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  1. I don’t think Oh my God will ever appear on an album
  2. CD2 the year 2000 edition. Let the arguments begin CD1 VS CD2!
  3. Bring it on. I’m ready after hearing those instrumentals. I heard Nothing is Pink Floydish....
  4. I’ve keep hearing the same. That Nothing and Quicksong have vocals. But then there’s talk about another disc. Who knows. I’m just enjoying the fuck out of all of it
  5. I’m assuming this is the worst song left that has full vocals.....and yet it’s kinda growing on me. It’s way better than silkworms
  6. Perhaps and Atlas are really good. But SOG executed properly may have the potential to be the best (or at least one of the best ) songs of the CD era.
  7. Till further notice- State of Grace is still the champion of leakfest 2019. Can any other song take out the champ?!
  8. I’m actually really enjoying the way this is all playing out. This is much more fun than everything leaking at once The updated Atlas is much better
  9. These are fucking awesome. We need these with vocals!!!!! I know there is a version of quicksong w vocals what about zodiac?! It’s so fucking mean
  10. We always heard that there were some really industrial songs being worked on in the CD sessions. Other than OMG and Shacklers (and better sorta) we did not get to hear much on CD. I believe this choice was deliberate because by the time CD came out the industrial style had gone way out of fashion. Now we can see the direction Axl was going in 2000. I would imagine if any of these is industrial sounding songs make the next record they are going to be totally reworked.
  11. There’s also tonto (no vocals apparently on the locker version) Seven, Down by the Ocean, whatever songs Richard wrote with Axl that we don’t know about, and whatever new stuff current GNR has come up with. I’m actually expecting the next album to be very good.
  12. Pretty fucking amazing. Although it is the weirdest (in a good way) Gnr album
  13. The Mac Daddy part is ridiculous. But the vocal performance on the rest of the song is pretty good. It’s kinda making me laugh....
  14. Love this. His voice sounded amazing in 2007. When I first heard this I was convinced he was going to re-record a bunch of the CD vocals we had already heard. Boy was I wrong
  15. Random thought- Madagascar did not leak with all the stuff from CD. Is it possible that it was held back because it has different vocals? Maybe Axl did a take with cleaner sounding version?
  16. Could we split the difference at two hours😉
  17. - updated set list (more use your illusion, maybe one new song)
  18. It’s not a good song. The lyrics are ridiculous. I still cannot understand why scraped and Riad made the album. With that many songs in the can these are really B sides that you could stick on EP somewhere. Can you imagine how much better CD would have been with a finished Hard School and State of Grace in those two slots......🤤
  19. I was at the 29th show. It was fucking amazing. Axl sounded great. He looked amazing. When he came out I almost couldn’t believe it after seeing the pictures from HOB and Rock and Rio. And....I’m pretty sure they were filming it. So if a tape exists it should top HOB as the holy grail pro shot.
  20. It’s just shocking that songs this good have gone unheard for 20 years.
  21. Love that killer bass line at the top. There is a lot of cool shit from the Illusions that never gets played- Perfect Crime, Locomotive, Breakdown, Pretty Tied Up, Dead Horse......
  22. It’s my favorite of the new leaks. The second half is insane. It begs the question- why have we never heard of this song before? Not a title (unless it’s been changed) nothing.