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  1. Locomotive vs. Coma Live

    Why does it have to be either/or? Wouldn't it be cool if they'd do the first 60-90 minutes jam/festival atmosphere with the deep cuts, epics and some guest musicians and then half an hour or more if they want of the greatest hits for the average joe. Collect all cell phones at the entrance and in return hand out free weed for everyone. By the time PC comes up everbody crash some chairs and build an open fire of em in the middle of the venue for everyone to dance and mosh around it naked in circles chanting "take me hoooooome" - now THAT would be my idea of a rock concert. But seriously...starting a set with Locomotive, then Breakdown, then Coma and then the NITL version Rocket Queen would be so dope.
  2. Good summary, thanks for putting that up! The best part of that era was the mystery, the aura - and whenever you would attend a show, you could be sure to meet a good portion of hardcore fans there, not just casuals. I was very dissapointed when Ron joined, regardless his skill, talent and personality, he doesn't have the edge of Bucket and Robin, took me a long time to get over how normal he is and enjoy his contributions, but never enjoyed them as much as Bucket's - even though I never heard about Bucket before he joined GNR. I enjoyed him a lot in GNR and became a fan of his own work too.
  3. Without Wright I doubt they'd call it Pink Floyd, but them playing together for a good cause might not be out of the question, since the Pink Floyd reunion was for Live8, so...fingers crossed. From what I heard in the media, Waters is actually evaluating options for such a "wall gig" as stated in the other post. If it does happen and it becomes a bigger thing, GNR should join as none of them is a big Trump fan and especially Axl is quite up front about it. And they covered PF in their concerts, a lot actually. Just think of Axl and Slash joining Waters/Gilmour for a live version of ABITW...that would be just...wow. So many options...what are they waiting for? This idea is so much bigger and better than some Woodstock nostalgia.
  4. UCR best and worst Gn'R songs

    Actually, it's a Charles Manson song. Maybe that's why people dislike it. I think aside from being a psycho, Manson was quite a talented musician and songwriter, too bad he became "famous" in such horrible context and not for his music.
  5. UCR best and worst Gn'R songs

    Ok I'll join, just the best, can't keep it to just one...this is always fun AFD - Jungle, Brownstone, PC, SCOM, Rocket Queen Lies - Patience, OIAM (I see it more as an art piece and never got too hung up about the lyrics) and having heard MTTC acoustic version I would count that to the best the acoustic tracks as well) UYI I - NR, Dead Horse, Coma UYI II - Civil War, 14 Years, Yesterdays, Breakdown, Locomotive, Estranged, YCBM...their best album IMO TSI - I'll pass...love the idea, sound and production but prefer the originals over GNR covers CD - TWAT, Catcher, Sorry, Prostitute Covers - Don't let it bring you down, Sympathy, The Seeker (they do way too much covers and never dare to get really creative with them, but these are really good) Personal #1 favourite GNR song: Breakdown
  6. Tension in the early 2000's lineup

    There was an interview with Buckethead not too long ago where you could hear him speak as his real self, the actual person behind the act - came across a pretty normal and quite sane dude, nothing too freaky at all. Edit: found the link -
  7. Just checked the news...Roger Waters seems to like the idea too.
  8. Tension in the early 2000's lineup

    Lol...in context yes I do, he sure is more of an authority than say Dizzy or whoever was playing guitar in that lineup.
  9. Tension in the early 2000's lineup

    It all comes down to bad management and weak (if any) leadership. The only ones in that lineup with leader quality were Axl and Tommy, so perhaps Tommy might have gone a little too bootcamp on the freak-section of that lineup when Axl wasn't around. Robin and Bucket...their overall approach in GNR was actually kinda similar - both are expressionists and have cultivated their own unique "act", while at the same time not even trying to copy Slash. I loved that lineup, still do. The musicanship was absolutely excellent.
  10. Axl's last public message to the world was "That's all folks!" Anyone made the effort to play "Rock The Rock" backwards? I wouldn't be surprised if there's a hidden message there.
  11. I remember all the girls got UYI I first because it had November Rain. And the boys got UYI II first because it had YCBM. Our pocket money wasn't that much back then, so for kids a CD was a serious purchase, most afford only about one or two per month. So we traded and connected through / because of the music, talked about the lyrics, interpreted the meaning of the music videos and begged our parents to let us go to a concert. Music had so much more value in so many ways back then. You had to pick and make a decision, so you didn't just consume and paid more attention to the art. If I could go back in time it would definetely be before the internet, life was very different until the mid/late 90's.
  12. There was only one Woodstock. Honorable mention for the 90's version as it had good music and the audience wasn't completely braindead back then. GNR played Freddie Mercury tribute couple of years ealier, hard to top that one with a warmed up Woodstock. If GNR want to do something cool, they could bring together some quality dinosaur acts (Stones, AIC, Elton John, Van Halen, Neil Young, Tool, NIN, Aerosmith...) for a good cause instead of their lead singer going amok on fuckin Twitter. Install a big ass stage at the border of Mexico, then play two concerts back to back on each side of the border. And top it off with inviting Donald Trump. THAT would kick some serious ass and have meaning. Fuck I could even see Page/Plant and Waters/Gilmour joining that one just for shits and giggles. THAT would be epic. But another "Woodstock"? Come on...
  13. Perhaps not for everyone (I'll definetely pass on this one ) but in case your hungover and want some live music...this german TV channel streams some concert videos today incl. an hour of GNR's "Appetite for Democracy". Happy new year everyone! http://www.3sat.de/page/?source=/musik/198610/index.html