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  1. Agreed, always thought this was one of Axl's worst performances vocally.
  2. The "New Album" Thread

    Agreed, the quote doesn't come off great but I still am hopeful if the stuff was recorded it will get released soon.
  3. The "New Album" Thread

    Yeah it's great, no need to worry. Just have to wait 20 years till they get leaked as unfinished demos
  4. The "New Album" Thread

    Speaking of Guns, have you got anything more you can share about the new album? “There’s been no definitive answer on anything and I’ll just keep keep to that. Stuff is happening, but there are no specifics. More than anything, it’s because of the nature of the industry right now. It’s just like, how do you want to do this? I mean there’s material and there’s recording and there’s shit going on, but we’re not really sure what we’re doing with it right now.” The music industry in 2020 is a lot different to the last time you all made a Guns record. “Yeah! And there’s a handful people who said, ’Yeah, make a record and go old school’. And there’s a handful of people that are like, ’We don’t even know what buying a record is any more!’” Link here for anyone who wants to read; https://guitar.com/features/interviews/namm-2020-slash-gibson-collection-his-new-gibson-collection-new-guns-n-roses-album/ Not really sure what issue they're trying to create here. Don't know what to do with it? Release it, maybe? As every other artist does. It's such a non issue. Release a couple singles, release the album, put it on Spotify etc. and release a vinyl to stores. Couldn't be more simple, every artist today does it. He's saying the materials there, don't see why he's trying to over complicate it? Other than as an excuse if it doesn't work out.
  5. Yeah, not too sure why people are down about this tbh. Snoop doing Clint Eastwood with Gorillaz in Glastonbury was incredibly bad ass and sounded awesome(should look it up if you haven't seen it, would post the YT link but from an unofficial source). One could only dream Snoop and GNR would do something similar together.
  6. What's your unpopular GN'R opinion?

    Seems to not be too well liked here but I think the 1999 version of SCOM is bad ass, mainly the solo and ending vocals(and I wouldn't listen to that era often, beyond the leaks)
  7. What's your unpopular GN'R opinion?

    I can't imagine he signs off on any of that, I'd imagine he gives full control to Fernando(or whoever there merchandising manager). And did he even make of Rock the Rock? Didn't they mention in the interview they just asked him? I'm not sure, but even so I can't imagine he would've made much money of it. And in terms of ticket prices, are Guns n' Roses much more then similar artists of their scale? I don't go to much shows of that scale, so I don't really know? I got mine for 90 euro, I'm pretty sure Taylor Swift charges almost 200 for a normal ticket, so I was fairly happy with 90. But I don't know exactly what most other artists of that scale are charging so I can't judge too much.
  8. What's your unpopular GN'R opinion?

    Yeah looked up but couldn't find any online so presumed, but I was wrong to say just Budweiser. Still, 3 isn't much. I'd agree with that, maintaining his lifestyle is probably his goal when it comes to money, but nothing much else it seems
  9. What's your unpopular GN'R opinion?

    Your right, I'd say it's work for him(think I recall an interview where he said as much in the 90's). Plenty of people work to make a living, his living making more then most. But the portrayal that he souley cares about money or is greedy with money is wrong, cause he has so many money making opportunities that he doesn't take. He makes a living that is far more luxurious then any of ours, but he could be making much more if he was greedy and wanted to. I acknowledged that in the original post. One ad appearance in 20 years(afaik) doesn't scream greed to me.
  10. What's your unpopular GN'R opinion?

    Not everyone was around to follow him during the 80's and 90's(unfortunately), and when you were following him during the 2000's I was a kid. Rock and "old" music wouldn't usually be go to usually so it's not like I was listening to all the artists from the 80's and still didn't know who Axl was. I hadn't been exposed to GNR in anyway that I was aware, so I guess I didn't have any reason to expect to know him really. And regardless of any of that, nothing I really said was an opinion and you don't need to take me seriously. The reality is that Axl doesn't do brand deals, sponsorship, public appearances or anything that most stars do to generate personal income. If he cared about money, he'd be doing that. And if band members are saying he doesn't care about money, then he probably doesn't. It's not so much defending Axl as thinking that the consensus on here that Axl only cares about money doesn't seem to be based on any evidence.
  11. What's your unpopular GN'R opinion?

