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  1. This is the biggest shame of the leaks for me. Easily my favorite song from them and genuinely disappointed it didn't make CD for the world to hear(although who knows what it would of sounded like at this stage). Kind of reminds me of some of Marilyn Mansons work around this stage, and could easily see it fitting into Antichrist Superstar. And unlike Hard School, Perhaps and some other leaks that could potentially be released and genuinely improved upon by Slash and Duff, I can't see this song sounded better with their input mainly cause it's so far removed from the classic GNR instrumental style.
  2. The "New Album" Thread

    They streamed Slane 2019. Not a fan but clicked on it for a minute or so, was a pretty awesome pro shot.
  3. The "New Album" Thread

    Presumably so, unless the new record is absolute shite, which could very well be the case.
  4. The "New Album" Thread

    I'm not necessarily saying GNR(or Tool for that matter) are a bigger deal then Taylor Swift now a days-they're not- but was just looking to show that if there was demand for a Tool album who also hadn't released an album in 13 years, there'll be demand GNR. Just checked checked Spotify there out of curiosity. Justin Bieber is no.1 in the world with 62m monthly listeners, GNR are 151st with 17m monthly listeners which really is quite a lot relatively speaking. Above Rolling Stones, Aerosmith and Nirvana. But well behind Queen who have 32m monthly listeners and are 39th in the world. Probably aided by the movie that came out last year.
  5. The "New Album" Thread

