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  1. The T.V. Show Thread

    @tsinindy, I binged Sons of Anarchy last year but agree it's not a series that I'll watch again even though I really liked it. Have you watched the Mayans? I wasn't excited about it but I recorded episode 1 and it got me hooked. Obviously very closely related to SOA and it too has its version of Jax Teller and Tara story. Other shows recording now: Fear the Walking Dead Purge Ballers
  2. Axl is a very intelligent and private man. I'm sure he realizes that although his Twitter is his account and not GnR, people have a hard time making that distinction so he wisely seldom tweets and is mostly sharing a headline and single thought. I would love to see him go head to head with Tucker Carlson on Fox News. I think Axl could likely do to Tucker what Tucker does to his guest.
  3. I love that Axl tweets and that he uses his twitter account to express his opinions. What I don't like are all the responses of "I love you will you marry meor the ever present where's Izzy? Its irritating and pointless to read any of the comments. And no, I don't think his Twitter use takes away from anything else in his life 😀
  4. @janrichmond CDT. Central Daylight Savings Time. But I prefer Chinese Democracy Time 🤣
  5. The Third Place

    I love going to old cemeteries and reading the headstones from the 1800 and early 1900's. One thing interesting is how many of the headstones say how they died. Most every small farming town including mine has one.
  6. Ralf's records in Lubbock was shipped the albums a few days early. I first listened to them at a pre release party. I didn't have a CD player so they let me go home with I and II on casette so I could listen on my Walkman. I went back to Ralf's after my classes let out 27 years ago today and bought the LP's which I still have today. I'm not sure what happened to the cassettes. 1991 was my last year of law school and I already had a job when I got out. Everything in my life should have been great but my life was actually the opposite and was spiraling out of control. I'm so happy that I had GnR during that time.
  7. The Third Place

    Interesting topic. Everyone needs a third place to get away. My third place has become here.
  8. Axl Rose being mocked for no reason

    People can be mean and spiteful on the internet and this forum is included in that. There's also the other end of the spectrum on social media those that proclaim their true love. I don't know which is worse. Probably those proclaiming true love are a little more frightening. But it's wrong for anyone to be criticized based on appearance. The criticism of Axl is unwarranted. He looks great. And my guess is he's far healthier physically and mentally than he was 30 years ago.
  9. Atheism to be Included in UK RE Classes

    @Len Cnut, I agree 100% but that's where the public schools are in TX. A note goes out to all parents. Easter vacation became Spring break long ago. We're too afraid of offending people and that's because they're not taught cultural and Religious differences. So they avoid them. This leads to all the problems we have. Just my opinion.
  10. Atheism to be Included in UK RE Classes

    In the US there's a separation of church and state and in TX public lower education schools Religion is not taught. But I think I heard recently that in TX science classes were going to cover both views. On the Jehovah Witnesses, my aunt married one which was against the church rules but she converted and my cousins were JW. I was a child but remember when they would come to visit. My dad and Uncle would argue. We weren't Religious and seldom went to church but knowing my dad, he doesn't like being witnessed too and their visit always ended up with them leaving early. My mom would cry since she missed her sister. Ultimately my aunt and 3 of my 4 JW cousins left the church which was extremely difficult for them. Apparently people don't leave JW. Christmas vacation is now called Winter break and all decorations have to be things like snowmen. No longer are even the secular parts of Christmas in schools so I doubt JW have to leave during the Christmas parties. They too can celebrate winter and snowmen.
  11. The biggest regret I have in my GnR fandom is that I chose to not go to NITLT when the shows were within driving distance. My thinking was that I've seen the original 5 AFD and UYI tour in '91. I'm not a reunion type person and a late night makes getting up at 4 to train the next day difficult but following the shows on here since joining opened my eyes to how special this is. I so wish they would announce another US date.
  12. The Weed Thread

    It really is such a pretty plant and buds are beautiful. Whether states and the US Federal govt ever catch up with reason, I doubt it. Big pharma is too powerful. I heard a radio spot that made me giggle. Similar to the DWI spots it was a DUI spot about driving under the influence of pot. It actually said that even though you may be only going 20 mph, reactions are also slowed to that extent and you may wreck.
  13. Tell your 9/11 story

    I was rushing out the door for work. Good Day was still on in the kitchen. Tim Ryan was the anchor and they were showing footage of the first plane reporting it as an accident. Then the 2nd plane hit and all the world changed. By the time I tore myself away from the TV and left for work it was surreal. No planes in the sky, no traffic lights and hardly a car on the road. I had a race scheduled that weekend which was canceled. i was glued to the tv watching the news for days if not weeks afterward. I draped a huge American flag over my house as did my neighbors. For the next year, every race I ran I pinned an American flag to my singlet. Being sponsored by Asics I felt like I needed something American on. And yes, I cried called my dad and my mom. Like Deadslash, I remember the panic that all cites would come under attack. Local radio stations were taken over by National broadcast but it seems like they were down for a short while. I don't recall any radio on my drive into work about 10 minutes after the 2nd plane. Walking into work I immediately learned of the Pentagon hit and later of the plane brace passengers took down in the PA field. It was truly a frightening time. The only broadcaster I watched was Peter Jennings there was something calming and reassuring about him. When Princess Di was killed, I was sleeping but the house I was staying in woke me up.