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  1. So for the audio nerds- this massive change in quality is about bitrate? I don’t understand how these songs suddenly sound so much better....
  2. Me too! That’s the best fucking version of Madagascar I’ve ever heard.
  3. It’s so funny I used to go to the old mygnr.com and there used to be an album release date header and it always said summer 2000. I just feel like that was the perfect time
  4. Probably not tracklist but I would imagine the album would have been similar to this. Question for for everyone who was a super fan in the late 90s early 2000s- would you have enjoyed the album more had it been released during that time period? My answer is yes. I would have enjoyed it so much more. By the time it released in 2008 it was anticlimactic.
  5. Atlas Shrugged Perhaps State of Grace Hard School Eye on You and a bunch of Instrumentals
  6. I think this would be the right first “new” song to introduce. It has the old school GNR sound/feel. Axl will probably sound decent on it. I think it would blend in w the appetite/illusion stuff even better than CD and Better
  7. The short haircut is beyond weird. It almost looks matronly.
  8. If you could interview...

    This. And why the hell did CD2 not come out?
  9. Nothing clip does sound like Pink Floyd. Rumors are true
  10. Time and Money. People get older. Priorities change. The same things don’t motivate them. The band has earned a ton of money the last 3 years. 90 percent of the audiences are casual fans. They don’t give a fuck about set lists or new songs or anything else a diehard fan cares about. Look there’s Axl. Look there’s Slash. Cool. Cool.
  11. I bought me an illusion and I hung it on the wall....I let it fill my head with dreams I had to have them all....
  12. Stones for sure. Floyd either Gilmour or Waters works
  13. I’d put Aerosmith on that cannot replace the singer list as well. Agree about Van Halen. Eddie wrote and arranged all the music. He is Van Halen’s musical vortex
  14. All cautions made....every chance was given....no effort spared.....to save what we had....
  15. It’s really good. Love the little piano codas. I’m surprised the lyrics are angry. It does not remind me of Black Sabbath. It’s sounds like modern GNR just like the rest of the CD stuff.
  16. I think there was some grade A stuff written after the time period of the storage locker sessions. And SOG, Perhaps, Atlas, and HS are Grade A. And we haven’t even heard QS with lyrics or Nothing or anything else that is supposed to have vocals.
  17. What time is the show supposed to start?
  18. It’s not like the set list they chose at the beginning of this thing was bad. It’s actually pretty fucking awesome. But I’m with you on the covers. This band has so many good songs they are not playing off the illusions. Covers are for bands that don’t have enough A list original material. GNR is not one of those bands.