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  1. This isn't fake though. It just isn't a complete pro-shot.
  2. What they have should be this good or better. And besides, anything they release would be properly mixed and mastered.
  3. I don't think it's the exact same thing, but they seem to come from the same, very short source.
  4. all in 0ne series

    As was said, you can't. Are you even interested in all the things though? Quite a lot of the recordings are just bad.
  5. I voted Perfect Crime, but I think You Could Be Mine comes really close. The only time they opened with it on the 1991 tour (Denver), sounds incredible. So much power, none of that whiny first half.
  6. How Ridiculous is it?

    I mean Guns hasn't ever released a live album.
  7. Rocket Queen for sure! It's got the same feeling as WTTJ, but it's just so much more. Estranged is very, very nice as well. Well, should have updated the page and watched what you wrote after all. 105% this!
  8. Well there's the HOB2001 pro-shot that leaked, as well as Ritz 1987 and Saskatoon 1993, also both pro-shot.