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  1. Axl is no longer 25 and he appears to be in a much better place emotionally today. Art seems to be critical of Axl. To me, his tweets are simply Axl expressing his views. I think in interviews from the 80's and early 90's when asked about his statements made, he always admitted that they were his views neither right nor wrong simply his opinions. How are his tweets expressing his opinion today any different? I haven't seen a single attack by Axl for anyone thinking differently. To me, not a huge departure for Axl. He's always liked to express his opinion.
  2. General Chat / Random Musings

    Chip was added for security rather than sliding the card. Debit transactions require a pin be entered. Credit card require signature. Lol! It can be rather confusing whether you slide it or insert it. 😆
  3. General Chat / Random Musings

    Some US small businesses prefer check if not paying by cash since credit card companies charge fees to the business. But others have never bothered setting up modern payment methods. Example, we have an electricity cooperative and check is the only way to pay the monthly bill.
  4. GN'R should make a movie

    I probably wouldn't go see a GnR movie for the same reason I usually don't see movies adopted from books I've read. Those I've seen have been disappointing. A movie simply can't live up to what my mind sees or makes me feel. The Crue movie, I wonder if it includes the huge mistake of having GnR open for them and GnR with their 3 song set blowing Crue away. 😂
  5. Pets!

    The very reason I moved from the city with a small yard to a farm. At the time I had a reasonable number of dogs - 3 Labs. I wanted them to have land and ponds for them. Today, 1 of my 8 is one of those Labs. She no longer runs or swims and her eye sight doesn't let her look out over the land but I hope she knows that all this was for her and her 2 brothers.
  6. Pets!

    @MillionsOfSpidersLol! Of course not. We live on a farm and 4 are working dogs. 2 are livestock guardians and 2 are cattle herding dogs. Of the remaining 4, 3 are senior and happy with short walks. The other runs a bit with me every day. They all do sleep inside at night.
  7. Looking forward to listening. Are you going to the show tomorrow?
  8. You might start a new fashion trend. 😉
  9. Get you Cowboy boots! Who cares what people think? It takes a bit to break them in but they're comfortable and I think look cool. I've even worn them court. But this is Texas. Cowboy hats are sexy.
  10. I like the look of casual nice trainers but I spend so much $ on running shoes that I can't see spending $ on non work/ non running shoes. So like @SoulMonster, I wear retired running shoes or if it's cold out or I need something a bit dressier, I wear my only pare which I work with cattle in Cowboy boots. Yes, I get from my husband often "you're wearing that?"
  11. Pets!

    We're a dog household with 8 but we have an office cat that insist on laying sprawled out in my office chair forcing me to sit on the edge of the chair for 9 or 10 hours a day. @janrichmondcats definitely own us!
  12. Whether such devices record everything is open for questions. I know you don't really care. You support mandatory blood / DNA testing. 😊
  13. 🤣 it's a Google Home. A listening device that can control your home if one has a "smart home", be your assistant and answer questions. It works by recording commands by saying ok Google. But that's not entirely accurate. It records everything but doesn't respond if not recording ok Google.
  14. There really is no limit to the things we're willing to make available for others. 🤔
  15. Well, I'm an attorney and I can't tell you how valuable FB posts and even messages can be. One never thinks they'll end up in court. As for the home listening devices, they can be a bit more challenging to obtain recordings from but some judges allow. We have the right to privacy free from being listened to, whether or not there's damning conversations being recorded, it's something we should care about.