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  1. It's only the footage from the streams shared which seem to be from the back area on the hill Meegan's IG streams show from the stage and crowd is very active.
  2. Axl, you sexy beast.

    Axl's sexiness never left but my God he's looking fit and ever so hot 😍
  3. A great show! Thanks to all for posting streams and pics!
  4. The Weed Thread

    State's legalization of marijuana in some degree is causing confusion for my Federal employer which will go not named. I just reviewed communication that reminds that marijuana is a Narcotic in the same category as Heroine, meth and Cocaine. The kicker, the attorney that drafted the communication name is Mary Jane! I was the only one that found that humorous 🤣
  5. The New Workout Thread

    Lol @Gracii Guns! It's too basic but seems to me the easiest calculation is comparing waste size to leg length. Leg length should be longer than waste size.
  6. I've been wondering while watching the streams of shows, how rough it is in what appears to be relatively close. It appears from some of the streams taken from maybe 10 or so rows back on Duff's side that it's possible to move and dance. I may be off on how close the streams are. But back when I went to a lot of shows anything on the floor in the front half was extremely rough. I'm small so my experience may be different from someone 6'. If close, do you get trampled and smushed against the barricades? At a Cult concert security pulled me over the barricades because he recognized I was in real trouble. But I'm going back to all Gen Admin show days. Yes, I'm already planning when GnR announced another US date. 😊
  7. Countdown timer says 8:30 Moscow which is 22 hours 44 minutes from now.
  8. Exactly! There's very seldom a GnR reference in my discussions with others. When in the right mood I may quote a lyric to see if it's picked up but I swear that's it. 😄
  9. i became a fan in '88 and for those 4 fun years my fandom was encouraged. But my life after school started in '92 and since then I've been that "crazy GnR fan". Until joining this forum early this year, I didn't know any other big GnR fan.
  10. My first GnR shows! I wasn't there for infamous night 1 but was for the remaining 3. I loved each night. Watching them, you just knew at anytime they might explode.
  11. I saw GnR in '89 and '91. I took my stepdaughter to a show in 2011 and waited outside to not embarrass her for being with her step mom. I remember what it was like being 16. NITLTactually played a number of shows within driving distance but I didn't make it a priority because my thinking was that I saw AFD in '89 which nothing could ever top and I saw UYI in '91 which broke my heart as it was evident my favorite band was nearing the end. But also those wild years of my life were also nearing the end. I don't want to go back to those years and that's what NITLT represented. That is until I started watching footage from shows. Seeing the 3 together and this different happy on time version of Axl, I realize the reunion tour isn't about going back it's about celebrating where we are now and honoring the past.
  12. The New Workout Thread

    @Gibson_Guy87, great job!!! You should be very proud. 🎉
  13. The New Workout Thread

    I dislike this news that your knees are giving you problems. But glad you have something to supplement running. In my pro days, I ran 100+ miles a week but with multiple injuries due to back issues, I can no longer do that. I still run an hour a day at a much slower pace and now also bike. But there's nothing like running. You know I'm going to ask, don't you XC ski?
  14. The only con for me is that I didn't go to a show. I didn't buy into the hype of the reunion tour as they aren't really my thing and maybe the memory of the '91 show still haunted me. But seeing Axl, Slash and Duff on stage together and having a great time is something that I won't miss again if another US leg is added. If this is the end, not going to a show is a huge regret.
  15. whoever is behind this is a lunatic. It seems to me that those on this forum with YouTube channels are the primary targets 😡 Those that have their accounts terminated, can't you find out who reported? @Setzer, your '88 Ritz show was removed and you got a strike? That's been on YouTube for how many years? Why is all this happening now?