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  1. Songs about GNR

    It's not really from someone in the band, but apparently the Skid Row song "Wasted Time" is about Adler's heroin addiction.
  2. UYI - Boxset (wishlist)

    You guys are getting way off topc...
  3. UYI - Boxset (wishlist)

    I think they would have to be truly incompetent to not have back-ups for absolutely everything stored elsewhere. However, the original masters for a lot of that type of stuff probably did go up in flames.
  4. Live Era

    I don't know what you're all talking about, it's easy to hear which parts of the vocals are overdubbed in Jungle.
  5. There's no right here. He can do whatever he likes with it.
  6. Raz Cue - An Open Letter To Duff McKagan

    I agree with Axl being a bad person in a lot of ways. But how does coming from Indiana add to being a bad person?
  7. UYI - Boxset (wishlist)

    Remastered album with better sound on the drums and Izzy louder in the mix, and less bullshit where it's not needed. Demos with different (at least vocal) takes, preferably a few of them for each song, and preferably some months between the sifferent versions. A couple of shows on Blu-ray, preferably: One of the warm-up shows 1991, 4th night of Inglewood 1991, 3rd night of MSG 1991, and a Skin N' Bones show. I'd also really like to see a compilation of performances of individual songs which stand out either because it's a strong performance, or because the song is rare. Basically, I want a Blu-ray version of every Guns song that was played during the UYI tour, Back Off Bitch, Garden Of Eden and Reckless Life for example. Obviously also a lot of the other stuff that's been stated in the thread as well, but that goes without saying.
  8. A remaster of Lies, with the exception of OIAM is actually part of LnL.
  9. I would like to see the two albums remastered, two/three demos of each song (preferably a few years apart wherever possible), a summer 1991 Blu-ray, a 1992 (not Tokyo) Blu-ray, a Skin N' Bones Blu-ray, and a compilation of various strong performances of individual songs. Various photographs and perhaps a book would be nice to go with it. I think we can just forgot about the Perfect Crime documentary sadly.
  10. This isn't fake though. It just isn't a complete pro-shot.
  11. What they have should be this good or better. And besides, anything they release would be properly mixed and mastered.
  12. I don't think it's the exact same thing, but they seem to come from the same, very short source.
  13. all in 0ne series

    As was said, you can't. Are you even interested in all the things though? Quite a lot of the recordings are just bad.
  14. I voted Perfect Crime, but I think You Could Be Mine comes really close. The only time they opened with it on the 1991 tour (Denver), sounds incredible. So much power, none of that whiny first half.
  15. How Ridiculous is it?

    I mean Guns hasn't ever released a live album.