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  1. Nope, there just finally updating us to prepare for the announcement tomorrow for the new album / tour. New AC/DC single being possibly released friday.
  2. Besides honoring Malcolm, the whole reason why in my opinion that Angus didn't continue with Axl & Slade was because he knew they wouldn't be pulling in as big of crowds without Brian, Phil & Cliff. Yes Brian didn't sound as good as the Black Ice tour, but hes still Brian Fucking Johnson who helped write the biggest selling rock album in history. People want to see the guys who helped shape that record and every one of their albums. Without Brian, Cliff & Phil it would just be a cover band with a hell of guitarist and a vocalist (Stevie plays well but it doesn't have that same feeling compared to Malcolm), besides that a shitty drummer, and a random bassist. Doesn't seem like AC/DC to me.
  3. Album wise, Mike Fraser said that it was project. Could be a double album, highly doubt it's a greatest hits or a best of, since Angus & Malcolm weren't really into those even though it was almost released in 1978 because of a contract with Atlantic Records, but the band & record company decided to release If You Want Blood. Also they know fans would be pissed if there favorite song wasn't on a greatest hits or best of, and that's why they've never done one.
  4. Saw it on Facebook that this guy posted (I dont if true, but makez sense), under Solo Dallas who owns the company / created the schaffer replica which Angus uses in the studio / live (Fortus uses it too). Solo dallas also said the announcement is real. So in total 2 people close to the band confirmed about the announcement on Wednesday.
  5. That 11/2/19 date could be true, it could be the start of the tour.
  6. Heard the 1st leg will be in Australia. 2 more days till announcement.
  7. https://m.facebook.com/story.php?story_fbid=10157352058802433&id=648957432&sfnsn=mo She's close to Angus, and in the know of the band. So brace for impact
  8. As much as I'm glad Brian's back, I'm mostly happy that Phil Rudd is back. Chris Slade is the Frank Ferrar of AC/DC in my opinion. I know he was the drummer at the time who helped bring AC/DC back in the charts in 1990 with the Razors Edge album, but damn his drumming had no groove n feel that Phil Rudd brought. It would've cool to see Phil play with Axl though, but having Brian back is awesome too. I thought Axl did pretty well with the band, and he helped change up the setlist with more Bon songs that haven't been in long time like Touch Too Much (last played Dec. 14 Nice France 1979) Live Wire (82), Riff Raff (96) Rock N Roll Damnation + If You Want Blood (03) Problem Child (01) Dog Eat Dog (09)
  9. There was an article last week from a france newspaper that said AC/DC will be playing there next year, the article is in French so I don't understand it, but someone on the AC/DC forums translated, and it said that there supposed to be playing there next year.
  10. This new rumor makes sense since last week there was rumor that there playing at Stade de France in 2020. I think if they announced the album / tour next Wednesday, we could get a new song next friday, and album released beginning/ middle of August.
  11. UYI - Boxset (wishlist)

    When I first starting getting into GNR, I listened to more of the demos / unreleased stuff of the 80s rather than Illusions era officially released songs, (gibbos if your reading this thanks for posting all those demos) I love the GNR rendition of Heartbreak Hotel (which I remastered and sounds like Civil War in terms of production), acoustic NR which I like better, all those demos from the AFD era were fucking killer, disappointed when some of those weren't on the boxset
  12. UYI - Boxset (wishlist)

    I was born in 01, the first exposure to GNR I had was my moms UYI I & II CDs, I dont remember what songs she actually played, but now typing it I kinda remember sitting in her 96 Jimmy and Axls rant in Get in the Ring which is something that a 3 year old probably shouldn't listen to Haha, but my parents were cool when it came to my music, hell my mom would blast Motley Crues Smokin in the Boys Room when she would pick me up from Pre School. Anyways flash forward to 2016, listened to Jungle n Paradise, heard Nightrain, then more, and now I'm here. All I gotta say is I'm glad I didn't have to put up with the Chinese Democracy wait, cause damn that must of been hell waiting for it, but atleast you all knew there was a album coming unlike what's going on now.
  13. UYI - Boxset (wishlist)

    1999 isn't really far off from when I was born but still though I'm probably the youngest on the form
  14. UYI - Boxset (wishlist)

    Got into GNR a few years ago around 2016, learned / read / listened to interviews, heard all there songs, I'm not that old, but unlike a lot of people my age I actually like real music by actually talented people, for a long time the only band I listened to was AC/DC heard all there 150+ studio songs a million times, needed something new
  15. UYI - Boxset (wishlist)

    Hey I was born after 99, and I'm not buying it.