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  1. What is your quintessential Guns N' Roses song?

    You Could Be Mine / Sweet Child O' Mine Don't know why or how to explain but for me this is THE Guns N' Roses sound. Their best songs for me though are Breakdown and Estranged.
  2. Wow that was a low point for GNR. Trump is the only president in a long time who didn't start a war while in office. Instead, he is the first to ever sit down with North Korea and negotiate. What did Obama do? What did Bush do? If Hillary would have won the election, millions of people would have died by now!!! As for the wall...well, maybe Axl wants to donate some of his rockstar millions for the unemployed and working poor already living in the US or just host some more refugees in his rockstar mansion himself? Maybe he wants to build houses? Maybe he has jobs for everyone or the key to world peace? Feel free to come up with IDEAS instead of these lame rockstar antics. I thought Axl was smarter than how he comes across regarding Trump. He must have personal beef with him, but even if he doesn't respect Trump he could at least respect the president. There are millions of people living on the street in the US, people have three or more jobs to get by because of the low wages and our little rockstar millionaire has nothing better to do than to chime in on mainstream media brainwashing and bashing the pesident of the US who is seriously trying to fix the mess Obama left him. Go and run for president yourself Axl and see what you can do to get people jobs, keep the economy going, better the health care and educational system and not start WW3 with North Korea/China/Russia. Good luck! Seriously dissapointed, what a lame and negative way of taking sides. Hey Axl music should UNITE people not divide them like politics and make them beat puppets with crickets on stage!!! So dissapointed. Seems like his musical talent really is the only thing left to admire Axl for.
  3. I assume it's going to be mostly Chinese leftovers, Slash and Duff recording some parts, perhaps adding 1-2 songs each, then band practise, then another tour. Could be better, could be a lot worse. At this point I'm just grateful for a new GNR album regardless when it was written. As long as Axl is singing and doing the songwriting I want to hear it. If Slash plays guitar on it, even better.
  4. On a sidenote...I don't think people like Eddie Van Halen, Mick Jagger, Bruce Springsteen, Stevie Wonder, Paul McCartney, Slash and many more grade a world class superstars would have worked and performed with him in public if they would have heard or noticed anything disturbing regarding his relation to children. If anyone's interested, look up what Macauley Culkin and Corey Feldman had to say about Jackson. As for conspiracy theories, listen to the "History" album from 1995 and pay attention to the lyrics.
  5. The FBI investigated for years and could not come up with evidence, during his lifetime instead of buying his way out MJ faced all these accusations in person, in public and in court and he was aquitted of all charges, walking out a free man and probably rightly so. Let the man rest in peace.
  6. Alright, this is kinda...different. But please hear me out. This is not to harm the band, their music or anyone. And it's not some silly joke either. I'm actually a big fan of the album, but I did a spooky experiment a friend of mine came up with. She did this with books, writings and photos to test the energy of people and then I decided to try it with music recordings...I was shocked! So if you want to try for yourself, you need a copy of CD and a copy of AFD, and these need to be legally obtained regular original copies. Now take your copy of "Chinese Democracy" (just the vinyl, tape or CD) and put in on a glass of fresh and clean water over night. Take another glass of the same water and cover it with a copy of AFD. The next morning the water covered with CD will taste stale compared to the water covered with AFD. Now put a fresh flower in each glass of water and let it sit there for a day until sundown. The flower in the glass covered with AFD will be unaffected or even bloom. The other flower in the CD glass will pale or even wither. The experiment can be taken futher but I stopped there as I found this very spooky. If you try this for yourself and taste the CD water first better make sure you have some of the AFD water right after. Now my questions: Could there be some dark energy attached to the album, captured in he music and its resonance and could this be the reason for, to put it nicely...a lot of things surrounding that album? The CD tour was fairly successful (though on small to mid-level and often chaotic but still) while the setlist was AFD heavy and the more CD songs they added the more it went downhill. Why didn't they play the CD songs note by note on the NITL tour? Why TIL never came out right on that tour but came out great on the others? It's not Axl's voice as he did fine on many other and some even more challenging songs such as Coma and stuff. Also both Buckethead and Bumble got sick AFTER they left GNR and played CD songs. DJ Ashba was fine and so is Slash but like Slash he never played the songs note by note, not to get into talent, just saying these two did not play them "correctly" and are fine while Bucket and Ron did and became sick (bless them). Do you think the band is aware of all this? I mean this can't be conincidence, seriously WTF is going on with the energy of this album? Now I don't know about you but I'm not longer putting on CD in my house until an exorcist cleanses my copy. And I'm a fan of that album! But now I'm just scared of it.
  7. I think they did too many covers in recent years, but still I enjoy a good cover every once in a while. How about you? Should they drop covers, play even more or just try different ones? Of the covers they did, my favourite is "Don't Let It Bring You Down", originally by Neil Young, such a good song. Least favourite? "Black Hole Sun", nice tribute to Chris Cornell and all, but not very creative. I think most of their covers are way too close to the original. Would love to see them give a great and perhaps lesser known song a GNR treatment. Any ideas?