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  1. By their vast differences I was really alluding to Kurt not overcoming mental disease. I don't know that Axl has or has ever had a mental disease but we all know of his challenges and struggles. Axl to me is someone with great strength that is capable of overcoming any obstacle and symbolizes hope. Kurt does not. Even in 91 when all was spiraling down for Axl personally and Nirvana growing in popularity, I never saw hope in KC. I only saw depression and trouble.
  2. One speculation that I never understand is that Axl and KC would have resolved their differences and be friends today. Axl has thankfully had the privilege to grow older and wiser, KC didn't. The 2 are inherently as different as their music and I doubt would have ever resolved those differences. If Kurt were still alive I don't think GnR would be making guest appearances during a Nirvana show.
  3. Notre Dame Cathedral in Paris on fire

    This is incredibly sad and tragic.
  4. Member Picture Thread

    Great job! Where was this?
  5. I'm excited about the festival being official. When NITL tour ended, we didn't know when we'd see them again if ever and never really know about a new album. But now we have a show which is reason to be happy about the state of GnR
  6. The Weed Thread

    That's a start. Texas recently allowed for epilepsy but the patient has to have 2 doctor orders for it stating other medications are not sufficient. I'm not sure where they would get it. I don't believe any growing is legal in TX. There have been CBD stores opening. I doubted they sold real CBD oil but apparently they did. They were recently raided and most closed. I saw on the news that major Tabaco company is looking into selling to change their image. Rather than only having products known to cause cancer, they will market pot as the healthy option. My how, times are changing. The South is far behind.
  7. The Weed Thread

    I did. That's why I giggled.
  8. The Weed Thread

    I'm sorry, but this made me laugh. "I even know some" maybe to find the irony in this statement you'd have to be from the States. Here in the US pot smoking has become the norm it seems. Even in TX many counties just write a ticket for it if found with less than an ounce but other counties still charge to the max for a marajuana cigarette.
  9. What's your unpopular GN'R opinion?

    Chinese Democracy is a GnR masterpiece. Axl is the reason GnR has survived and continues to gain new fans.
  10. What's your unpopular GN'R opinion?

    I agree 100%
  11. Dallas July 8, 1991. It was over 100 degrees and hot! A packed venue, heat and nothing for over 90 minutes. Females were pulling their shirts up for the cameras and that was being broadcast on monitors. Eventually I left where I was to get away near the concessions. A lot of people left. Then, GnR took the stage. With so many leaving and security being elsewhere, I was able to make my way to right in front of stage right.
  12. The song that I identify most with has changed throughout my life. But the song that most represents GnR to me is difficult as GnR evolved from AFD to UYI and CD. I would say WTTJ and Estranged.
  13. Pets!

    Even with many other dogs, I know it may seem like we consider them as a group but they're a part of our family and absolutely each is very unique and special. Wilma and her sister Joy are rescued pitbulls and had no job on the farm other than to provide love and happiness. Joy never left her side and is grieving greatly. If anyone on the forum has ever wondered about pitbulls, the only part of them larger than their huge head is their heart and my God, they take a huge part of your heart.
  14. Pets!

    Our loved pets give us so many great days and are there for us providing unconditional love every day of their life. Unfortunately they also give us one bad day one of the hardest days. Today is one of the hardest. We are now a home of 7 and its eerily quiet without my happy hippo Wilma.
  15. GnR was scheduled to go on at times knowing the likelihood of Axl being extremely late. It was 27 years ago and Axl now knows or appears to know the importance of starting as scheduled. My guess is that it may still be difficult for him. All I'm saying is that management knew there would likely be problems with a 7:30 start time. We don't know the extent management tried to work around Axl's lateness. Didn't Axl one time say something like no one would complain about staying up late to get laid so shouldn't complain about a late show? This attitude management knew.