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  1. I could see this, a boxset containing Back in Black (Obviously) and the Mutt Lange produced Live in Largo 1981, demos from the Back in Black line up (1980 - 1983, 1994 - 2019) and other live tracks. Call it the Rock and Roll Ain't Noise Pollution Boxset, honoring Bon & Malcolm.
  2. Fortus has brought out a Gretsch White Falcoln many times, hes used it on a lot of the Appetite material (Izzy recorded Appetite with a White Falcoln) some of the cover songs like Whole Lotta Rosie, & The Seeker. The White Falcoln usually is used for Rhythm guitar, and works alongside a Gibson Les Paul & a SG very well producing a good "thick" tone against a Les Paul.
  3. Again, nothing new. We've known about Stevie being the Rhythm guitarist since 2014 when Malcolm retired, and his contribution to the Rock or Bust album / tour. No idea why Dee is making a kind of big deal out of this now since the Malcolm tracks have been discussed since like Fall of 2018. If we do get an album, (its rumored they only recorded 7 songs or possibly more and at the moment its shelved) some of Mal's tracks were possibly recorded or atleast written by Malcolm and played on the record by Stevie just like Rock or Bust.
  4. Nothing new to what we've already known for the past year and a half....
  5. Does anybody know when Duff recorded the Ozzy album? Just trying to give me some hope of new GNR material, since Frank & Melissa have been quiet since the Vegas gigs, so who knows maybe there working there asses off in the studio (I actually laughed when I typed that lol).
  6. Shits just getting started.... to piss me off... For fucks sake give us a new album already.
  7. I'm gonna include Gilby & Paul in my list since they did contribute to a full album and tour with the band. 1. Slash 2. Buckethead 3. Bumblefoot 4. Robin 5. Izzy 6. Gilby 7. Fortus 8. Paul 9. Ashba Cant believe this band has had 9 guitars players...
  8. I bought the CD deluxe version a year ago only for Shadow of Your Love, but I will only buy the boxset if it drops down to 200 or possibly 250, even though I'm not into vinyl it still be cool to have and also the Mystic Studio demo tape.
  9. Still cant believe we've known about the album for 20 years, but the album is only 11 years old.
  10. Hardschool is more like classic GNR. I personally think Axl & Duff wrote it in '95 or '96 with it going toward that Jackie Chan movie, hence why Axl said the title was Jackie Chan. The only thing is the guitars dont really sound like Slash in my opinion. I know we think the lyrics are about Slash, but I think the lyrics are more about Izzy than Slash possibly why Slash is on board with rehearsing it...
  11. It honestly pisses me off that GNR hasn't released anything, Duff has done 2 albums, Slash n Dizzy 1, then Axl has done a song for fucking looney tunes. If GNR doesn't put out a new album next year my faith for new music will be just like how felt about AC/DC this whole year, disappointed as fuck.
  12. Lies

    I like Lies but it's the not best "album" compared to Appetite or the Illusions. You're Crazy & Patience are my favorite tracks from that double EP, the rest besides One in a Million are just decent I guess buy I dont like the fake crowd on the LLAS tracks (yes I do know why the fake crowd is mixed in) but I do like the Niven demos from Lies. Overall I'd rate it 6.5/10.
  13. General Chat / Random Musings

    Off topic, but so far my local radio station has played Hardschool, Used to Love Her & what I couldn't believe most, they just played One in a Million...
  14. Motley Crue, Def Leppard, and Poison 2020 Stadium Tour

    Hopefully Motley doesnt end up like Kiss and have like 5 farewell tours.
  15. Your best moments of this decade?

    For me the best part was graduating from high school this year and moving out (yes I'm young lol). For me the next decade will probably be the best decade in my life, I can finally drink legally lol, new GNR / AC/DC album (hopefully), get married and have kids. The next decade looks promising and hopefully better than this one.