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  1. Does Axl hate to be called William? Heard that a while ago.

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    2. All Cautions Made

      All Cautions Made

      According to Azoff-Axl lawsuit docs:

      “Azoff filed a baseless lawsuit seeking commissions that he never earned. He named Rose personally in the lawsuit but not by his legal name "W. Axl Rose," but by his adopted name "William Bailey." "William Bailey" does not appear on any of Rose's legal documents. Azoff knew that the name "William Bailey" carries significant emotional damage from Rose's childhood as a result of numerous personal and confidential conversations he had with the singer.

      Azoff did this out of spite and vindictiveness to cause Rose emotional distress and harm”

    3. NeonKinight


      tks guys.

    4. rocknroll41


      Back in 1991 he was on rockline radio and one of the callers, who was named Bill, kept bringing up how he and Axl had the same birthname and Axl at first wasn’t saying much and then he got clearly annoyed and was like “alright, BILL! What’s your question?”