. After all this time it is up there on one of my preferred songs but I think Civil War remains my favorite..... (which I also remember hearing for the first time and didn't think all that much of it/ again, was very young at the time).
  3. 09/25/19 - Charlotte, NC - Spectrum Center

    I will admit that is does seem like Axl has put on a few lbs in the gut since last leg and since I had seen him last but I am definitely NOT going to see him based on his LOOKS. I think he is probably as concerned about giving a great show as we "huge" fans are of him sounding good. He is and always has been a perfectionist. He isn't flipping out and slaming mics down anymore but is does get upset about "bugs".......... cares a LOT. This concert had been a concern of mine since it was technically the first show of the leg and I cringed at the possibility that it would be another Berlin bust, especially since there was such a gap between last performance. I cannot reiterate enough how IMPRESSED AND BLOWN AWAY I was in terms of how AMAZING Axl sounded- there was a completely different vibe from the group and they seemed fairly laid back, very comfortable with one another. Axl took a different approach to each song, some more than others (Jungle changed up a lot)....... you can see him making modifications to sound as best he can, and this will be different the older he gets. MAJOR credit to Axl for
  4. 09/25/19 - Charlotte, NC - Spectrum Center

    I've got the full video from front row int he pit, i think that GnR would be every MORE sensitive to this being released since during about 70% of the song there are crew running around up in the front putting down a new floor liner since some water or something was on it an Axl was not happy about it. Sounded pretty good, unfortunate for my location, they all for the most part were restricted to standing back 20 feet.
  5. I swear this must be the most pessimistic group of individuals ever. I don't discount the delays and years of waiting but after seeing them on Wednesday in Charlotte (amazing), and the seemingly decent possibility of DEAD HORSE ******, how about a little patience???????
  6. 09/25/19 - Charlotte, NC - Spectrum Center

    Gunners- Charlotte was on fire last night! I've tried reading most of this. First thing, I did watch the show last Saturday and felt that Axl sounded good and didn't feel it was a bomb as many said (he can't sing like he would as in his youth), give him a break!!! Learn to love what they are able to put out there and be fortunate they came back together!!!! I wonder if a live feed has some downside to it which could account for poor audio and Axl's vocals.... we'll see how my vids from Charlotte last night sound vs what I felt it sounded like live. I've seen 4 NITL shows now, starting with Coachella ........ this was by far the most FUN i've had, the PIT crowd was fully engaged and loving it! There were modifications a many have already noted, Welcome to the Jungle being a large one. Axl also did not hop up above the Night Train horn as much and often stayed a little further back on the stage, maybe saving energy. I felt that they sounded GREAT and considering this is the first "real" show of the leg I was fairly concerned after the Berlin start of the Euro leg..... I am blown away at how great Axl's voice was, taken this into consideration. My Brother went with me and managed to get 10 FULL vids of songs, which I'll give an attempt at posting to youtube, however, a few months back my Winston Salem vids were taken down (although his full length pit vids still remain!??!). Loved his selective Tee probably not to be seen again, "Fuck Y'all" A few pics to start: https://twitter.com/LeopardCap/status/1177406778423808001/photo/1
  7. Blows my mind as well, he didn't even sound this good when he was sitting in the THRONE!!!! Maybe he knew he had a small window to do and show what he had, a "once in a lifetime" opportunity.... was enough for him to give it ALL. With NITL he just obviously handled in a completely different way.. maybe just for longevity........ I would have and it sounds like a lot on the forum would prefer to see a 1.5-2 hr show of him giving it ALL vs a really long 3 hour show filled with covers and Slash solos (which i love...). Change up the setlist too......... to quote AXL........... "I say that show in TOLEDO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!" I'll be in the Pit at Charlotte on Wednesday-
  8. I think Axl could pull off Crash Diet, would love to hear that but his approach would be much much much lower range and would sound so much different (the whole song he sang in a way he can't pull off anymore)/ but I think it would be a GREAT addition that they can pull off.
  9. I haven't finished listening to everything and am glad they "warmed up" with this intimate show before the larger crowds/venues. I'll be at the Charlotte show on Wednesday and was FEARING another Berlin vocal blow out..... this show from what I've gotten through so far is nowhere near Berlin / for first show after a sizable amount of time Axl sounds GREAT for a FIRST SHOW BACK. Civil war is tough on the high notes, I've heard better on COMA but again, first show back so have to take this all with a grain of salt- if he improves and modifies how he signs songs (usually moves to lower register), should be amazing. I still find it amazing that the best I've heard Axl since reuniting was when he sang for AC/DC, there almost is no comparison and he was absolutely amazing. Second being Coachella, mainly I assume because he wasn't using up energy and stamina running around......... THRONE
  10. Dead Horse is something that Axl could sing in his lower range and get away with...... sounds like Locomotive is a possibility now which would be AMAZING.