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  1. Also on the soundcheck for the first show in Vegas, they rehearsed Coma and played it the same day
  2. Not every song got played. Perfect Crime was rehearsed in Lima 2016 (without Axl) but never got played. There's video of it. I'm sure they'll play it tomorrow. In the past, those soundchecks were maybe the first time they rehearsed that song. Slither may have been rehearsed during the entire last month.
  3. Was Oh My God an alternate on NITL setlists? I don't remember seeing it. I remember Think About You, You're Crazy (Fast version), Perfect Crime and Slither.
  4. Is anyone near the stadium? Maybe they soundcheck more new songs.
  5. Fernando's instagram story. @flebeis
  6. 6th on active rock chart. That's pretty high for a 30 years old demo. I hope management sees it as an opportunity to release new songs as there is interest on the band. It will reach to first without doubt.
  7. Favorite GNR Concert

    Does a dvd or audio bootleg exist from that show?
  8. Out Ta Get Me in Cincinnati

    I meant Out Ta Get Me and My Michelle with Steven.
  9. Out Ta Get Me in Cincinnati

    Very interesting. For me, that means that Slash/Duff/Axl don't trust him or he simply can't play anymore. I think it's the first.
  10. Is anyone going to stream it?
  11. Instrumental of "Nice Boys"?

    There is this album “Instrumental Covers of Guns N' Roses” by White Knight Instrumental that features Nice Boys. It's on Spotify if I recall correctly. I haven't found any karaoke for the Rose Tattoo or the GN'R version.