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  1. I thought World on Fire was great, especially the production. That drum sound! Some of the songs are borderline filler, but they're all listenable. I love Shadow Life's riff! Stone Blind's chorus is a little bit lackluster, but again, Slash's riffing is strong. Wicked Stone is all-around badass, and so is the riff to Withered Delilah.
  2. If this had been a top 10 list instead of top 5, Anastasia would have made it. Apocalyptic Love and World on Fire have a lot of good songs. So does Contraband. I'm not that familiar with the second VR album.
  3. This is an old thread, but it's interesting Here are mine: Velvet Revolver: Sucker Train Blues Slither Dirty Little Thing Big Machine Set me Free SMKC: Halo World on Fire Wicked Stone Apocalyptic Love Automatic Overdrive Many other SMKC songs could have made the list.
  4. I agree. AC/DC suits his voice better now, and when he gets into the studio to record with Angus, et al, my guess is that he will just focus on making an AC/DC album (probably a really good one) rather than spend years trying to come up with something ground-breaking that will change the history of rock 'n' roll and make everyone forget about "Appetite" once and for all.
  5. And he might still be writing it 😀
  6. Axl's voice is exactly why I'm not that excited about a new album with Axl, Slash and Duff, plus the fact that Axl could drag out the writing/recording process for who knows how long. As a Slash fan I'm more than happy listening to the old GNR albums, and Slash has a great thing going now with SMKC. I'm looking forward to an AC/DC album with Axl on vocals (I think that's a better fit for him now) and the new SMKC album/tour.
  7. In a lot of ways, complaining about GNR lyrics from that era being offensive is a little bit like complaining about a song by Yes being too long. You kinda already know what you're getting ahead of time.
  8. Yep, "Appetite" didn't reach the heights of badassery it did because the members of GNR were well-behaved, morally upstanding role models.
  9. Having the balls to include lyrics like that in a song (whether you like them or not) is the kind of ballsiness (combined with great songs) that made GNR a legend back in the late 80's.
  10. Better riffmaster - Slash vs Tony Iommi?

    Obviously I'm a huge Slash fan, but of all the riffmeisters that have come along, I think my favorite might be Jimmy Page. The classic Zep riffs like Whole Lotta Love, Bring it on Home, Black Dog, Communication Breakdown and on an on.. are so badass!
  11. Better riffmaster - Slash vs Tony Iommi?

    I know his brother wrote a ton of riffage, some of the all time great riffs.
  12. Better riffmaster - Slash vs Tony Iommi?

    My heart wants to say Slash, but Iommi might be the god of riffs. He's written so many. Having said that, I think I prefer to listen to Slash's bluesier, sleazier and sexier riffs than to listen to Iommi's very heavy and dark riffs. I still love Sabbath, though. Another great riffmeister: Jimmy Page.
  13. Greatest Hard Rock Albums of all Time

    A few more I just thought of: Made in Japan - Deep Purple All The World's a Stage - Rush Double Live Gonzo - Ted Nugent Live at Budokan - Cheap Trick
  14. Greatest Hard Rock Albums of all Time

    Yeah, hard rock can sometimes be hard to define. It can cross into metal a lot too. The Stones were never really hard rock, but they did have that sleazy, bluesy swagger.
  15. Greatest Hard Rock Albums of all Time

    For live albums I would list: Strangers in the Night - UFO Alive - Kiss Live and Dangerous - Thin Lizzy and a bunch more