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  1. Jumpin' Jack Flash

    As was said, it's highly likely to be the one from Pasha. Imsorry made a very nice sounding remaster.
  2. I put Axls rant from Oklahoma over Oklahoma a while back, sounds surprisingly good.
  3. One thing that's nice with Ritz 87 is that Izzy is LOUD in the mix, you can hear him way better than in Ritz 88. Makes Rocket Queen sound way better. Thdre are a lot of very good 1987 performances. If you haven't listened to the one at Hammersmith Odeon, you should. I think there are video bootlegs of Ritz 1991, not sure though.
  4. In my opinion one of their better performances, much stronger than their famous performance there in Ferbruary 1988. Sad to see no one is talking about it, but I guess everyone might be a bit exhausted from the whole locker story. I've also made something interesting related to it. What do you think, which year did Guns sound best? 1987 all the way for me.
  5. Your favourite live era

    I think late 1987, summer of 1988 and June - August 1991 is where the band was at its best. There are just so many amazing shows, Hammersmith Odeon, Chicago and Madison from 1987. Felt Forum, Seattle and Shoreline from 1988, Philadelphia, Shoreline, Stockholm, Copenhagen and Wembley from 1991. I fail to see how the band ever sounded more powerful.
  6. 1. Estranged 2. Rocket Queen 3. November Rain 4. Breakdown 5. Welcome To The Jungle
  7. As the title says. More songs. No Axl vocals - Inside Out and 3 Dollar Pyramid are instrumentals, and the songs title "Tommy Demo #1" and "Tommy Demo #2" (aka Going Down) feature Tommy Stinson on vocals.
  8. Only one of the tracks has got vocals, that being track 1, one of the acoustic KOHDs.
  9. I think he played the original version of KOHD with some other band, and he also played Mama Kin with Aerosmith (not talking about Paris 1992).
  10. Anyone have this?

    It's probably Ritz 1988 since it seems to be Adler rather than Sorum.
  11. Songs about GNR

    It's not really from someone in the band, but apparently the Skid Row song "Wasted Time" is about Adler's heroin addiction.
  12. UYI - Boxset (wishlist)

    You guys are getting way off topc...
  13. UYI - Boxset (wishlist)

    I think they would have to be truly incompetent to not have back-ups for absolutely everything stored elsewhere. However, the original masters for a lot of that type of stuff probably did go up in flames.
  14. Live Era

    I don't know what you're all talking about, it's easy to hear which parts of the vocals are overdubbed in Jungle.