    Unpopular opinions about Axl, money and the GNR brand. Sorry for the long post, at work so willing to take any distraction. I think the idea that Axl only cares about money is wrong, and I'm actually unsure if he cares about it to a great extent at all. I wasn't alive at the time, but from what you all say, it seems that Axl was one of the biggest stars ever in his prime. Despite that, when I first started listening to GNR in 2016(SCOM cause it was on my ipod), I thought Axl Rose was Steven Tyler. Even as a fan who now keeps up on all the things GNR does, Axl never seems to appear off the stage, so I'm sure you can understand why I had no idea who he was. If you think about other stars of Axl's scale; Kanye West, Taylor Swift(who has far more corporate and anti-consumer ticket selling practices then GNR have ever had or will), Rihanna. They all have incredibly valuable and profitable brands that extend far beyond their music(fashion, makeup products, etc.). Even looking at the Kardashians, who don't have any particular talent, one can see the value to be made in just sponsorship, ads etc. A lot of people don't folllow them, but they still know who they are. Axl Rose as a person is non-existent beyond the three hours he goes on stage. He doesn't do interviews, never does talk shows, has done one commercial ad(Budweiser), which is probably why I didn't know who he was. Axl as a brand doesn't exist, and he does absolutely nothing to make money of his own brand which could be incredibly valuable. If he actually cared about money, he exist from a brand perspective beyond the 3 hours he'd performs a night. I also think the consensus on here that Axl decides(or is even aware of for that matter) the products that the GNR brand goes on is far fetched. Seems a bit ridiculous to me that people on here think Axl is consulted personally every time they want to put a GNR logo on a jigsaw, Christmas ornament or a pair of socks. I presume they have a merchandise manager that makes all choices in that regards In regards to the GNR brand and TB running of it, I kind of get confused. I don't think it's as clear cut as some people on here say it is, and I think we'd actually be happier as fans if the goal was money. It's clear that it's being run as a corporation, and I think that whole GNR Santa ad was pathetic. There obviously trying to make money off these, but I'd love to know how much they actually make, very little, relatively speaking. If they only cared about money, there's much better ways to go about making it(maybe they are actually so bad as managers that they can't do that). Some potential ways: Perfect Crime: A Netflix Special. Think about how much money GNR would make if they sold the footage of the UYI tour to Netflix, and had it released as a 10 episode tv series. If it's good and dramatic enough(which I think/hope it would be) it would make them one of the most talked topics globally(remember how Stephen Avery, Ted Bundy and other topics were talked about after Netflix Specials). Could sell a load of classic shows on Netflix or Blue Ray. Bear in mind, the Ritz 1988 is a bootleg, and has never actually been sold. Surely if it was about money they'd sell that right away A movie similar to The Dirt(the Motely Crue one). I wasn't able to find out how much money that made, but a lot more then Christmas decorations I guess I'm just confused about TB being only about money, while most people seem to take it as fact. Based on their commercialization of GNR, they seem to be. But there's so many better ways for them to make money(while also keeping fans happier) that they could pursue but haven't done(and probably never will). If it was only about money I think we'd see a lot more content.
  12. What concert and tour did you manage to see him at out of curiosity? I've probably watched almost every concert of his available online haha Weirdly enough I always thought the History tour was the one I'd want to see if I had a choice, even with the lip syncing. He didn't have the same energy he had during Bad tour or Dangerous but the production, band, choreography(along with his own dance moves improving) and set list were next level. Shame he only played Heartbreak Hotel during the Bad tour though, adored that songs live performances.
  13. MYGNRFORUM YouTube Policy

    I'm not sure tbh, part of me thinks he doesn't care enough to sign off on what they do, but maybe he does. That's beside the point of what I'm saying though, he doesn't need GNR merch to make money. His own image in a Budweiser ad is probably worth a lot more money to him personally then a GNR logo on ridiculous merch is to him. If he only cared about money, we'd see him using his own image to make himself money more then he does. Cause the Budweiser ad is the only one I can think of. And in terms of the GNR logo, I'm actually unsure how that works. I knwo Axl owned the GNR brand, but does he still and does all the money from GNR merch, products, etc go to him or is it split now with Duff and Slash?
  14. MYGNRFORUM YouTube Policy

    When I say he hasn't, I'm more so talking about Axl and his own image specifically, as opposed to TB and the GNR brand. I think we can both agree that Axl would make far far more money by using his own image in commercials for products like Budweiser that appeal to the masses, then he would through TB putting a GNR logo on a toy truck and a laundry bag that less then a thousand people would buy.
  15. MYGNRFORUM YouTube Policy

    I don't know, I kind of disagree with the masses in this regard. It seems a bit counter intuitive to say that management and Axl are idiots for throwing away money by turning away exposure from bootlegs and not setting up a system where we can buy all old/new concerts, while also saying that everything this band does is for money. I think the band deserves criticism, plenty of it, but these criticisms clearly contradict themselves. If it was all about money for them then we would've seen the reunion a lot sooner, and we'd probably also see a lot of old concerts released that they could make plenty of money from. We haven't seen that. And claiming that it's all about money cause he's done a commercial seems a bit knitpicky to me. One commercial this century(that I'm aware of, correct me if I'm wrong) doesn't scream "Axl doing things for money". He could paste his name and image to plenty of products and made plenty of money. But he hasn't done that either.