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  1. Funniest lyric

    Funniest? I have to give it to the rant in the middle of Get in the Ring. That song always cracks me up. But the biggest joke in GnR history got to be It Tastes Good, Don't It?
  2. Raz Cue - An Open Letter To Duff McKagan

    I find it hard to believe that good and innocent high school girls who want nothing more than to have a soda and sit holding hands politely would just simply stumble into a place like the Hell House. Pretty sure they knew where they were going, and they were going there... that's right, to drink, do drugs and have sex. You had to be scum to be caught at a place like that - and that includes the band, the girls and everyone else there. Besides, to me it doesn't seem at all unimaginable for a girl who's crazy about a musician to grow bitter and start making accusations if things don't go as she wanted. An interesting bunch they can be, those groupies. Strongly suggest watching this docu bellow, it gives pretty good insight of what girls surrounding bands think like. Speaking of underage, though, didn't Duff himself lose his virginity to an adult woman when he was 13-14 and then get crabs afterwards?
  3. I don't want to come off as if I'm defending Duff here, but I kinda see why he feels like he needs to make those claims about It's So Easy. Yes it's annoying, it looks pathetic to the old fans and I'd like him to quit it... but don't forget the PC climate we live in, where songs like Baby It's Cold Outside get banned by the radio. Their past lifestyles and a number of songs are an easy target for censure, and 'no BS' attitude just doesn't seem to appeal that much to the younger generations anymore.
  4. Skipped through one of their episodes on YouTube to get a reference point on the show. Doubtful if I'm gonna tune in for the upcoming ones. Those re-enactment scenes seem really unnecessary in here; it sort of felt like watching an old episode of Unsolved Mysteries
  5. Probably my favorite video by them. It's a shame about those copyright restrictions, but that's the way it is (if even Celine Dion can't have the video for that Titanic song on her channel...). I remember Metallica and their One video and how they eventually bought the rights to the damn movie, so they could stop paying them royalties every time the video's been shown. But, you know, that was some old, long-forgotten film, and this here...
  6. Let the lawsuits begin! https://www.rollingstone.com/music/music-news/soundgarden-tom-petty-tupac-lawsuit-universal-music-vault-fire-851401/
  7. Duff in Philly Tonight

    Looks like a lot of fun. Loved it how he messed up the lyrics in the beginning of Dead Horse and the crowd sang it instead, hella cute. This version of You Ain't The First really reminds me of No Expectations by the Rolling Stones. They should keep it for the GnR setlist, too.
  8. Awesome news. Sure is nice to hear him actually say it. Something new needs to drop as soon as possible, cause I see we're back on the same old topic of will they/ won't they recycle Chinese leftovers for the nth time. Boooring. Anyways... it's confirmed, it's coming, that's all I need for now. Trying to steer away from making pointless speculations; exaggerated expectations never do any good.
  9. "What Movie Did You Watch?" - 2020 Edition

    Totally agree with you guys on this. I can't help it, but today's movies I often find lacking charm compared to the old classics. I think I might have a tendency to romanticize a bit what came before me... always more excited about the past than present/future and feeling nostalgic for times I haven't lived myself. So there's that, and than the current homogenization of Hollywood movies most certainly is another reason for me favoring older cinema.
  10. I actually have this album; since I saw him play in Sydney last year I thought it would be a nice memento, cause the show wasn't bad. Haven't given it a spin yet, though. Well that's my main issue with Dizzy. I do think he's a decent keyboardist, he's just nothing... exciting, I guess. In my eyes he's totally benign... there are others who need to be removed first.
  11. I don't really need it either, but minding how big this tour was I do think there's a great possibility of a live album being released sooner or later. Surely, they'd do a lot of cleaning-up on the vocals first, no question about it... like with Madonna's Eurovision performance.
  12. I don't get this idea of measuring band's greatness by the quantity of albums they've released. Majority of stuff they've put out I really love and nothing will take it away. They are one of my fave bands, but I don't feel as if they owe me anything more. At this point, if they release something new - that's great, that's exciting (whether it's original or not, I couldn't give damn; if it's good, it's good - I'll judge once I hear it). If not, it will hardly have any impact on me. If I was listening exclusively to GnR, surely it would suck... but come on, there's too much great music within reach to keep oneself occupied instead of sulking over someone not releasing anything.
  13. I've always wondered how they came up with the band name Axl. Is it in reference to someone/something or do the letters stand for anything... Anybody knows?
  14. It looks as if they're trying to. When the very first image of the reboot that they choose to post looks like this, it's no wonder some fans might get concerned.
  15. I just read the article. Duff's being elusive... as expected. All this slyness gets me thinking something might actually come out of it all. But God, please don't let it be a single for that feminist Terminator movie.