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  1. I just wanted to say that the video doesn't contain stuff from 91 in my opinion. I'm sure they did a short (or maybe long) gig after the video shoot but they also did ISE more than once as someone already mentioned which explains the different clothes, hair and mic stands.
  2. Just to make sure the difference between an original record company (someone who's actually in charge) and some dumb shit. I just uploaded the ISO video (original, no split or anything) and it got blocked right away in 224 countries (so pretty much everywhere). But no take down as in now (might come if I let it be). And it came from UMG, not RIAA or IFPI or Uzi Suicidal bla. Not saying this is a lot better but this is how record companies (the real owners) work and not the.....
  3. I uploaded the first few songs on May 14th. Today I posted the ISO split screen video here (which is still up) but my Saskatoon video is down now (Not the November Rain Video from that show). Who took it down? The RIAA Manually? Yes. They dont take down videos without someone writing them to take it down, and this I know. Someone tell that UziSuicde cunt to stop or she gets a real problem. RIAA just took down the ISO video too
  4. What difference? The mic stand was used at the cathouse and so was his hair done different.
  5. You guys realise this was an actual video shoot and not just taken from a live gig?
  6. What's happening with the new unsurfaced pro-shots?

    No, actually just used it here because of the AFD ReRelease... Not making a big deal about that here now because it's not worth it. I just read the mails today and thought this is going a bit too far. If anyone wants to go to the police or to Universal or whoever is in charge I have no problem about it, please do it I have no problem with it.
  7. What's happening with the new unsurfaced pro-shots?

    As this was me I wanna make a few things clear. The tapes will still go to Limulus, they were planned to be sent last week (which would have been also fine for Limulus as he wouldn't have had the time to transfer them before anyway from what I know) but family shit came up unfortunately so I couldn`t send them yet. This week my tapes will be sent to Limulus. I made copies of them last week (at a company) simply because I know they are rare (especially the audiences tapes) and I didn't want them to be lost by mail (No, I had no time to look into them so far and it will still take some time). They will be out when they are out and I'm sure Limulus will do a better job anyway. One more thing though, I got 2 emails during the last couple of days by 2 different (obviously fake) gmail accounts telling me to not release the videos. I'm not going to share the addresses but whoever (and yes I know you read here because I didn't talk about them anywhere else) thinks threatening people with "I'm going to the police if you release that vidz" because of a few fucking bootleg videos is an intelligent thing to do you should think again. Would be interesting to know how my actual E-Mail address can be found (and no i didn't register with it here). GNR community is weird AF...(Yeah I know 99% are great but that 1% really is fucked in the head...)
  8. Any chance that this is the WTTJ from the Live Era Album? Or at least parts of it?
  9. Let's say you make an own GNR documentary and put in clips of their videos, interviews, whatever (not the full videos but parts) and upload it on YT. This would be the so called fair use. They would still be able to monitize your video but won't take it down even if it you use a numerous of videos by different copyright owners. Saw this with some videos, uploading the full video gets you a block or even a takedown (=strike) but using parts of it was fine (still there was a copyright claim but no take down or block). This discussion is way OT though
  10. Seeding it on Zomb now if someone still needs it
  11. Bootlegs as in never released material - no matter if some demo that found its way out of some basement, audience recorded footage or pro like the Saskatoon gig. All of it (whatever is live) is considered as bootlegs. Yes of course the music played or recorded is owned by someone (not necessarily the band) but most bands really don't care about it as long as it's not planned to be released. Some make money out of it in releasing the gigs themselves (which is a good thing) but at the end only hardcore fans care about it anyway. Don't get me wrong I didn't want to say you make money out of it, I just never saw an audience recording being claimed by a band or record company on YT but I guess your channel is big enough so they are happy you make them a bit of money with your videos (which obviously is fine). Btw is the DTJ video private too I can't find it?
  12. Did you make an actual deal with them or is this just what you think? YT works simple. You upload something, if it gets detected by the bots (or the owner) they are able to monitize the video (and not the uploader). If the owner doesnt want it on YT he takes it down (even after months of making money out of it). Also lots of your videos are bootlegs so i'm not sure why all your videos are monitized (its the frans n roses channel, right?)
  13. I read that yesterday too. Never knew how easy it is for someone taking down other videos without needing proof that he is the actual owner or at least be assigned to do so. On the other hand it seems impossible to do something against it. Although I still think if there are enough complaints YT takes a closer look at that Uzi idiot. Not posting links here would be a start. Apparently the girl is too lazy or dumb to look for the videos herself and only takes down what gets posted here. Best example that Jorge Cubas videos, they were up since day one and nothing happened then they get posted here and they got taken down.
  14. From what I read Uzi Suicidal LLC is no real company. If GNR would be really into all this then all copies would have been taken down already. But they're not. The most common ones are gone, still tons of videos up though. And again who knows if the copyright owner isn't fine with it being shared?