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  1. What's your unpopular GN'R opinion?

    1) Would've could've should've, but Neither Can I with Axl's prime vocals would've been GNR's best song 2) Any cuts away from Axl on live recordings takes away from the video quality. Especially on vocals, but also during solos. Doesn't count so much now, but when he was more energetic in his prime I feel like I'm missing out on something every time he gets cut. Its So Easy in Philadelphia 1988 shows this perfectly. 3) Melissa Reese is an amazing musician and I hope she has more than just a background role in the new album. She's an amazing vocalist, and her vocals in Bloodborne(video game) are stunning. She features in the first few songs on the soundtrack if any one would be curious to listen, I couldn't recommend it more. Her work with Brain and the Infamous games is also great. Not so much a fan of her solo pop work though.