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  1. REQUEST - Metal Petals.

    these are the "unreleased" demos included on Metal Petals. my version missing the Nice Boys demo (the one on Lies without fake crowd). if someone have this one and could share it would be very nice. enjoy.
  2. Probably ain't goin down no more Will be the "single" for the use your illusion box set, maybe (and the don't cry demo Will feature in the b-sides bonus disc)
  3. metal pedals

    somebody could share a link to download, please?
  4. Alan Niven bootlegs

    May I have the links in PM too, please? Thank You very much.
  5. Alan Niven bootlegs

    links not working...
  6. I have the 3" CD single of the Sweet Child O' Mine labelled as "remix", but is de facto the full lenght album version with (maybe) some unnoticeable mix differences.
  7. oh no, i love this band, I'm just very disappointed with the bad performance I had to watch in Florence.
  8. if you don't have anymore breath to sing a whole song that you wrote, well, do not sing it anymore.
  9. I spoke too soon: horrible Coma ending
  10. Anyway, this fucker (lovely speaking) is singing really good tonight, and it pisses me off a lot considering the shit he make just three days ago...
  11. was the worst vocal performance of the NITL tour for sure.