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  1. **FAKE** GNR 2019 Leak? Found on Youtube

    that guy does an outstanding impression of Axl. and I'm proud to say I heard of him before he becomes Steven Adlers next singer!
  2. I think the singer is great. sounds more like Axl back in the day than Axl does today
  3. for those wondering about that "ghost" pic- it is from Axls Twitter on dec 3 2014. he was referencing a fake story that came out that he was dead the day before. the tweet before this pic said "if I'm dead, do I still have to pay taxes?" the pic appears to me to be on a computer monitor in the studio which he could have googled. in between takes of "rock the rock". or it could be a double talkin jive reference to finding a head and an arm in a garbage can outside the music studio. or more likely it is paul tobias' cryogenically frozen body waiting to be thawed out for when Axl is ready to have Slash leave again. lol
  4. this author is a dick. lazy article. why would you put this out there? there is no substance to it. I agree with previous posts that there are things to criticize GNR about, but this is beyond lazy. instead of writing about a band you dont like, maybe pick one on the concert bill that you do like and tell us why? or if you are going to bitch about GNR, give us something other than your stupid ass opinion? his next article will probably be "I hate Pizza because its stupid" dumbass
  5. I'm hoping CD2 is a concept album dedicated to manboobs. lol
  6. you mean the chinese food delivery guy, right? lol just to keep things real that chinese food is coming the day before Slash arrives. stay true to chinese left overs in every aspect! in all honestly I just want to hear Slash and Axl on an original song. Been 28 yrs since we got to look forward to that (not counting Anxious Disease which they didnt write) its long over due. so Chinese leftovers or brand new stuff is fine with me. cant wait to hear it.
  7. doubt it would happen. GNR is too big. but I kind of feel like if they do open for the stones, Izzy will somehow find his way up on that stage (hopefully with GNR). only way I could see it happening is incase the needed the quick publicity to promote another box set or dvd release. or heaven forbid to promote a new song.
  8. my perception as a young teen in 1992 was that Axl had an attitude of "I know who I am and I wont let others bring me down". i also looked at him as a guy who was raised in a not so good environment but got himself out of it. And he even tried to pull others up with him (Shannon Hoon). a few years ago I heard him give a pretty inspiring talk/ rant on YouTube during the UYI tour a out not letting others tell you who to be, etc. I loved that he carried the message of "dont let others be the boss of your life. Be you" - atleast I perceived his message to be that. with Kurt I felt like he was a mentally troubled druggie who basically blamed others for his shitty upbringing or whatever. Talking shit about other people to bring them down only made him look like an idiot in my eyes. There was nothing positive about him other than talking about his newest record coming out. I'm obviously looking at this through a GNR fanboy lens, but looking back now as an adult I think I was pretty accurate as far as Axl and Kurt being friends now, who knows? i suppose we could ask Marc Cantor to see how forgiving Axl is. I still cant figure out what Kurt's issue with GNR was? same industry, same label, same airplay on MTV, and alot of the same fans. I get that not everyone wants to be Axl Rose. But if you would listen to Axl you dont have to be him to be cool or happy. just be you.
  9. I really used to like Nivanas music, but always cringed when Cobain opened his mouth. it's like "hey we just sold out this show in a 3000 seat theater and we can all have a good time, but if this was a 30000 seat area filled, then that would suck. corporate sucks but I'm on the same label as GNR anything popular sucks, except Nirvana Being like those other bands sucks but I make music videos to increase my popularity and do the same drugs and go to the same popular awards shows as the unoriginal bands I hate that crap got old really quick and I thought that guy did nothing but contradict himself and make himself sound like a whiny bitch. I wonder what Cobain would have thought of the Foo Fighters?
  10. What's your unpopular GN'R opinion?

    Dizzy Reed's solo album is way better than any duff mckagan solo effort Steven Adlers Back from the Dead album as a whole was better than any Izzy solo album as a whole.
  11. What's your unpopular GN'R opinion?

    hahaha. he just needed to give an update on the barometer and we would be all set for the day. the follow up to 117 degrees should be called "swamp ass"
  12. What's your unpopular GN'R opinion?

    lol! I know. I have used many of the common swear words on here like ass and fuckhole. just in a polite mood today. btw- your user name is seriously one of the best on here!
  13. What's your unpopular GN'R opinion?

    Izzy Stradlin is a butthead (dont think I can use the word I want on this forum, but it has to do with the butt part of the body) GNR are way better than Led Zep. (IMO)
  14. Malcom Gladwell is very respected and super intelligent and would have no reason to make this up. but in all honesty, he doesnt come across as a gnr fan, so how would he know what axl looked like in 2006? I doubt Malcolm was like "oh wow corn rows, jeans and a blazer... that must be AXL!!" Would the casual fan have recognized him in 2006??? if it was me it would have been the truth: "80s hair cut, a GNR shirt, cassette player playing WASP, and a car load of chicks with mullets.... ADLER!!!!!" (I def could see Adler doing this... lol. jk)
  15. 1. you wore the dress from Novemember rain for your wedding....and you were the groom 2. you have a tattoo of Dizzy Reed 3. you took out a massive amount of student loans to become an underwater scuba detective with the sole intention of finding Axls shoe from the estranged video 4. you went into credit card default due to the amount of gnrair merch you bought 5. you think a new album is coming out