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  1. No. The promoter cancelled it weeks ago. They have been trying to fill the date though.
  2. His singer posted this flyer 2 hrs ago. The tour dates are still good to go.
  3. Thank you so much for the info! Yes, I would appreciate to know if I can rely on a ride service or just rent a car at Nashville Airport (which is expensive for the whole weekend).
  4. I asked someone who lives 45 min away and he said in his area they have it. But every time I tried to look it up in Uber's site, it didn't give me any results. Since @pastortine is only 15 min away, maybe he may know for sure. 😊
  5. Is there uber /lyft service in Manchester? I tried even Googling for taxi companies there and found few weird options. I called a number for a taxi that I found, and no response. But if there is uber /lyft then great!