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  1. Malcom Gladwell is very respected and super intelligent and would have no reason to make this up. but in all honesty, he doesnt come across as a gnr fan, so how would he know what axl looked like in 2006? I doubt Malcolm was like "oh wow corn rows, jeans and a blazer... that must be AXL!!" Would the casual fan have recognized him in 2006??? if it was me it would have been the truth: "80s hair cut, a GNR shirt, cassette player playing WASP, and a car load of chicks with mullets.... ADLER!!!!!" (I def could see Adler doing this... lol. jk)
  2. 1. you wore the dress from Novemember rain for your wedding....and you were the groom 2. you have a tattoo of Dizzy Reed 3. you took out a massive amount of student loans to become an underwater scuba detective with the sole intention of finding Axls shoe from the estranged video 4. you went into credit card default due to the amount of gnrair merch you bought 5. you think a new album is coming out
  3. Back in Time: Las Vegas 2000

    I got to agree with this. I mean he supposedly had tours booked without his knowledge, so this would seem to be something he wouldn't be told about. I mean, I doubt he is trying to download or trade his old shows so he probably would know unless one if his henchmen told him. didn't someone talk to Del James about this? I thought maybe Ms Metal did? wouldn't Del say something to Axl? if I go to Duffs show in Philly in May I'll try to meet him after the show and ask him directly. doubt he will answer me, but who knows? has anyone on this board met a band member recently and asked them about this stuff?
  4. GN'R should make a movie

    totally agree with this. movie based on reckless road would be very cool
  5. GN'R should make a movie

    considering Izzy cant even commit to keeping a message posted on his twitter for more than a few hours, I would doubt he would be on board with this. I'd actually like to see a movie about Axl. starting from being an abused kid who defeats the odds and becomes the biggest rock star on the planet at the height of rock excess. if the movie was dont accurately I have a feeling it would be pretty dark, but super compelling
  6. Anyone meet Slash after his solo shows?

    MRW80- are you from Philly? are you going to Duffs show in May? I was thinking about going but then heard the new single and am now thinking it's probably not worth going to. I also have noone to go with (I have never met another Duff fan). and it's my wedding anniversary (lol, my wife knows my first love is GNR so it's cool if I go to the show)
  7. Anyone meet Slash after his solo shows?

    I met slash after a solo show in 2013. my friend and I hung out by the tour buses that were outside the venue along with 50 fans or so. I'd say he came out an hour after the show. He wouldn't take pics with anyone. he did sign autographs (one per person) but did not engage in any conversation. I have heard from others he doesn't like taking pics. part of it could be having to take 50 selfies, check the pic, redo the pic, get annoyed, then go thru the whole process with a new person. I also have a friend who ran into him in the Caribbean back in 2010 at a poker tournament and said slash was kind of a dick. but he kept running into him at the resort and eventually Perla got Slash to give my friend and autograph and talk about the Slash and friends album that was about to come out. But there are stories about Slash being pretty cool when meeting him too- not that he wasnt cool to me, he just wasn't overly friendly which is fine. he still took time out of his schedule for his fans, and that's cool enough for me.