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  1. Great audience...and some really good cameras they have But man Axl looks so tired and fed up with all this, no doubt he's making the effort for the audience but for the most part the whole band just seems to be going through the motions by now. Absolutely no edge whatsoever anymore, just a machine, a streamlined product - every show is just like the other, the only difference is Axl's form of the day. Maybe they really should take a little break and then go into the studio, cut the sets down to 2 hours and come back fresh and with a little more energy. On a sidenote...did Slash ever even listen to what Robin Finck was doing on CD? What he plays on "Better" ain't bad but that song has a totally different (and awesome!) guitar solo. What happened to slides, bends and emotion? He's just shredding like a motherfucker, he doesn't even sound like himself anymore. Same goes for Estranged and November Rain, just emotionless noodling. Has everyone forgotten how absolutely fantastic these guitar solos once sounded?
  2. 11/08/18 - Jakarta, Indonesia

    In a good way, more like impressed/surprised perhaps? Or maybe he was just like fuck we should have filmed this properly for a DVD. He's been going through the motions with NR for a while and then one night thousands chant along and bring back the magic into the whole thing. Call me crazy, but for me that little clip is the best part of the entire NITL tour. Put away the cell phones, bring out the lighters again and sing along on top of your lungs = make rock music great again.
  3. 11/08/18 - Jakarta, Indonesia

    Wow! This is how it should be done when Axl struggles vocally - the fans take over. Axl seems to be irritated at least, perhaps just moved by the crowd. Not up there with AC/DC River Plate but hey...THIS is what every GNR show should be like. Now I undertsand why GNR play in Jakarta - those people are awesome.
  4. They can keep touring all they want, always good to see them live, I just wish they'd put out some new music.
  5. Never bought a single piece of merch, just some books and collected up to 40 bootlegs over the years. Maybe that's why the box set is so uninteresting to me. Never bought a single piece of merch, just some books and collected up to 40 bootlegs over the years. Maybe that's why the box set is so uninteresting to me.
  6. Yeah, probably. But ain't that a shame? You could give Slash or Richard an album and they might or might not play it or even add their own ideas to it that might or might not complete the whole thing. You give Izzy four chords and you have an album. That's the difference. I don't know about Axl's modus, but I suppose when he sits down at the piano for one night without the intention to rule the world and reinvent wheel, he might have an album too - and not a shabby one. It's just so depressing to see all this great talent and potential going nowhere because everyone cares more about the packaging and fireworks to sell it. Someone call Rick Rubin - he might be the only one to ever get us a new GNR album.
  7. Discussions like these... but I'll join in anyway because they are so fun I like ALL players in GNR except DJ Ashba! Slash is best for classic GNR. Period. His tone compliments Axl's voice like no other, but he's a bit too up his own arse by now, Angus could be his daddy and still kicks the living shit out of him, that's just sad cause Slash should be kicking say Gretas asses if you catch my drift. So much for "legend". Lazy fucker he is, perfect for Axl. Buckethead is actually more of a one-trick-pony than a true virtuoso - but I like that trick, perhaps the most emotional shredder I've ever heard, great for getting high or blasting on headphones when out in nature but kinda dull everywhere else. I love some of his solo stuff where the influence of Paul Gilbert is not as prominent and more of his personal side comes out in the music, i.e. Colma, Population Override, Electric Sea, Look Up There - that's some crazy good music, not just good playing. Ron is the most technically skilled but his tone kinda sucks. Robin is just too sensitive and artsy for a mainstream act like GNR. I enjoyed their contributions to GNR though - different and sometimes a bit of a mismatch to the classcis, but very interesting for the CD material. Richard is too much of a gear nerd and doesn't have not enough confidence, lots of acting, he should hang with Jerry Cantrell for a bit, could do wonders for his overall coolness. So overall, yeah for classic GNR I'm going with Slash. But right now? I'd trade each and everyone of 'em for Izzy. GNR doesn't need more guitar solos. GNR needs more songs.
  8. pink floyd (wish you were here, division bell), buckethead (population override), beatles (sgt pepper), john barry (bond theme and anything bond-esque), led zeppelin (presence) of course not exactly the cd sound but kinda similar sounds and moods there, guess axl might have taken a page or two out of these
  9. GNR Bootlegs On YouTube

    just imagine gnr offering selected soundboard recordings of historical shows from back in the day along with a selection of the best of the cd and nitl tours oh yeah i forgot thats gnr they are a bRand not a band so why should they release any music whatsoever
  10. one "journalist" takes slash recent remarks about a general possibility for a new album, gets a little too excited or takes it out of context and every other "journalist" else just copiy/paste that shit. i wonder how anyone could ever get pumped about a gnr record ever again given the histrory and track record of the band.
  11. OT and on a sidenote: I'd recommend the Oliver Stone interviews with Putin on Youtube.
  12. He's got all the right to tweet whatever he wants, but if he's so pissed about Trump maybe rumour is true about Axl running for president? I hear he's just warming up on Twitter. But seriously, every person has a right to voice their views (at least in the US, that's one thing I love about the US), but Axl Rose isn't a politician, he's a musician. If he's that fed up by politics, he shoud offer a thoughtful alternative instead of just pointing the finger at Trump and spreading negative energy like all left wing artists do - lots of noise, no content. Axl is a smart man and old enough, I'd just expect better from him both as a person and a public persona that what he's sharing on Twitter.
  13. Don't give him any ideas! Rumour has it Axl will run for president, hence all his tweets about Donald Trump. That's why he behaved in public during NITL tour and why everyone is so tight lipped about a new record - Axl will run for president. At least that's what I heard on Twitter.
  14. Duff To Play Charity Event

    You speak of Coldplay as if they were Nickelback. Chris Martin is one hell of a songwriter, just listen to "Violet Hill", "Talk" or "Me And Tennessee". If you like a good song and can't give these a nod just because they don't "rock" then you are deaf and braindead. He's no Richard Ashcroft but to be fair I've seen songwriters worse than Martin in the past 20 years. That Coldplay SOUND though is another thing, sort of the shallow side of mellow taylored to the zombie hipsters. Duff does the right thing in joining musicians outside the "classic rock" box every now and then. It's cooler than Axl singing with fucking Pink.
  15. Regarding Axl's Trump tweets I hate to do it but someone has to, so......SHUT THE FUCK UP AND SING!!!