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  1. Anything regarding a new album, I believe it when I hear it from Axl and no one else, and even then I will remain very sceptical until I actually hear new music. Fact is GNR have concerts booked later this year, if they don't debut a new song or Axl at least mention on stage that he is working on a new album with the band it's most likely never going to happen. All those interviews are just boring and dreadful, for the musicians and for the fans. Let the music do the talking.
  2. Eric Clapton doing covers is the definition of snoozefest, always sounds like he has too much respect for the originals, same with his I Shot The Sheriff cover, such a powerful and gritty song from Bob Marley and he turned it into a cocktail version. Come to think of it, GNR doing Marley would be fucking awesome.
  3. GNR version was great until they bloated it up to a 20 minute wankfest and singalong. I like how they did it at the Marquee in London in 1987, amazing live version, powerful and to the point.
  4. Foo Fighters ain't no better than Nickelback. If their lead singer would not have been in a band with Kurt Cobain, no one would give a shit and rightly so. Decent drummer though and seems to be a nice person. But as a singer/songwriter I just can't take the guy seriously, too bland, too mediocre, too "likeable", no edge.
  5. Even though I do not agree with the author, I can somewhat see where this article is coming from - or at least I'm trying to see that. As a fan of GNR it's easy and comfortable for me to understand how one could love the band and their music. But I can also see why one would not like it. But then why write about them? Why doesn't the author even try and hook me onto a fresh and intesting new artist from his generation or taste instead of taking the piss on a beloved band of mine for the sake of taking a piss? It's not even reflective, progressive or funny, just a waste of time and energy. I'm not a fan of Metallica, but that doesn't mean I hate them. It's just that I could easily think of a million better topics to write an article about. I don't think anything I could say or write about Metallica would make sense or have any value. I don't care for them, I don't understand them and I don't have enough interest in them to wrap my head around their art enough to come up with an article of any substance. That's why I'm not writing articles about Metallica. But hey that's just me.
  6. I'm 42 and to me it looks like an awesome festival, a handful of big names and lots of unknown bands I have never heard of to discover live in person - what's not to like? I wish they'd do festivals like that in Europe.
  7. That particular amp leans more towards the AFD signature sound. Given how Slash shouldn't have no problem to bring/find any amp and Axl probably has some pretty decent gear around the house too, I take it as he either wants to continue something that's been worked on before or he wants to bring the signature guitar sound of vintage GNR. Good luck laying that down without Izzy and Steven though. Intresting choice of gear nonetheless. Slash when on tour is gonna be bombarded with questions about that session anyway, so they might as well open up for a bit and admit they are working on a new album.
  8. So it's Saturday...anyone camping around Axl's house, videos, photos, audio files...anything?? Would be so cool if Axl and Slash came out after recording just chatting with fans for a bit, confirming they work on a new album together, that thing would probably go viral on the net.
  9. Even if he doesn't play concerts with GNR, Steven recording drums live in one take will make the whole song/album ten times better than anything Frank could come up with. If Izzy's involved, chances are we might get proper songwriting as well and end up with something that actually sounds and feels like GNR. Fingers crossed.
  10. Slash recording at Axl's = best news of the day. Bring it on!
  11. Axl late - better performance? Axl on time - meh (unless he sings in AC/DC)? Thoughts?
  12. The rolling out of bed and going through the motions Axl - yes. The well rehearsed Axl - no fuckin way.
  13. NITL Tour DVD/Blu Ray ?

    Unless they come up with a new album or reunite the AFD lineup, a NITL-DVD will hurt ticket sales for upcoming shows rather than push sales. And since they are already looking into more shows without any sign of a new album or even just one fucking new song I doubt they gonna release a DVD. Usually, an artist releases a DVD after a tour to wrap thing up and make room for a new production with a new album, new setlist, new arrangements. Guns will be touring greatest hits until the end. No new album, new new direction, no change of tone or style, just the same going through the motions over and over again.
  14. What is your quintessential Guns N' Roses song?

    You Could Be Mine / Sweet Child O' Mine Don't know why or how to explain but for me this is THE Guns N' Roses sound. Their best songs for me though are Breakdown and Estranged.