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  1. A quick question

    Some people...
  2. A quick question

    Yes they only had them for the first shows
  3. You're just too cool for school. Everyone knows that by now.
  4. How people can be so ignorant is beyond me. Doesn't speak for ones intellect
  5. General Chat / Random Musings

  6. More takedowns?

    Thats what happens if you dont get pussy cause youre fucking ugly. You become a sorry loser with no life.
  7. Are you really going to make that comparison? You know that's dumb, right?
  8. Slash gave another interview to a German newspaper. https://www.zeit.de/kultur/musik/2019-03/guns-n-roses-slash-gitarrist-interview/seite-3 The last two questions were: Until mid August you're on world tour with SMKC. Do you have plans for the time after that? Slash: when I'm back home, I will sit down with the guys in guns n roses and focus on a new record. You haven't worked on it yet? Slash: No, but I know everyone involved wants to do this record. We're talking about it and Axl already has a ton of material which he produced himself. I think we're in a phenomenal form to get started.
  9. No, they’re just crazy as here. Just in the opposite direction
  10. Prodigy Singer Keith Flint Dead at 49

    Great band. Tragic loss come breathe with me
  11. Fucking tragic https://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-6768751/Prodigy-star-Keith-Flint-dead-home-aged-49.html
  12. Thats a stupid statement. Of course he can play drums. The question if his style fits to gnr is debateable. but to say he cant play drums is just dumb and another example for this negative energy on this board
  13. More takedowns?

    apples, oranges