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  1. I completely 100% agree. And don't get me started on the smart phone. The saddest sight ever is family being together and everyone looking down at their phone.
  2. This brings up a very interesting question for me. I've never been one to really desire to know movie stars or rock stars. I know them solely by the characters they play and yes. I'm including rock stars in the same group as actors because their private life is just that private. But today, excepting GnR, most are all over social media. Going live on IG and constantly putting stuff out there on SM. Does this make them more desirable to fans? It certainly gives them an appearance of accessibility although a false one. maybe because I grew up in the '80's and anti social media it irritates me.
  3. Of course rock stars or other celebrities don't want to meet their fans. That doesn't mean that they don't want to put on a great show or release a great album that appeals to their fans. But I have to think forced meet and greets are the worst for them. I thought most VIP packages didn't guarantee meeting any of the band. So it's really up to the individual members whether they partake in the VIP experience. Like others have said, they can be great friendly people but this is true when the basis of the meet isn't being their fan.
  4. This will probably get me slammed on this sight, but I'm so tired of all the trash talking about Axl keeping the name of GnR after the original 5 broke up. CD which I listened to again in its entirety this morning, is obviously GnR even if it wasn't labeled GnR and a great album. To me it's every bit a masterpiece as AFD. I'm not saying the lineup is better but it certainly shouldn't be slammed.
  5. I wish he would be true to his word. He needs to leave yesterday behind.
  6. I find the Axl and Angus combination very interesting. You have 2 very strong personalities both perfectionist who have control desires. Yet, it obviously works between them. I think most likely they'll work together on lyrics but I have to believe that even Angus values what Axl adds as a lyricist and will benefit from having Axl write lyrics.
  7. General Chat / Random Musings

    @SoulMonster I can't resist asking. Do all Norwegians XC ski? Being a distance runner I love it. But the coverage of it in the US makes it sound that it's all Norwegians do. Simular to how all Kenyans run 10 miles to and from school. 😆
  8. Wow! I check the forum today and post read as members are under attack as to whether they're a big GnR fan. First, going to concerts does not make one a bigger fan than another. It only makes them fortunate to have been able to see GnR. From my short time here, there appears to be fans of AFD who may accept only that line up as GnR. People are entitled to that belief. However, for anything to survive it has to evolve. I won't argue why GnR had to evolve as I'll never change any of your opinions. But GnR has survived for 30 years solely because of Axl Rose and I'm thankful for that. remember, we're all GnR fans.
  9. I agree, if I look at GnR collectively as a whole with each album the band grew up. AFD/Lies is the rough, wild, rebellious youth , UYI especially II is the young adult adding complexity and CD is the continued evolution. I've grown up too and as I loved AFD/Lies and considered it my life anthem for those years, today I love more of UYI II and CD. The next chapter, I hope there is one.....
  10. Axl, you sexy beast.

    Two legends ❤ I love seeing Axl happy
  11. Axl, you sexy beast.

    Those of you in Europe, it's not long!!!! 🎉
  12. Axl, you sexy beast.

    OMG! Happy Friday 🎉 I found this on the internet it's probably on this site somewhere but apparently photo credit is Jared.leto.com. My two ideal superstars. Does a photo get any more dreamy?
  13. MYGNR forum members bands

    Great job! Agree and really like the guitar and drums.
  14. I'm out of reactions but agree @Pedrolg I so hope all the rumors about Axl/DC are true!