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  1. yeah it looks awful . i tried it.
  2. slash can't even play and is bad joke. zero feel and structure
  3. who cares about the ritz . whisky a go go , trouadour , cathouse
  4. yeah i would donate if you want/can to get it
  5. i never said i had it and didn't even download the mp3. my inbox is blown up
  6. i have enjoyed the ones i have had
  7. i can see it and there a few people that it i would speculate
  8. its not that easy to find people that are friends of producers, managers, song writes , song publishers , AXL, Slash,Duff,Adler,Izzy, brain , Bumble and all the others who will share/sell it or even admit they are in possession of these tracks.
  9. that don't mean it does not exist just because you have it or its not youtube. learn 30 years ago nothhing can be ruled out as too being out there. i just shared a DSD64 unreleased live console audio
  10. to late someone already trade/sold it
  11. i know a person who bought and gave the cassette because they have no cassette deck
  12. lot more than 0% were sold