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  1. That's why I keep scratching my head trying to understand why so many people want Axl to record with Slash and Duff. The likelihood of it being good due to Axl's bad vocals and tendency towards taking forever to write ultimately mediocre songs is very slim. If it happened, I would check it out, if only for Slash. Maybe if we were still living in 1996....
  2. Yeah, I don't quite get the whole "generic" thing either. We need to remember that we're not living back in 1980 when great hard rock was all over the radio and new classics were coming out every week. Hard rock is definitely not in the mainstream any longer, so I think it's important to appreciate someone like Slash who is still releasing well-written, well-performed hard rock that's influenced by the great hard rock of the good old days. With riffs, solos and melodies like those on Slash's recent albums (yes, I still think in terms of albums), I'm inclined to overlook the shortcomings of whatever singers he's working with.
  3. I'm guessing that a lot of people (sadly) get more "fun" out of reacting negatively than positively, to any topic. It's not unusual in any fan forum.
  4. I agree. I read a quote from Myles where he described the riff as “reminiscent of vintage Aerosmith,” and I can totally hear that. I'm a huge Aerosmith fan by the way, as is Slash.
  5. Someone needs to let Slash know this immediately. 😀
  6. Yeah, the production/sound on this new song is very similar to the sound on World on Fire, which is a very good thing. I think Apocalyptic Love might be slightly better song-wise, but WOF just sounds so good!
  7. Great post! Where did you find the other two new songs, if you don't mind my asking?
  8. The heavy opening riff really stood out for me. I didn't expect it.
  9. Maybe good timesy-sounding rock is not for everyone but certainly for me. Amen to that brother!
  10. I need to preface my post by saying I'm a huge Slash fan, and that's why I joined this forum. I loved Axl in his prime, saw GNR as I want to remember them live in '91, and Appetite and the Illusion albums will always be favorites of mine. I've also been a big fan of SKMC since I first heard Apocalyptic Love in 2012. My opinion of SKMC and this new song are not tainted in any way by a desire to see Slash record new music with Axl, mostly because I don't think the current Axl is really up to it, or more importantly, has the desire. If we were still living in 1996, I would be all for it, but since we're not, I prefer to see Slash doing his own thing. Rather than make a badass hard rock album in the same vein as Appetite, I can easily see Axl taking an extended amount of time trying to reinvent the rock and roll wheel rather than just make a kickass rock album. As to the new song, I like it. The first thing that struck me was the heaviness of the opening riff. That was unexpected..in a good way! The chorus is very catchy. I listened to the song two times back to back, and the chorus is firmly stuck in my head. The solo is typical Slash tastiness. I really look forward to hearing the new album.
  11. Yep, Slash is the main attraction for me, not the singer, whoever it happens to be. I do like Myles though, for the most part. Sometimes he'll get annoying to me when he sings in his upper register, on certain songs ("One Last Thrill" comes to mind), but on the whole, I like him, and the Conspirators are just straight up badass! Great band!
  12. Battle of the Riffs: Keith Richards vs. Jimmy Page

    I'm not positive, but I believe Malcolm wrote a lot of the great AC/DC riffs.
  13. This topic has made me think about all the great lyrics Bon Scott wrote. Here are some of my favorite Bon Scott lines: "She was number nine, ninety-nine on the clinical list /And I fell in love with the dirty little bitch" "Being a bad boy ain't that bad/I've had me more dirty women than most men ever had" "I know I ain't doing much/Doing nothing means a lot to me" "Outta my way I'm a running high Take a chance with me and give it a try Ain't no woman in the world I know 'Cause I ain't lookin' for an overflow" And many more....
  14. Straight forward, but a lot more pissed off....in a good way!