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  1. REQUEST: Caram mixes of Sirius shows!

    pm gibbo , rockphantom
  2. no its blocked by GNR and can't be download it so its not here not interested some blurry 240p youtube video
  3. are the other 2 Japan pro-shots out there?
  4. your surround home system and stereo and just use tv a GUI or those popular surround sound bars now days
  5. whats that??? i don't use streaming this forum is not the audience of this boxset. this is for casuals that go to concerts which is about 90% of the audience at a concert.
  6. really???? where is paris 1992 oh wait its not here
  7. Graspop stream

    i am downloading the segments now. NOT Guns N' Roses
  8. Graspop stream

    yes i can join them. only if they are protected and still can be download but can't unprotected them and they are useless. there in behind a .js file and some times hard to find the index file, other times a manifest and you have put together the index file manually. last year graspop audio was AAC 2 Channel 48000KHz 107 kps . but most are using a cookie cutter setup vod.mpg or vod.apple or something like that and listed as a plain for file type when you run network source. tssplitter can join the segment files just have them all in the same folder. TSSplitter https://www.videohelp.com/software/TSSplitter Description TSSplitter is intended for splitting and joining large MPEG Transport Streams containing any kind of stream encoding, including MPEG2 and H.264 in .ts, .mts, .m2ts files, to burn them to DVD. The advantage compared to other similar tools is that you can later join the files and get a file that's 100% like the origninal source file, so you get no klicks or image glitches on the join position, and you can for example re-seed the file via BitTorrent.
  9. if you do torrents its easy to find. there is atleast 3 torrents of the DVD.
  10. Graspop stream

    i can download the segment files. what time is GNR on

    how about go buy them. mine stopped working and i bought them for 13 dollars brand new last week.
  12. well i can tell you if you put it on the market it would move fast because what is out is garbage and not even worth looking at or listening too imo.
  13. there would be a VHS release . even movies were released in VHS till 2008 . so guessing/speculating that is why. and like what they said about test copy's