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  1. Rank The Songs on LIES

    1. One In A Million 2. Patience 3. You're Crazy 4. Move To The City 5. Reckless Life 6. Nice Boys 7. Used To Love Her 8. Mama Kin The acoustic version of MTTC would be #2 after OIAM and before Patience, but I see why they left it out as that verison sound more like The Doors (LA Woman era that is) than GNR. Come to think of it, they should make their own LA Woman type of album, now that would kick ass.
  2. I don't hang with people who have shitty taste in music anymore so except for a few co-workers everyone in my circle is at least a casual fan of the classic lineup. Bonus points for people who appreciate CD.
  3. It really depends on the venue and the type of crowd and the bands. For GNR I was front row only once, but went back a few lines after the first songs to stand more comfortable and even dance a bit. At another concert they had those wristbands and made sure the FOS was not too crowded, so you could go pee or get drinks and get back in to pole position or a similar spot just fine.
  4. Nice work putting that together, that time was when GN'R was of actual cultural and social relevance.
  5. Most of the classic material is in Eb/D# already and some of CD is even lower, not that much room to tune down actually. To my ears, the frequency seperation is a mess on this tour, leaving Axl stuck between going underneath or scream all the way above. With a pace and rhythm section like that they could tune the guitars down to C all the way and stil he'd struggle. AC/DC are in standard and he sang the fuck out of these, but unlike Guns that band has a proper rhythm section and crystal clear frequency seperation. Instead of tuning down just call Steven Adler - problem solved. The guy tunes his drums properly and cherry picks the right frequencies on his kit for the vocal and guitar parts so that bass and rhythm fill up the rest. I don't know when they lost their feel and hearing, but if they really want it the way they do it now they definetely lost some of it.
  6. Alright, thanks for your replys everyone. My 2 cents: Nope, nada, not in this lifetime. I'd rather listen to Slash tune his guitar or Axl warming up on the piano than having them do yet one more cover. Enough is enough, it's time for new music.
  7. Favorite post 93 version of Axl

    Overall for ambition, edge, vocals and looks all combined 2006, but his vocal peak imo was in 2010.
  8. I think he became more sophisticated if that makes any sense, but the confidence and guitar-god-like status doesn't always result in the best music. For me, Slash is all about tone and feel, less about tech. His noddling nowadays is a huge letdown as for me it's always been about the notes he does not play and how he expresses the ones he does play.
  9. Angus does a lot live in one take actually. Axl is more like the Gilmour type, doing loads of takes, picking the best parts and from there on go record everything bar by bar (sometimes phrase by phrase even) for the best possible outcome - wich at the end of the day is not better than the first live take, just more sterile.
  10. First I think the band has all the right to protect their copyright and all. But look at how other established acts treat their fansbase and compare that to GN'R. There is no official "channel" to communicate, no spokesperson, everything is hush-hush, closed circle or no communication at all - resulting in hearsay, lies, rumours and bored people doing stupid shit hurting the band and other fans when in the end all of them have one thing in common that should unite all: they passionately love the band and their music. From the outside, it looks more like a take the money and run situation, yet when you meet them in person they turn out to be really nice people who actually seem to care for their fans. So why not just organise it all a bit better, open up a bit more and in that control and eventually dry the swamp of bullshit in a much nicer and effective manner? The way they go about it now makes all the "real" fans suffer for loving the band as just because they don't feel like dealing with the bs they shut everything down. I don't get it. They make it all too hard for everyone. Guess it comes with the territory of letting friends and family handle the business? I don't know any other band in the history of music that has a more strained relationship with their hrdcore fans. Just relax everyone, it might take away a bit from the mistique but it might take everything to the next level and sustain much nicer into the future.
  11. They don't seem to eager to release new original music any time soon, so how about a cover album? The current lineup, in the studio, 10 tracks cut and dry no bull. Would you be in for that? Would you buy that CD?
  12. Atlas Shrugged because I'd like to hear what type of insiration he might have drawn from Ayn Rand's philosophy. If musicially it's anything like Catcher In The Rye I think we might be in for a real treat there.
  13. I could tell you a funny story about this song, but I'm afraid of getting my ass handed to me, better save that for a rainy day in a free and sane world. I think it deserves to be on any GNR "best of" as its one of their strongest and most complex art pieces ever. Good to see it on Spotify. People should hear this now more than ever as it makes them think and discuss.
  14. Assurez-vous de goûter au Château Barrail!