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  1. They were set to be the Gen-x Rolling Stones. A stadium act with an extensive and varied catalogue. And then it all went to shit.
  2. Well into the thousands between tickets, travel, albums, and merch.
  3. I very much doubt Zutaut auctioned off anything to anyone. The original story of the locker going into default makes a lot more sense.
  4. Still can’t believe we actually have these. Insane!
  5. I think the lowest point was the dark years 2003-2005. The 2002 tour was a massive failure. There was no news whatsoever. I honestly thought the band was over and Chinese Democracy was never going to come out.
  6. 2019 was a wacky and eventful year for G’N’F’R and us die hard fans. So I’ve decided to create a best moments of 2019 top 10 list. I’m sure I’m going to forget something important and these are just my personal takes so feel free to chime in. 10. THE NORTH AMERICAN FALL TOUR Yes the performances were up and down but an active GNR is always better than an inactive GNR. And I thoroughly enjoyed the two ACL shows I attended. 9. THE RETURN OF DEAD HORSE It was nice to see GNR start to dip into the Use Your Illusion back catalogue and start working this gem back into the set. 8. THE RETURN OF LOCOMOTIVE I was genuinely disappointed that this was not played at either of the shows I attended. This is arguably the best Use Your Illusion 2 deep cut. 7. THE FIRST MINUTE OF ATLAS The Who like guitar intro, the incredible drum sound, the acoustic guitars, and that moment when Axl’s vocals kick in are so so good. It was genuinely exciting to finally hear this mythological tune. 6. CHECKMATE is JACKIE CHAN is HARD SCHOOL We finally got to hear this classic sounding rocker after getting a sneak peek way back in 2006. And the full version did not disappoint. Great drums (a constant theme of these leaks) great guitar work, and a catchy chorus. The reworked Slash version is going to be a modern GNR classic. 5. THE PIANO BREAKDOWN ON PERHAPS The whole song is so good but that coda and that piano breakdown are just Axl Rose magic. How a song this good has been on the shelf for 20 years is just baffling. 4. THE SECOND HALF OF STATE OF GRACE In my opinion the best of the leaked songs. The first half sounds a little dated but the second half more than makes up for it. It’s why we all love Axl so much. The melt your face off bridge coupled with the power screams is just insanely good. And yet this song still feels like it has more in the tank. It could easily be expanded and turned into a modern GNR proto-epic like Prostitute and TWAT. 3. CD 2000>CD 2008 Some songs still needed work and or completion in 2000 (TWAT, Better, Sorry, Shacklers) but these songs could have easily been replaced with SOG, Perhaps, Atlas, and Hard School and you could make an argument CD would have come out better. The years and the layers did not enhance these songs. The 2000 versions are much more open, have better bass and drum sound, and just feel more visceral. 2. THE ABSURDITY OF THE VILLAGE LEAKS Only in the world of GNR fandom would the Holy Grail for hardcore GNR fans be sitting in a Tom Zutaut storage locker for 20 years. Only in the world of GNR fandom would would Zutaut stop paying for the locker and let it go into default. Only in the world of GNR fandom would the contents be bought storage war style. Only in the world of GNR fandom would the new owner then sell the contents to multiple fans for absurd amounts of money. Only in the world of GNR fandom would the fans hoard the music and back stab each other. Only in the world of GNR fandom would this lead to a fan receiving a lifetime ban from attending GNR concerts. And only in the world of GNR fandom would one rogue fan decide to leak all of the village sessions in high quality so that we could all share in the fun. Thank You to the chairman whoever you are. 1. THE TOTALITY OF THE VILLAGE LEAKS Dozens of instrumentals. The 2000 version of Chinese Democracy. Tracks running the gauntlet from amazing (Perhaps, HS, SOG, Atlas) to interesting (Eye on You, Silkworms, KOHD acoustic) to WTF (Nothing). Fans finally getting to discuss new songs for the first time in over a decade. Confirmation that the vault exists and has some really great stuff in it. All in all a pretty fun year for GNR fans. Hope everyone has a happy new year and I hope that we get some new officially released new music in 2020.
  7. The "New Album" Thread

    This. It would have to have a major movie or product tie in. It’s crazy that people think that there would be no money to be made with a new album. This is one of the biggest bands of all time. Axl, Slash, and Duff have not been on an album together in almost 30 years. It could mean millions of extra dollars in the band’s coffers over the next few years. At minimum it would keep the tour machine rolling on and on.
  8. So if an EP or LP was coming in March this would be a logical place to start promotion. But of course this is Guns N Roses so this will not happen.
  9. Christmas came in September for all of us this year. We got an EP of new tunes which is so much more than we all could have hoped for.
  10. Just imagine CD but Perhaps in place of If the world. State of Grace in place of Scraped and Hard School in place of Riad. That is a much much much better album.
  11. That has to be the worst lithograph of the entire tour right?
  12. Love Pretty Tied Up. Doubt they will play it again but really wish they would. The Perils or Rock n Roll decadence.......
  13. KOHD number one on UYI 2 by almost 100 mil. People are so dumb
  14. 10/13/19 - Manchester, TN - Exit 111 Festival

    And 12 min Rocket Queen. I have come to loathe KOHD. It’s so boring