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  1. its missin the screams in oh my god. A very well hiddem easter egg, tho.
  2. So, based in this, i've decided to create a discussion thread for Chidem easter eggs.
  3. The Gear Thread

    Here in brazil, when it comes to music, everything is VERY expensive. There's marshall's amps that costs the same as new car (Around 20k U$$). And we are not even talking about the worst gibson or epiphone you can get, that costs the same as motorbike. Thus said, I have to play in studios, 'cause in long terms, they're much more cheaper than the cheapest fender (amp or guitar) that you can find here ('round 1k U$$) So, my type of sound is very doomish, sounds a lot like The Obsessed with flavours of Black Sabbath and even Electric Wizard. I love to play in Orange CR120 Pro, 'cause they have the sound I want to hear, very fuzzy, 70's sound-a-like. But sometimes, I'm "obliged" to play in Marshall JCM 900, wich doesn't sound as good as an orange, IMO. Marshall's and Laney's are very "stuffy" for my ears. I like it dark, I like it fuzzy, but I also want to hear EVERYTHING my guitars can make, and so, I want it to be very clear, in therms of Treble to Low Range. Speakin' about it, I have 2 guitars. One is an Epiphone Les Paul Special I, 2001. With gotoh tunning system equiped, she's never out of tune. I know, everyone talks shit about this model, but the thing is : Yes, it doesn't sound as loud as a Gibson, or even Epi LP Standard, but it has a VERY BLUESY sound. I have one friend that said it was the worst guitar ever, i gave him the guitar, and within' five minutes, he said that was actually, pretty good. Unfortunatelly, she's not that loud to play what i want to play, so i had to buy another guitar, wich an English "Golden GSD". They actually took a gibson SG, made an exact copy, and then, changed the headstock and pickups, and there you go. It sounds as good as any other SG, and is loud as fuck, specially with wilkinson humbuckers and Andreas Kisser's (Sepultura) strings.
  4. Shit, misssed the bonus tracks. But it sounds cool as fuck! now we can compare his 80's vocals with his late 90's.
  5. No one really told me when, I was alone, they just tought i know be....HEY, HEY, HEY, SECURITY PUNKHEAD!!!
  6. Always remember : Ashba is better than the old one. (/ironic)
  7. "It is speculated that Slash, who left GN'R to form Slash's Snakepit, will be watching the show in Rock in Rio 3 and will be able to participate in the presentation of his former group. Slash said in interviews that it's possible, and it only depends on Axl, since he will play in Argentina around the same days, and will be keen to watch the Guns N 'Roses show in Rio." https://www1.folha.uol.com.br/folha/ilustrada/ult90u8657.shtml
  8. Those kinda of info's never reach this side of the world, I think Anyway, tks for the reply.
  9. Where he said it? still waiting for the reply.
  10. Dunno about the others, but in the brazillian AFD Vinyl, there was that famous part "with your bitch slappin' rappin'...." underneath the lyrics.
  11. "....'cause i can't take it...." HE'S IN MY ASS, THAT'S WHERE SLASH IS, FUCKHEAD, GO HOME!" It should be part of the lyrics, like the nevermind in SOD.
  12. so, someone can do it with the Sweet Child O' Mine 99?
  13. REQUEST - Midi Pinball Machine Files

    A couple years ago, on GNRtruth.com, an user uploaded the midi files for the pinball machine, released in 1994. As far as i know, there's "new" vocals for WTJ, and Aint Going Down, as well as an instrumental for paradise city. Does anyone around here has a download link for it? I remember that the last name of the files were "_LEGACY"
  14. Chinese Democracy piano sheets?

    there's an idea of how the prostitute piano is in songsterr. Also, there's if softwares where you can download a GP5 and transform it into a sheet.