    This is wrong, quite frankly. I'm not justifying excuses, but the idea that a new GNR album will not be a big deal is wrong. Taylor Swift's Fearless album in 2010 was at number 1 on Billboard for 11 weeks(non consecutively, couldn't find the weeks in a row stats). 1989 at the end of 2014 was number 1 on Billboard for 10 weeks(once again, non consecutively). Taylor's most recent album, Lover(which based on what I've read was the best selling album in the US in 2019, correct me if I'm wrong) was knocked off the number one spot after a week by Tool's first album in 13 years, Fear Inoculum. Honestly, I haven't listened to Tool and hadn't heard of them before this news came out but if Tool can beat out Taylor Swift I'm sure the fist GNR release with Slash and Axl in 30+ years can. November Rain is also the first video made before YouTube's creation to reach 1 billion views (end of 2018), and the first video before the 2000's to reach that many views. SCOM is the first video from the 1980's to reach 1 billion views at the end of 2019(and I believe the third music video released before 2000 to get there, behind November Rain first and Bohemian Rhapsbody second), beating out all Michael Jackson video's from the 80's by a long shot.. Billie Jean, his most viewed, has 750 million views as of today. I can't exactly remember where I read it, but I recall reading that GNR had the largest band presence on YouTube, it said South America was helping GNR achieve this where it was hugely popular. And no insult meant, but I think your taking a kind of superior attitude by presuming that there isn't GNR fans in the general public and that people are just getting tickets for two songs(would seem strange to have one of the highest grossing tours of all time based on two songs). Sure we're in a bubble here, but there's plenty of hardcore GNR fans out there that have no interest/knowledge in this message board. Clearly based on Youtube views alone the general public cares. And I've met a good few at the two shows I've been at, and have plenty of friends people interested in GNR beyond that. The new album, if it ever happens will absolutely be a big deal
  6. Talking about football/soccer so kind of off topic to GNR, but just mad to see how quick things are spiraling. Looks like the Italian Serie A, the top division of Italian football, is going to be cancelled before the season ends. A player playing for Juventus(the team in first place in the league) has tested positive for the virus, and Juventus played the team in third place, Inter Milan, on Sunday(behind closed doors, so no fans in the stadium). So now the first and third placed teams are both in quarantine, with at least one positive case so far. Juventus were meant to play Lyon in The Champions League next week, which is Europe top knockout tournament, but that can't happen now so there's talk of cancelling the rest of the Champions League, which is currently in the last 16 of knockouts. Also talk that the Euro 2020 tournament, which happens once every four years will be postponed to 2021. I remember when swine flu happened and the hype around it, but it didn't really have any knock on effects. This is having huge effects and I can't really imagine a case in which these European shows go on.
  7. Out of curiosity, for any Eminem fans out there, were there any hints, rumors or leaks that he was about to release the two surprise albums that he dropped? Or was it kept completely under wraps even for hardcore fans? I'd imagine though if we don't hear any new music this March, we probably never will.
  8. I'd be curious to see the original image, can't have been that bad surely
  9. I don't get why they bother to photoshop the photos. The guys almost 60 years old and not really expected to look well, why bother? I wonder if he asks for them to be shopped or if people literally just do it by choice.
  10. Yeah, was thinking about this while I was out and the more that I think about the more I disagree with the comment above about John Williams and that artists don't have primes and the comment I made agreeing that they don't ave primes. Edit: The idea of a "prime" for a song-writer doesn't make sense. Take look at John Williams (Star Wars). Do you know how old he was when he scored those first three movies? He was forty-five years old which--according to the ridiculous theory of a composer having a "prime"--should have meant he would have been unable to pull that off. But he did; and he did with flying colors. All a song writer (or novelist) has to worry about is how many bullets are in the chamber. Some artists have more (Beatles) and some have less (Stone Temple Pilots), but in the end, that's all there is to it. A writer doesn't have a prime like an athlete. That's just not how it works. Changing my mind on this from my earlier comment agreeing with you earlier, artists don't have primes like athletes but they definitely have creatives primes/peaks. As EvanG said above, many artists don't hit their peak till later in their career, some like John Williams and Hans Zimmer can continue in it throughout their whole career. Many have their creative prime in the first record(as with GNR). I think it's wrong to say that artists don't have periods where they are more creative then other periods in their career, and that it's simply a matter of how many more good ideas they can come up with. Maybe the can go in conjuncture with each other but artists definitely have creative primes.
  11. I mean it more in the way that you are saying there, artists can only come up with so many great ideas, and most of GNR's great ideas were at the start of their careers. When I say prime I didn't really mean literally, wrong choice of words.
  12. Wanted to respond to your post on the New Album thread, but most discussions happening here so I'll just paste your comment over. Judging from the "Big 3's" last efforts (CD, Tenderness and Living The Dream) it looks like they could really use some songwriting collaborations with Izzy because that was a lot of subpar music from these guys. Think it's a bit of an unfair comparison. Regardless of what I think of the Big 3 most recent outputs(didn't like Tenderness, don't like Myles signing so didn't listen to LTD), your judging the "Big Three" on their most recent albums. What are you judging Izzy based on? He hasn't released on album(from what I could find) in 10 years. The vast vast majority of artist's quality of output goes down the longer they've been around, so it's fairly expected for the Big 3's most recent stuff to not be up to the standard of what came before. It's very possible that if Izzy released an album today it would be just as bad as what the others are releasing. As for others saying they can't write without Izzy, there's plenty of stuff out there to prove otherwise. I haven't listened to most of Slash's stuff, but It's 5 o'Clock Somewhere alone proves to me fairly convincingly that Slash doesn't need Izzy to write a good album. Think it's more likely that the Slash is just past his prime, cause in his prime he was releasing great stuff without Izzy. I like CD anyway, but heard enough in the leaks to completely convince me that Axl doesn't need Izzy to write a good album worth of material either. Just cause the most recent albums aren't the best in your eyes, doesn't mean it has anything to do with Izzy. Most artist has down points-trying to claim that their down points are simply cause Izzy isn't there is fairly ridiculous. Edit: Just as an edit, I'm not saying any potential new material from GNR will be good, they could all be past prime in terms of songwriting. But there's nothing to say that Izzy being in the project would make the album substantially better. For all we know he could be past his prime too.
  13. I think that's more just dependent on who you ask. I went to Slane 2017 with a cousin who only knew the main GNR hits and he thought Slash's solo spots(he had a few that show from what I recall) were bad in comparison to Fortus'
  14. Think he sounds pretty awesome on this though. Hard to tell properly though with the audio
  15. Anyone no the name of the song they were playing on speaker just before the show started? Sounds incredibly familiar but can't think of the name