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  1. 1 year ago, 22segs of Checkmate and 1 Min of Atlas Shrugged came out. 
    Good Days.

  2. So, APPARENTLY, that WTJ that leaked last year was supposed to come out on a movie called "Blackhawk Down"


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    2. rocknroll41


      Yup, that’s what that was for!

    3. NeonKinight


      I believe that there were rumors stating that This I Love would come out in 1998 in "What Dreams May Come", but I never found sufficient proofs of that.

    4. rocknroll41


      I heard about that as well.

  3. Admins : Is it allowed to ask for Tabs for the leaked songs? 

  4. I'm assuming that YCBM, WTJ and My Michelle are in E Dorian. Whether i'm wrong or not, i'm looking forward to learn more about it.

  5. do we have proofs that "Always on the run" was meant to be a GNR song?

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    2. soon


      Sorry that the flowing doesnt connect to the source interviews. But these quote, found at the bottom of this page, are ones that I remember reading previously. If accurate they are Slash confirming that it was a Guns tune but Steven couldnt play it (in Slashs estimation) 


    3. rocknroll41


      Oh wow! Never knew about that! Thanks for sharing @soon

    4. NeonKinight


      That website is GOLD! Thanks man! =D

  6. I'm both disgusted and displeased with my own country.
    And it's a feeling I don't wish upon my worst enemy.

  7. I can't stand Brazil anymore. 
    Seriously, no "sh**hole country" jokes for now, pray for us. 

  8. It's these prejudiced illusions
    That pump the blood to the heart of the biz.

  9. Hard times are here,
    And everywhere you go,
    times are harder than ever,
    ever been before...

  10. Coins N' Roses - Feels like a Lifetime Tour


  11. Ordinary Man is Ozzy Ousbourne's goodbyes.

  12. Its only me or "Sabbra Cadabra" does sound like a UYI Guns N' Roses with steroids?

  13. Downtown los angeles at night is really getting like The Walking Dead? 

    (Sincere question)

  14. Monolord is good.

    Damn Good.

  15. So many leaks that i dont even know where to start.



    Jesus Bangin' Christ, I need to stop for a moment and take this all in


  18. when it says run, and the road gets tough, and you're the one, who's shoulders just ain't wide enough, who's shoulders shrug, when they've had enough.

  19. Amazon Forest is in flames in Brazil.

    Bolsonaro deserves death penalty for it.

  20. Adler's Singer sounds more like Axl than Axl Himself.

  21. "Sometimes I feel like the world is on top of me, breaking me down with an endless monotony
    Sometimes I feel like there's nothing that's stopping me
    All things are possible, I am unstoppable"

  22. taketh me down to the Elysium city
    whither the grass is green and the girls art quaint
    oh wonneth't thee prithee taketh me home?!

  23. Gianinni AE07TL is probably one of the best looking guitars ever.

    1. ZoSoRose


      It looks like an SG

    2. NeonKinight


      It is indeed. It's made from a solid Swiethenia mahogany body, with original gotoh taps. 
      looks (and plays) just like a Gibson

    3. ZoSoRose
  24. Where Are U?