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  1. Guns N' Roses - 2018-07-13 - Moscow, RU (AUD/FLAC)

    Usenet is Your friend for this Gig or dime
  2. What's happend to gn'r bootlegs site?

    Usenet and others
  3. [REQ] Cornshuker CD Lossless source

    yours is lossy mp3 indeed that is what was done
  4. listening to a great sounding audience Recording on 3 CD's now and AXl to my ears sounds the best he has in 2018 and near 2016 best gigs.
  5. Soundboards for Slither and Shadow of Your Love?

    might be a tour blu-ray?
  6. Alan Niven bootlegs

    nah nothing great about this gig had it for years. many gigs are better than ritz 1988 its a weak gig any 1987 gig is better
  7. if you do torrents its not hard to find. there is also 4 DVD uploads of Saskatoon 1993
  8. 40 minute soundcheck/rehearsal
  9. people that are going enjoy the concert.
  10. WRONG go find them and buy them if you wanna hear . i just laugh at leechers like you
  11. [Video] Live at Apollo Theatre 2017

    well its not free. you leechers make me laugh. its not easy find but there is one
  12. [FLAC/WAV] Live at Apollo Theatre July 20 2017 (SBD)

    indeed its the one KeifferGNR did with your audio