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  1. OT and on a sidenote: I'd recommend the Oliver Stone interviews with Putin on Youtube.
  2. He's got all the right to tweet whatever he wants, but if he's so pissed about Trump maybe rumour is true about Axl running for president? I hear he's just warming up on Twitter. But seriously, every person has a right to voice their views (at least in the US, that's one thing I love about the US), but Axl Rose isn't a politician, he's a musician. If he's that fed up by politics, he shoud offer a thoughtful alternative instead of just pointing the finger at Trump and spreading negative energy like all left wing artists do - lots of noise, no content. Axl is a smart man and old enough, I'd just expect better from him both as a person and a public persona that what he's sharing on Twitter.
  3. Don't give him any ideas! Rumour has it Axl will run for president, hence all his tweets about Donald Trump. That's why he behaved in public during NITL tour and why everyone is so tight lipped about a new record - Axl will run for president. At least that's what I heard on Twitter.
  4. Duff To Play Charity Event

    You speak of Coldplay as if they were Nickelback. Chris Martin is one hell of a songwriter, just listen to "Violet Hill", "Talk" or "Me And Tennessee". If you like a good song and can't give these a nod just because they don't "rock" then you are deaf and braindead. He's no Richard Ashcroft but to be fair I've seen songwriters worse than Martin in the past 20 years. That Coldplay SOUND though is another thing, sort of the shallow side of mellow taylored to the zombie hipsters. Duff does the right thing in joining musicians outside the "classic rock" box every now and then. It's cooler than Axl singing with fucking Pink.
  5. Regarding Axl's Trump tweets I hate to do it but someone has to, so......SHUT THE FUCK UP AND SING!!!
  6. You are right about the definition of a ghost writer, but I think its understood that this isn't the case with any of these bands and people just use the term losely to zoom in on contributions from people who were not a member of the band. There's a difference though between someone from the outside joining in or contributing to the songwriting and a band recording basically finished material in their own arrangement like Aerosmith did.
  7. Richard is awesome and can play with anyone but he had much better chemisty with Robin Finck - and if you get Robin (most people dont), that alone speaks volumes about how awesome 4tus really is. The only musician to ever really complete Slash is Axl Rose on vocals.
  8. Never Aerosmith full on ghost writers, but friends liek Paul, West etc. helping out with ideas and stuff. With Izzy and Axl they basically had one of the best songwriter teams in rock. Izzy is like the solid ground to Axl artistry madness and Axl is the wings and fireworks to Izzys downearth rock and roll, its a shame these two dont work together anymore.
  9. Some of the best lyrics ever in the coda, prefer the Brian May demo over the final version. But then again, basically ALL Chinese songs are better in their 2002-ish versions. The album should have been released as it was back then. I never listen to the finished product when I want my CD fix put on the demos or live bootlegs from that era.
  10. Jesusmotherfuckingchrist why does he even comment on those questions?? First they cut out a song they once fought for and now it's no questions about this and none about that please but supporting and complying to a questionable political agenda censoring freedom of speech and thought as racist and sexism on the back of the entire bands legacy any time just to bend over for the mainstream for a little more attention? Fuck. That. Shit. I'm so sick of what corporate whore this whole enterprise has become. Wake me up when there's new music or Axl or Izzy have something to say, they seem to be the only ones with at least half a spine left.
  11. Bob Marley's original is thousand times more passionate, intense and haunting than Clapton's snooze fest. LALD would have been a better example. As for CD that song doesn't get me too excited but when I want to hear it I prefer it with Robin Finck and Buckethead on guitars. Slash made an effort when the tour kicked off but he became very boring the longer the tour went on.
  12. The last truly epic, bloated, daring, self indulgent rock albums ever made. I love 'em. Estranged, You Could Be Mine, Coma, Breakdown, November Rain, Locomotive...some pretty good music on these.
  13. Do people still like Rockers?

    A good song is a good song, no matter the style or genre. The problem today is that there's just not enough good songs because society has changed into this pc and compliance zombie bullshit where everyones mincing their words and wants to "fit in". Rock bands cater to form more than to content and songwriters went down the "likeable nice guy/girl" route with whiny or retro-ish hipster bullshit all the way form the UK to Nashville. I can't get excited about say Greta or Ed Sheeran for example, they have nothing to say and they can't sell nothing to me either - but many people think they are awesome. To me they are boring and unoriginal. Their lyrics are empty, the vocals lack edge and personality and the music is generic. Maybe that's a generation thing, I don't know. Mainstream rock music was buried with grunge, casting shows on TV put the final nail in the coffin of real singing and handmade original music and there was very little to reanimate it, it's all just go as "they" say or be retro and nostalgia. That's what I liked about CD, the album dared to explore and even when it failed at least it tried. Most bands/artists dont even try and audiences are very low demand now too. However, there's still plenty of good and original rock music out there, it's just not as popular and remains a niche. It won't change as long as people pay 300 bucks to see the Stones but think twice about spending 20 bucks on an up and coming band just because they are not popular. The labels are missed, instead of the AR and live scene dues gateway now everyone with enough money can buy their way into popularity and the audience just swallows whatever they are spoonfed unreflected. GNR will not save rock, they are old guys with nothing left to say, bending over to pc culture so they can roll into retirement as rich as possible. Rock needs a new punk movement to shine again but for that society would have to change too.
  14. GNR 2006 was one of the best live acts ever. RAR wasnt even their best show on that tour, just the only proshot released. I saw them with Izzy on that tour, absolutely fantastic. I'd take any pre-Ashba CD lineup over Izzy-less and Steven-less NITL lineup any day. VR I like the music and the musicians, but their concerts never did much for me, just like Audioslave lots of talent and really good music on stage but kinda blah live.
  15. 2018: CD Box Set or 2-CD Deluxe Edition with best of those sessions and Buckethead/Finck/Fotus/Ron on guitar but no Ashba 2019: New REAL Guns N' Roses album, preferably with Izzy and Steven for studio but Fortus is VERY welcome to add guiitars and song ideas for the album as well 2020: World Tour 2021: UYI Anniversary Box Set incl. documentary, pro shot concert (not Tokyo!) + Making Fucking Videos Part I, II and IV on DVD