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  1. Blocked in Sweden by the state TV-service...
  2. Best Version of KOHD.

    In terms of performance, I think it's Hammersmith 1987 Axl is spot on for the entire song.
  3. Screenshots? This is audio.
  4. What's happening with the new unsurfaced pro-shots?

    More pro-shot AFD shows??? Ok, the boxset doesn't even come close to what we've gotten lately. First Saskatoon and now this? As a sidenote, this may indeed be fake. Starting to sound a bit too good to be true.
  5. The mix of Noblesville is really strange, and Axl just sounds a bit... off throughout the show. Yeah, a 1991 pro-shot would be super cool, Wembley, Mannheim, Inglewood, Mountainview or the first night in Toronto in particular. Imagine one of those with the same sound quality as Saskatoon...
  6. My guess is that it's likely to be the beginning of the show given that he said it was around 30 minutes long. That is pretty close to the point where Axl left. So, we should indeed be getting Perfect Crime.
  7. I have no idea. As was mentioned in another thread, there hasn't been any confirmation that Limulus has gotten the tapes. Hopefully he will do both.
  8. What's happening with the new unsurfaced pro-shots?

    Let's just hope that Limulus says something about it soon, any concrete answer is better than this doubt.
  9. What's happening with the new unsurfaced pro-shots?

    While it most certainly could be a hoax, I don't think it's particularly likely. The poster isn't really active here, and would have nothing to gain on lying - there's no incentive to do so. Besides, it hasn't been that long. It was posted in the second Saskatoon thread, just under two weeks ago. However, it would be great to hear something from Limulus regarding this.
  10. Man I just quoted him - he has already sent them to Limulus
  11. "This has nothing to do with the actual topic here although I can't wait to see that footage. But if someone here (preferably in Europe as I live in Austria now so sending would not take too long) is able to digitize from VHS, Video8 and Hi8 I would have a few tapes that might be interesting for the fans here. I don't have a player anymore for neither of them so I can't take pics or videos of the TV but I'm not asking for money just for someone transferring the footage for free - a proper copy of the stuff would be nice though after it's done and obviously it should be shared somehow after for free (torrent, YT, whatever) The footage I'm talking about would be: Amsterdam - October 2nd, 1987 - VHS Unknown Gen, 20 minutes recorded by the venue with 1 cam, transferred badly to VHS but watchable. Manchester - October 6th, 1987 - Master Video8, audience shot of the full gig. Tokyo - December 10th, 1988 - Master Hi8, audience shot of the full gig. Helsinki - August 13th, 1991 - VHS probably 1st Gen, about 30 minutes pro filmed with 1 cam. No idea who filmed it but I guess a TV station. Got the tape from a finnish workmate years ago. Vienna - May 23rd, 1992 - VHS from the master tapes, about 90 minutes pro footage filmed by Austrian TV station ORF with 2 cameras as far as I remember. Not all from the gig though, there's a few interview clips with the band and fans plus maybe 5 minutes of the soundcheck, so around 60-70 minutes gig footage. Aside from a few interviews none of this eas shown on TV Vienna - June 2nd, 1993 - VHS from the master tapes, full gig pro footage, multicam, also by ORF with 2 or 3 cams. None shown on TV Lyon - July 9th 1993 - 2 Master Hi8 tapes (one shot from the side of the stage and one between fist row and stage) and 1 VHS badly cut together by both. Audience, full gig. All of them are legit as I watched them all. I would have a few other which I can't confirm as I haven't watched them ever but I would send them too, maybe they are real. Also I have some Video8 and Hi8 tapes filmed by myself from US and UK gigs but they are far from pro but maybe you want to see them. So if someone is able to digitize them properly I'm happy to give the tapes away." This is what he siad.
  12. I think there was one complete pro shot of Vienna 1993 and one mostly complete of Vienna 1992?
  13. I just thought about that too. Would be amazing!
  14. Has anyone who bought the box scanned the art? Would be reay nice to have the images for the songs.
  15. No clue about why they put long solos in RQ. Take the version from Hammersmith 1987, great performance but 8 minutes of guitar and drum solos. Who thought that was a good idea?