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  1. PC (paradise city) is now Politically Correct.
  2. Who will be the bassist for the new album?

    Without Paul, there would be no more AC/DC. Ladies and gentlemen, Mr. Paul Tobias.
  3. Whats next for ac/dc?

    I was there too. Amazing show. Axl/DC > nunuguns
  4. DJ isn't bad. Seen him w gnr on multiple occasions. Thought he was spot on. Also threw a bottle of water that exploded on some assholes face in the crowd (hilarious).
  5. Nu GnR: Doomed to fail

    The mysterious and badass band is unfortunately gone. Nuguns > current lineup nuguns era was more unpredictable and fun. Shows were unbelievable live. Especially 2006 where Axl showed up late but gave you the best of all time performance. Now it's a sellout band which is understood.... axl/DC shows were also better than the NIL tour, if you attended both you'd understand.
  6. People in the front get way better experience. Front row is the ultimate.
  7. You get what you pay for.
  8. He doesn't deserve to wear a cowboy hat.
  9. Axls Best Scream?

    Everyone forgetting about IRS?! Any live version from 06 will do.
  10. Mark Evans and Simon Wright

    Axl/DC is better than GNR live. Nuguns is close second.
  11. Mr. Buckethead, mr. Paul Tobias, mr. Robin finck or bust.
  12. 08/08/17 - Miami, FL - Marlins Park

    Anyone have extra pit tix?
  13. Loudest show you've been to

    Axl/DC and Van Halen. Halen I had to take breaks during show, It felt like my head was going to explode.