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  1. Best Bootlegs?

    My favourite ones are: Marquee 1987 (SBD) "London Calling" Hammersmith 1987 (AUD) "SMaster" Ritz 1987 (SBD) "Fransad" CBGB 1987 (SBD) ".44 Caliber Horticulture" Dane County 1987 (AUD) "Master" San Diego 1988 (AUD) "Loud Machine" Tokyo 1988 (SBD) "Self Destruction Era" Indiana 1991 (SBD) "Fransad" Costa Mesa 1991 (AUD) "KK Master" First Stockholm 1991 (AUD) "Per-Erik" Last Stockholm 1991 (AUD) "KK Master" First two MSG 1991 (AUD) "sean5150" Last MSG 1991 (AUD) Tokyo 1992 (SBD) "November Rain Live... " Chicago 1992 (SBD) "Nikki Sixx" Paris 1992 (SBD) "Le Paris" Hartford 1993 (AUD) "Nice Fellas" Saskatoon 1993 (SBD) "Rose In The Wild" First Argentina 1993 (SBD) "JIMBEAM" Please do not refrain from sending pm's with further questions.
  2. I don't see how those two quotes are contradictory? In my mind, a lot what's written during the AFD era is childish and one-dimensional. You simply can't argue that songs like Back Off Bitch or Nightrain, about anger and happiness (imo), have the same kind of maturity as songs like Don't Damn Me or Locomotive. Only a few of the songs on AFD are more "grown up" than Nightrain in my opinion, those being WTTJ, Brownstone, My Michelle and RQ, and that's mostly because those songs are anti-drug/warns about something/tells a story in a sense. Think about it. Sweet Child, Think About You and Paradise City all basically share the same subject, or emotion rather. I mean, they played stuff like It Tastes Good several times in 1988 which fit with AFD to some extent. I can't see anyone being proud of playing stuff like that several years later, can you? People change over time. AFD was angry and juvenile, and seems to have represented Guns well at the time. I just don't see why the fuck it's important though. It's just words, words we can all agree are childish, a mindset that the band no longer stand for. I like Out Ta Get Me despite the fact that it only conveys anger and resistance.
  3. Double Talkin' Jive

    Yeah Noblesville has got a strange mix (Fransad's version makes it sound quite a bit better though), and Axl sure sounded like he was dying sometimes. I don't think that sounded bad though. The early parts aren't the best, but Axl sounds good from Civil War onwards.
  4. Double Talkin' Jive

    Yes. And I think Axl's voice sounds bad. He wasn't as raspy as he was for the rest of the 1991 shows, and he just kept switching over to the strange voice he began using regularly after he hurt his voice that is so prevalent in the late 1992 and most of the 1993 shows. It sounds weak by Axl standards. Obviously, these are not facts, but what I feel about the matter.
  5. Double Talkin' Jive

    1991 all the way. Sadly, I can't stand the way Axl sounded at RIR II, he sounded so strange. I think Noblesville sounds better on pretty much every song (RQ from there is just so good), despite Axl being sick.
  6. Limulus and unreleased UYI proshots

    Yeah, whole 1991 was amazing, July and August in particular. Axl sounds incredible in almost every song, and the band simply sounded tighter with Izzy.
  7. Limulus and unreleased UYI proshots

    What version do you mean? There are five; Shoreline Amphiteatre 1991-07-19, Great Western Forum 1991-07-30, Great Western Forum 1991-08-03, MSG 1991-12-13 and Tokyo 1992-02-20.
  8. Limulus and unreleased UYI proshots

    Agreed, but I feel like MSG is the weakest performance (save maybe Tokyo) of Locomotive. Nothing even comes close to 4th night in Inglewood or 3rd night in MSG though, in terms of overall set list.
  9. Limulus and unreleased UYI proshots

    That goes for pretty much any performance of any song that was performed during the UYI era. Back Off Bitch from Toronto for an example. What I meant is that I want proshots of these to be released.
  10. Limulus and unreleased UYI proshots

    Back Off Bitch from Toronto and Locomotive from Shoreline Amphitheatre would be so incredible. As a sidenote, just imagine having the four Great Western Forum shows as one boxset, and the MSG shows as another.
  11. Limulus and unreleased UYI proshots

    This exactly.
  12. Walker is Alfred, and he claims that his actions are condoned by TB. TB hasn't replied for over a week, despite them being aware of what's going on.
  13. It's back but I can't select any song from the artist page. In fact, trying to play any song on their entire page results in the one 14 places down being played.
  14. Indeed, lack of communication would not justify abuse. But the only two reasons I can see for not responding are: being responsible or being incompetent. They are supposed to manage the band. Why would they not want to clean their hands? Indeed you were partially right, but they are supposed to be professional managers, not some random people crying because someone on the internet don't give them the respect they feel they deserve.
  15. Well, this would actually justify all the abuse over the years. Besides that, how do you think the fanbase in general reacts if this gets more publicity without TB doing anything? It could very well be a PR disaster. It's in their best interest to address this ASAP, provided they aren't actually involved with this crap.