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  1. #WokeAxl

    This. Or just put some LSD into the water supply for a day and for everyone, the world will be a better place.
  2. Rumors of Izzy & Steven returning?

    No, more like people who listen to Bob Dylan, Neil Young and The Beatles.
  3. Rumors of Izzy & Steven returning?

    In a way, the whole thing has become a rather cold operation, might work to bring in the money and make the vanilla crowd happy but other than that and in the long run? They sell everything that seperated them from the bands they once crushed and for a brief moment put them on a level with bands like the Stones, Aerosmith and Zeppelin. I remember when Page and Plant did that Unplugged thing in the 90's and toured without Jones, it was a success and fans loved it but it was nothing like the actual reunion concert, both when it comes to the quality of the music and the receiption of the audience. They will be remembered for that, not for unledded. If GNR don't want the artistically half assed NITL tour be their last statement they better start thinking long and hard and act accordingly. What they just don't see is that Izzy is the one who gets the nerds, the bloggers, the hipsers, the writers, the music journalists...basically everyone who isn't too excited about poster boys and just appreciates good music and good songwriting will be on their side then. I admit most casuals don't give a shit, but do you know any actual music fan who hates Izzy Stradlin? I don't. He is the SOUL of this band and to a level you can say that about Adler too. If they travel in their own planes and have seperate hotels anyway they might as well do it the right way for the sake of the musical chemistry wich is undeniably pissing on everything they did solo or side wise after the original lineup. Have a look at the boost Adler gave them when he guested on two songs, that was just crazy, everyone was playing better and the energy was just insane. They could keep Frank and Richard around as wild cart players just in case but to not bring the full reunion is just stupid on so many levels. I believe if they sit down with Izzy and Steven and treat them with respect they could find an arrangement, not gonna happen when TB is involved though. They did a world of good for Axl but they were not around in the old days. They just don't get "it".
  4. Rumors of Izzy & Steven returning?

    It's all about the money, Izzy and Steven don't draw so many crowds to justify the payment they earn (and probably, rightfully, demand) so financially for GNR it makes no difference, might as well go with Fortus and Frank who are doing a solid job, are nice people and professional/reliable touring members because as long as Slash and Axl are on stage then for most concert audience all is good and it's GNR. Sad state of affairs but if you have to pay ex wives and entourage there's probably not enough left to pay original members.
  5. UYI - Boxset (wishlist)

    "Making Fucking Videos" Parts I-IV on DVD please
  6. Regarding the original question: It might depend on the venue and the size of the crowd, you could try and either hang in there for a bit or just wait at the stage door outside. Good luck!
  7. Just a thought for all you guys saying "oh it's private don't bash the band" - you are wrong, it's not. We're talking about the original drummer of one of the biggest rock bands of all time who was a crucial part of one of the greatest rock albums ever. This is not private, it's public cultural interest - or else USA Today, Rolling Stone etc. wouldn't report about it. Unless Steven explicitly asked them to refrain from acknowledging it in public, the band being radio silent on this looks like absolute shit to me. But if that's who they are then so be it. Let's hope it was just an accident and Steven will recover soon.
  8. Any news outlet reporting suicide attempt without Steven himself, his family, the doctors or authorities confirming that is just full of shit.
  9. I hope so. But to not somewhat acknowledge it in public/social media somehow makes them look kinda lame, at least to me.
  10. If you type Steven Adler in Google news it's all over the media today "Guns n' Roses drummer in hospital" - meanwhile on GNR social media...crickets. They could at least wish him a speedy recovery.
  11. Get well soon Steven! Kitchen knife in one hand, glass of wine in the other, dog in the way, slipping - BOOM! Could actually just be nothing but an accident.
  12. NITLT 8 New dates Announced

    That place in Vegas is where Elton John and Celine Dion had their residencies, right? Looks like a nice venue, but rather small for the GNR production. Maybe that's where the high prices come from? I think it's great they are active and playing concerts, but it sucks that there is no new music yet. I hope they at least gonna test the waters for a new song or two during these shows.
  13. Good interview and the first time Slash said something of actual substance regarding a new album. Things have just gotten a lot more interesting.
  14. Not only is there no new music to speak of, now it's active revisionism to please pc culture full on. The more I see from the "reunion", the more I miss the CD years. What a joke this brand has become.