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  1. (REQ) Argentina 1993

    Which of the nights? There are two.
  2. (REQ) UYI rough and Q-sound mixes

    This might be remastered, not 100% sure: https://we.tl/8KXpFCM9FX PM for Mega link.
  3. To quote the sticker on my UYI II: "This album contains language which some listeners may find objectionable. They can F?!* OFF and buy something from the New Age section."
  4. Rarities 1985-1994 (5CD)

    What are you even talking about? This has NOTHING to do with Paradise 1987.
  5. Rarities 1985-1994 (5CD)

    THE RARITIES BOX SET DISC ONE: 1985-1987 1. Ain’t Goin Down (live) 2. Reckless Life (demo) 3. Nice Boys (demo) 4. Move To The City (demo) 5. Mama Kin (demo) 6. Shadow Of Your Love 7. You’re Crazy (acoustic demo) 8. Don’t Cry (demo) 9. Ain’t Goin Down (instr) 10. Back Off Bitch (demo) 11. Jumpin’ Jack Flash 12. November Rain (acoustic demo) 13. Heartbreak Hotel 14. Welcome To The Jungle (demo) 15. It’s So Easy (live) 16. Nightrain (demo) 17. Out Ta Get Me (demo) 18. Mr. Brownstone (alternate mix) 19. Paradise City (demo) DISC TWO: 1987-1989 1. My Michelle (demo) 2. Think About You (demo) 3. Sweet Child O’ Mine (live) 4. You’re Crazy (demo) 5. Anything Goes (demo) 6. Rocket Queen (demo) 7. Patience (live acoustic) 8. Whole Lotta Rosie (live) 9. It Tastes Good Don’t It (live) 10. Welcome To The Jungle (alternate take) 11. One In A Million (demo) 12. Used To Love Her/Cornchucker 13. Bad Obsession (demo) 14. Civil War (instrumental) DISC THREE: 1989-1990 1. Knockin On Heaven’s Door (live) 2. Dust N Bones (demo) 3. Let It Be 4. Bring It Back Home 5. Don’t Damn Me (instr) 6. The Garden (demo) 7. Just Another Sunday 8. Sentimental Movie 9. Locomotive (instr) 10. Too Much Too Soon 11. Civil War (demo) 12. Double Talkin’ Jive (instr acoustic) (FAKE/COVER) DISC FOUR: 1990-1993 1. Down On The Farm (live) 2. Ain’t Goin’ Down 3. Yesterdays (demo) 4. Don’t Damn Me (demo) 5. Get In The Ring (instrumental) 6. Double Talkin Jive (live) 7. November Rain (piano demo) (MISSING) 8. Don’t Cry (alternate take) 9. Garden Of Eden (demo) 10. Coma (live) 11. Dust In The Wind (live) DISC FIVE : Hollywood Rose Demos 1. Killing time 2. Anything goes 3. Rocker 4. Shadow of your love 5. Reckless life 6. Taxi driver Some of the info, DTJ and the time periods for the discs, is wrong. Take whatever's written with a pinch of salt. https://we.tl/0ZoqQ3wKVl PM for Mega links. By the way: the live version of Coma on this sounds very good compared to versions of it I've heard. Does anyone know what's up with that? Better transfer or did whoever made this subtly mix it together with album version?
  6. 1. Rocket Queen 2. It's So Easy 3. Coma 4. November Rain 5. Welcome To The Jungle 6. Civil War 7. Locomotive 8. Estranged 9. Don't Cry (Alt.) 10. Mr. Brownstone I don't know what it is about the atomsphere in Rocket Queen, but that song is on another level.
  7. Well, France played well and won as a consequence! Kind of sad to see Croatia lose though, as I find them far more entertaining to watch. I disagree heavily with giving the freekick leading to the first goal. Yellow card on Griezmann, play on.
  8. Rank The Songs on LIES

    1. One In A Million 2. Mama Kin 3. Move To The City 4. Patience 5. Nice Boys 6. You're Crazy 7. Used To Love Her 8. Reckless Life
  9. Norwegian league. Was blown away when I saw the two worst teams face-off. Could not make one successful pass, haha.
  10. Yeah neither England nor Sweden have been bad in recent history, so much is for sure. Just like England, Sweden has been weak until recently, partially because Zlatan just didn't seem work as part of the team. All in all, both Sweden and England had the potential to win, that much is true. Anything can happen, South Korea knocked Germany out of the cup after all. What I'm saying is essentially that not everyone, probably not the majority, shares your English opinion of bronze-matches. You can either go, "this cup was worthless, we didn't win!" or react by thinking that you performed well and didn't walk away empty handed. I believe this reaction comes down to national history in football, as well as culture. I might be wrong though!
  11. Over the years, the English teams has quite frequently made it to the quarter finals, have they not? I get that English football wasn't exactly at an all-time high previously, but despite that, they were still among the better teams around.
  12. Again, you can't seem to break free from your perspective of being from a nation which actually is good at football.
  13. No shit. This is exactly what I'm saying. Not every nation has a background as contenders for the World Cup gold, nor did they ever have a chamce to win it. Which is why getting a bronze isn't a trash performance from quite a lot of teams over the world. Stop being defensive, and stop being naive. You're doing no one a favor.
  14. From the Swedish Wikipedia article of the 1994 World Cup. I think it examplifies just how highly that bronze was regarded quite well. "Sweden played one of its best tournaments ever and finished in third place after a 4–0 victory versus Bulgaria in the bronze match. In Sweden, the World Cup bronze resulted in euphoria. In January 2001, Thomas Ravelli's match winning penalty save in the quarterfinal against Rumania was named one of history's greatest moments in sports."
  15. https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Disgrace_of_Gijón