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  1. It's not like that little guy got anywhere in life cause he worked hard and had to pay his dues. He got his life in a silver fucking platter without having to do anything for it. He was born into the life he has. He should be the most grateful motherfucker on earth. But he decides to just be a little douche with bad taste
  2. Robin Finck pissed off

    The gnr show where Finck acted like a diva was Budapest 2006
  3. Slash is a fucking legend. Tommy is a nobody. Slash never had to bully anyone. Tommy, who is a wet fart in gnr history, did.
  4. AFD: Sweet child/you're crazy Lies: one in a million/move to the city Uyi1: Coma/bad apples Uyi2: estranged/shotgun blues (my world doesn't count) Spaghetti: down on the farm/look at your game girl CD: CD/scraped
  5. Robin Finck pissed off

    Starts with a d and ends on rugs
  6. Tommy was a fucking drunk. And not even a cool one like slash was. Just a bad looking drunk.
  7. That's such a lame way to discredit someone. It's the way populists argue who want to support their agenda. All of that could've with Niven aswell. Those things didn't happen because of Doug. But because what has happened in the band the years before.
  8. I wonder if he talks through a puppet at a supermarket aswell
  9. I think the "I'm the 3rd guy" comment was more ironic.
  10. Holy shit dude. Congrats. Amaninjapan really is a great dude. Had the pleasure of sharing the litho journey with him the last two years. Hope we meet again.
  11. You think it could ever go down to 300?