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  1. I heard the major announcement is that they are releasing a limited edition of GNR/ Looney tunes branded Anvils for 10,000 dollars. signed by Melissa, Frank, Fortus and wile e coyote I also think they are doing an episode where Wile E Coyote stops chasing the roadrunner so he can pursue Izzy Stradlin full time. about half way thru the episode he realizes chasing the roadrunner is easier and less dangerous, so he goes back to doing that
  2. Axl Rose on Looney Tunes episode w/new song

    cant believe how much people are reading into this. but since I have gotten sucked in, here's my guess: Axl is friends with a looney tunes producer who allows them to use their theme song as the intro to every NITL show. so as a favor he came in and made an appearance on their show and sang a song written by someone else. Boosts their ratings and gets grown adults posting 14 pages worth of gossip about Looney Tunes on the internet (honestly when is the last time you thought about bugs bunny as an adult?.... exactly. any publicity is good publicity) if this were something more serious then i would guess Axl would make his appearance on South Park (a show thatvhe is on record as being a fan of at one point in time) if cartoons are how he is going to release new music. but let's be real, GNR has too much integrity to do that (ok maybe not. lol, I already forgot about gnr air!) my FIOS on demand shows another showing of looney tunes tomorrow at 10am EST. no idea if its the Axl episode or not but I'm recording it on my DVR.
  3. Axl Rose on Looney Tunes episode w/new song

    I think Axl did a really good job with his acting! didnt sound like slashs guitar to me. sounded more like acdc, but what do I know? maybe it's because they rhymed the word "rock" with "rock" and then used the word "rock" 400 times in one song, which is an acdc lyrical requirement. lol
  4. here's the answer to Fortus being on lock and load from an interview he did: https://bobschallau-wordpress-com.cdn.ampproject.org/v/s/bobschallau.wordpress.com/2017/08/12/interview-guns-n-roses-guitarist-richard-fortus/amp/?amp_js_v=a2&amp_gsa=1&usqp=mq331AQECAFYAQ%3D%3D#referrer=https%3A%2F%2Fwww.google.com&amp_tf=From %1%24s&ampshare=https%3A%2F%2Fbobschallau.wordpress.com%2F2017%2F08%2F12%2Finterview-guns-n-roses-guitarist-richard-fortus%2F Did you play on The Dead Daisies song “Lock ‘N’ Load” with Slash? No, that was recorded before I was in the band. I wouldn’t do that out of respect to Axl – not that he would make a big deal out of it. But after all the shit that’s gone down between those two guys it would be a real slap in the face. Slash wanted to sit in when I was with Thin Lizzy and I told Scott Gorham, the other guitar player, ‘If Slash wants to sit in he can use my gear, my amp, and my guitars.’ But just out of respect for my friend I can’t stand on the same stage with Slash. And nobody asked me to do that, it’s just a personal thing. And it’s no slight to Slash, he’s one of the greatest guitar players ever. I just can’t do it out of respect for my friend
  5. I agree. Gilbys website says he did 9 shows in 2018. unless he walked to each gig, not sure how in demand he is in.
  6. hey my post was to support you. didnt mean to offend. bipolar meds can also be used for mood disorders in some cases
  7. for all the message board doctors out there or anyone who is questioning weight gain in meds: https://www.mayoclinic.org/diseases-conditions/bipolar-disorder/expert-answers/bipolar-medications-and-weight-gain/faq-20058043 or just talk to ANY DOCTOR. it's very irresponsible to diagnose Axl with any kind of mood disorder, as none of us are his physician, but at the same time I dont think we would be very surprised if he had in fact been medicated at one point in his life. and there is absolutely nothing wrong with taking meds for depression or bipolar or ANYTHING that you and your doctor have agreed to. So if he has taken meds and had experienced some side effects than so be it. I truly hope it helped. If the benefits outweighed the side effects then I'm happy for him. We all live once and deserve to be happy. Axl isnt a puppet who must look, act and sound the way society wants him to. He is his own person and if he's happy with himself than I'm happy for him. Too few people actually have the balls to be true to themselves. Good for him and it's really cool he took that pic with a huge fan.
  8. Axl has been thru this before. check out the video. Beta talks about Axl spraying his house, etc and even then parts of his home were damaged. hoping no more people got hurt. Axl and his neighbors can always rebuild. But we cant bring people back good luck to those effected
  9. I doubt this would ever be approved or released while Axl is alive. would open up too many old wounds for these guys. so it either comes out when this incarnation breaks up without Axls consent, or 30 years from now when the guys are gone. my opinion, which could be totally wrong, is that Axl wants to be remembered for the guy he has become, especially since the reunion. not the wine bottle throwing, riot causing, never on time hot head, bad behaving boyfriend and diva he was once known for if there's ever going to be a movie, my guess would be it would be the illusions documentary.
  10. he has always done an extended solo instrumental type thing, most recently with a 20 minute version of rocket queen. I love that song and think the solo is cool, but 20 minutes of RQ is way too long. couldn't imagine a whole show that would sound basically like that. it's just not for me, but its cool that there are people out there who are into that.
  11. I think of this newest album as WOF left overs. I believe a lot of it was written pre guns. or at least the ideas for the song were. my guess is they were never properly worked up due to slash going back to gnr and having so little time during the break from that tour and recording this record. but that said I like the album almost as much as i like WOF. I know what I'm getting with SMKC. I don't expect anything other that some rockers that will help make a long car ride enjoyable. I have enough stress and responsibility on a day to day basis, so some brainless "cock rock" is perfectly fine with me. we don't need to reinvent Led Zepplin. I will say that I'm disappointed in Myles on this album though. his lyrics are pretty bad, even for him. I like his voice but the guy has the stage presence of a coat rack and I always thought his lyrics were corny but this time it's bad. not to mention recycled. how do you reuse lyrics from two albums ago???? slash is coming to philly next week and this the first time I'm going to miss him since he before toured on Ain't life Grand. might change my mind the day of, but as of now I'm cool with sitting this one out. cant figure out exactly why. maybe its bc I always wanted to hear him play the gnr stuff. now that I saw 3 NITL shows, I'm good. don't need more Myles. I'm hoping he gets this record and your out if his system and we get a new gnr record. but I've been a guns fan for 25 years and I have an idea of what to expect by now.
  12. I agree. one day there will be a cryptic billboard featuring Skelton Izzy and skeleton Steven and then a week later an announcement on their website: for only $2,000 you can own a 4 CD box set that comes in a hand carved coffin shaped box (a clever metaphor for where all of your money is going) which is 200 versions of THE SEEKER and nothing else. included are a Buckethead sexy centerfold, GNR condoms, slash wig and top hat. one coffin/ box will come with Axl's Not in the Lifetime Pimp Cane! In all seriousness I'm not too excited about Slash his dad's Instagram post. Because remember Slash's brother is the one that called Axl fat and all that stuff right before the reunion. And then he had to apologize. So Slash probably doesn't talk his family about this stuff.
  13. Talk about recycling! First the Lyrics and now the car goes off the cliff like in don’t cry!!! Lol i like the video. Was kinda hoping that animal from the muppets would have made an appearance on drums. lol. no offense to Puppet Brent
  14. Slash was actually a guest host for a week on Kimmel back in 2003 before VR. sat on the couch next to the guests and chimed in from time to time. he did pretty well. i think I have most of the episodes on VHS somewhere. One night he, Dave, duff and Matt played with Cyprus Hill one night. played Rock Superstar which can probably still be found on YouTube
  15. I heard that if you get the golden ticket slash will actually break into your house in the middle of the night and leaves his mountain lion, Curtis, in your living room as your prize for when you wake up. lol