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  1. Can't wait not to hear the new album again!
  2. "a small group of African witch doctors chanting quietly in unison, as Yanni's greatest hits were played in the background."
  3. This has been speculated over the years, and even was an explanation for his vocal changes from 93 to 96, to 98, from 99 to 01, and mostly, for the 2006 - 2010 era. But what evidence do we have? besides the day and night differences on his voice. I mean - Do we have interviews? articles? whatever?
  4. It leaked Aug 16, by a guy named jm45, who has also uncirculated soundboards from 1985. He was involved with me and some other guys, and also the only one left with the VMA 2002 in it's entirety. History was that he (the guy with VMA) was asking 10k for the whole thing, and we were thinking 'bout croundfunding, but we had virtualy no proof that he had it. So, he sent us the 5 second clip. We received it in 20 July, 2018. Then, when he realized that we WANTED IT, he sent us the 44 second clip. And then, Judas Iscari....oh, I mean, Jm45, leaked it on discord, and now everybody has it. Thanks to redpanda clan and especially, for jm45. Oh no, I said too much. I Haven't said it all. Both are fake. """TIL 03""" is just the normal TIL we have with a louder bass. Bullshit.
  5. UCR best and worst Gn'R songs

    Oh this is a fun one: AFD Best: It's So Easy² Worst: You're Crazy Lies Best: One in a Million. (The best one was the demo, anyway.) Worst: Reckless Life. (To think that we almost got that SOYL that came out last year for this.) UYI 1 Best: November Rain Worst: Bad Apples (Y this song exists, anyway?) UYI 2 Best: Estranged Worst: Pretty Tied Up / My World TSI? Best: Ain't if Fun Worst: Human Being CD Best: Prostitute (My all time favorite GN'R Song. Was, still Is, and it'll ever be.) Worst: Scraped (Worst intro in the history of music) GNR's Magnvm Opvs : Estranged. GNR's Worst One : Human Being.
  6. Robin Finck pissed off

    "There were many sound problems early on in the show, with Axl often leaving the stage while the band continued to play. Tommy sang almost all of ‘Oh My God.’ Robin also threw his guitar down during ‘Oh My God,’ obviously enraged by the problems."
  7. Just fantastic. But hey, didn't GN'R formed with Ole Beich n' Tracii Guns first?
  8. Axl Rose on Looney Tunes episode w/new song

    Just listened to it in HQ. Fantastic, That's what I wanna say.
  9. The Drummer dictates the rhytm, and may influence in the guitar n' will for sure influence in the bass. He'll Influence, not dictate. Simplicity in the music sometimes means you don't have that much knowledge in what you're playing, like where to add a note or two that'll change the sound of what you're playing, a circle of fifhts (if you're playing guitar) or a simple fill (in case you're in the drums). Sometimes, less is more, indeed. Dragonaut has a two note riff that I consider THE BEST OF ALL HISTORY. But, comparing Adler to Matt Sorum is like comparing a Playstation 1 Controler to a Play4's one. On the bands, yeah...Stones, The Who and last but not least Led Zeppelin are very drummer based, specially Led Zeppelin, wich their "heavyness" was Bonzo. But Take Sabbath for example - No Doubt that Appice and Cozy Powell were better than Bill. And then, I can agree that Adler n' bill have something in common - They make us feel like the band is complete, whatever they were the best or not. IMO, drums are the heart of the band, but not their bones. Some of my riffs are only brought to life by the drums.
  10. Drums were always the least important part in this band. GN'R without duff is a bad idea, GNR without Slash is not as good GN'R without Izzy doesn't go anywhere. GN'R without Axl is something beyond imaginable but who cares about the drums? SCOM has drums that even a child can play. I don't even play the drums and i know how to play this song IMHO the best were Matt Sorum n' Mantia, but even they didn't manage to be a cornerstone in the band. One thing i might add is that Ferrer doesn't sound as heavy as Cooper's drummer, nor for ozzy's one.
  11. What Are You Listening To 2019

    To turn your head n' your desk into a vibrating mass. Once I Jammed with Satan, And still, Electric Wizard sounded heavier than it.
  12. (people) They'd be Cool for the first weeks or so. After that, they'd come back to the old "oh, ziz bandz zucks" kind of thing...
  13. Chinese Democracy II. I'd rather listen to The General and Atlas Shrugged than have slash back.