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  1. Axl Rose on Looney Tunes episode w/new song

    I can't stop laughing at the thought of Angus hearing this and thinking, "wow, that's a good tune, could be my next lead single!"
  2. Axl Rose on Looney Tunes episode w/new song

    Better vocals than a lot of CD songs!
  3. 11/08/18 - Jakarta, Indonesia

    I actually hope Izzy and Steven don't come back for one reason, it'll give them the excuse to keep touring with no new music. No more excuses, new music soon please.
  4. Shut it down, this man just won the thread
  5. I said this before, the best thing would be to lock them in a room for a few weeks and release whatever comes out! Film it as a documentary too and put it on Netflix (and put the Perfect Crime doc on Netflix too).
  6. I'm bored of Appetite for Destruction. This band isn't on the Not in this Lifetime Tour, they're on the 39th Appetite for Destruction tour!
  7. Illusion I vs Illusion II

    I used to say II, but I now think I due to the better rockers. And no love for Dust N' Bones, shame on you all! I love how bouncy that tune is and how much attitude it has. Perfect Crime is their most metal moment and Axl at his most demonic. And I also might be one of the few who loves the album version of Live and Let Die. They just sound really good on that one.
  8. UYI I & II vs. Load & Reload

    I would say UYI by a good margin, but only because ReLoad is by far the weakest of the 4. I do think highly of Load. I love the fact that Metallica branched out and experimented and I also think Bleeding Me is among their strongest songs they've ever done.
  9. New Work Tune

    I was just going to say, this piece is their most Led Zeppelin moment.
  10. Were any classic era shows shot on film?

    Wasn't Ritz 91 the show shot on film for the YCBM video? Or were all 3 warm-up shows shot on film?
  11. House of Blues 2001 ***NO LINKS***

    Great side project name. With Axl's sense of humor I wouldn't put it past him.
  12. In general yes, but I actually think BBF was an upgrade to this song. For this song, the crazier the better.
  13. Why can't this just be a digital release plus limited vinyl. Surely the costs of that wouldn't be too great?
  14. Slash right now, "say Axl, I'm really digging those lyrics of that Silkworms song, mind if I add some riffs?"
  15. A settlement like this should be a warning to every wealthy person to never get married, lol.