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  1. So if Ax wrote a song...

  2. Estranged November Rain SCOM It’s so easy Street of dreams
  3. So if Ax wrote a song...

    Love and hate with a bit of psychosis.
  4. I thought the moonwalk was next. Maybe billie jean is their next cover.
  5. Yes. At this point the GNR brand equals nostalgia. Good for them I guess, they keep making money but it’s just that. Nothing of substance anymore.
  6. Why is he identified as Guns N Roses instead of manager? or hanger-on, band mascot or whatever....Unless I missed him at some point onstage playing the maracas with Axl, he’s never been in the band.
  7. Crap. That’s a very looong post just to say she was dealing with mental and physical health issues? Ok. Glad to know she’s back on fleek.
  8. I have like 45 new pages to read yet. Did something different/new happen?
  9. Me! That would be awesome.
  10. Ask Staff Anything!

    Hi. My messenger is disabled. I’m on mobile and can’t access a pc at the moment. Help? @RussTCB @janrichmond
  11. GNR Women's Discussion - Part 2

    Yeah. Don’t know what’s going on. I’ll ask a mod for help and I’ll let you know. Thanks!
  12. GNR Women's Discussion - Part 2

    Where did you read about that? I’ve read about their threesomes before but this 3-1 is new to me. Imagine the crazy gymnastics going on there, like circus acrobats.
  13. The Leak History

    LOL Not to be an asshole but you all involved in this mess are so so stupid a documentary should be made about it. You know a cautionary tale for other fans to never ever go to this level of dumbness. I just don’t know if it belongs on Comedy Central, TruTV or Lifetime.