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  1. Thanks Brando for the interview. Dave is such a humble nice guy who comes across extremely genuine. He is one of the great song writers of our time.
  2. Pets!

    First, thank you for all you do. The shelters here are over 100% capacity and have dropped adoption fees to $10. There's a serious over population 😢 they are doing fine together. We aren't leaving them out unsupervised and have crate trained. I've always found dogs are easier to introduce than cats. Eventually Lily and Simon will work it out but I know it's difficult on you.
  3. Pets!

    After losing 2 dogs within 2 weeks in March. One unexpected. And having a 14 yr old Lab that has spinal disease and knowing her time is very limited. We went to the shelter to adopt a bully and came home with 2. No, they will never replace Wilma and Sam but it has helped with my shattered heart.
  4. For this reason, Axl with Elton singing Queens most iconic song will forever be my favorite Axl performance.
  5. This singer is far better than Constantine. To me Adlers Appetite is a tribute band and probably a lot of fun to see play.
  6. I didn't reward the article with a click.
  7. Austin is the capital of Texas and UT is located there. It's a very cool city with a big music scene and a lot of things to do. October is usually nice weather.
  8. ACL will draw more than college kids and hipsters. Austin is a big draw itself. The last concert I went to at Zilker Park was Pearl Jam in '92. Didn't like it as a venue but I'm sure they've made improvements. I too am hoping for a non festival show in Dallas. After all, GnR does like playing in Dallas. 🤗
  9. When Lies was released everyone in my circle was talking about OIAM and we were like, man! Did he really just say that?! It doesn't matter how one feels about the song, we are still talking about those ever so controversial lyrics today. That's my definition of a song well written. It remains a masterpiece to me and I absolutely love Axl's vocals on it.
  10. Lol! Maybe I am. But you said dumbass lyrics. I dont think anyone has ever thought the subject was lost by the phrasing in front of my back. It requires one to think and picture just how that would occur.
  11. Dumbass lyrics? Are you being sarcastic? Clamped in front of my back is very clever. The police make one turn around and the back of the person being arrested is in front of the cop. This handcuffs are put on in front of the back by the cop. I'm not going to debate the lyrics with you. Its been done too often.
  12. @EvanG, regardless of how others feel about OIAM, I've always loved Axl's vocals on it. Axl's vocals with the very graphic lyrics do an excellent job of painting a picture of what LA was like.
  13. I'm not on FB but the first post in this thread says removed or privacy settings changed. Goes to figure that would happen after we talk abou it.