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  1. I liked SOYL as well. I think the guitar and drums on it were redone. HS is definitely better than scraped and Riad. I’d rank it about the same as IRS and a shade better than Shacklers.
  2. Would you still have that opinion if HS was mixed properly and mastered?
  3. I love how it has a weird coda in the middle. It’s just so Axl. So grateful to hear this after all this time....
  4. Yes but there would be no way to definitively confirm that he was the source with so many people with copies.
  5. I love Oasis. That’s a crazy story. The Morale being Oasis has some asshole hoarding fans as well.
  6. The main difference is that none of those tracks were meant for release. I’m assuming almost all of the tracks on these CDs have potential for release. But yes it would be nice if GNR operated like a normal band.
  7. It is like a relapse. When you go 11 years you just kinda forget how exciting it can be to hear new music from your favorite artist. And then you get that taste and you remember why you fell so hard.
  8. If this is all we get it beyond sucks. It's like getting scraps thrown off the table from a delicous feast.
  9. Question for all - I'm not a hardcore fan of any other band. Do hardcore fans of other bands behave like hardcore GNR fans? Do they hoard material? I alway thought fandom was supposed to be a communal experience. This is why sporting events and concerts can be so enjoyable. People who are passionate about the same things getting to share in that passion. Not meaning to criticize anyone I'm just genuinely curious.
  10. Does anyone know why nothing has leaked in full yet? Are these songs being leveraged to get other unheard material?
  11. True. But the original Catcher was not recorded through a cell phone.
  12. I’m assuming these leaked clips were the proof these songs exist. Atlas sounds promising but audio quality is shit. Hope all these songs leak in full ASAP.
  13. Agreed. Sounds awesome. I think the record company was stalling hoping Slash would return
  14. Can people who have heard stuff please start describing/reviewing the tracks so that those of who haven’t heard yet can get even more excited!
  15. Maybe Van Halen fans. But the difference there is although Van Halen has not been putting out much over the last 20yrs they have an extensive catalog. I cannot imagine being a major musician and seeing fans so desperate to hear low quality demo tracks from the year 2000. This is insane. You are right it’s Sad.
  16. Where were the discs sold? An auction site of some sort? And how did the fan who bought them come across the listing in the first place? What was the original sale price? And what did the listing say? “Holy Grail for hardcore GNR fans for sale?”