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  1. OMG 1999? You meant the Bumble leak?
  2. Really? Can you at least try? If we can hear / distinguish one note that'd be awesome.
  3. I created this topic because I wanted to put a light on his guitar playing, more than his role on the band. How would you describe Izzy's guitar playing? what sort of influences do you see there?
  4. Izzy's Guitar Playing

    "that the spaces you're not playing are more important than the spaces you are" Gotta note that somewhere.
  5. I feel you, I feel you....
  6. Also, there's a band jam in 2011 which they play at the same BPM as this song. This was one of the things i wanted to say on a podcast 2 years ago. Now it's much too late...
  7. is there a way to isolate this "hidden" solo? @evader / @imsorry
  8. I can't stand Brazil anymore. 
    Seriously, no "sh**hole country" jokes for now, pray for us. 

  9. It's these prejudiced illusions
    That pump the blood to the heart of the biz.

  10. Where he said that? This would be the first good part of 2020, geez.
  11. Izzy's Guitar Playing

    The first time his guitar skills came to my attention was when i was learning It's So Easy, and he'd play the heavy part of it with power chords, and then in the end, he'd play a bluesy kinda shuffle with E Power chord. That was fantastic, i'd never tought about something like that actually.
  12. What Are You Listening To? 2020

    This riff changed my life.
  13. Top 10 GNR Guitar Solos

    Guns N' Roses reached it's topmost during the solo of Knockin' On Heaven's Door on HOB 2001. To this day, it was the most beautiful, soulfull, meaningfull solo i've ever listened. I dream about making tabs and being able to play it.
  14. Hard times are here,
    And everywhere you go,
    times are harder than ever,
    ever been before...

  15. Axl has contractual issues that "prohibits" him from releasing anything until 2025.
  16. What Are You Listening To? 2020

    Traditional doom metal is the best doom metal.
  17. Coins N' Roses - Feels like a Lifetime Tour


  18. Ordinary Man is Ozzy Ousbourne's goodbyes.

  19. Cancelled show in Oslo, 1991.

    Throat Problems.
  20. Its only me or "Sabbra Cadabra" does sound like a UYI Guns N' Roses with steroids?

  21. Cant seem to find it anywhere. I'll wait for him to explain himself.
  22. Downtown los angeles at night is really getting like The Walking Dead? 

    (Sincere question)

  23. Monolord is good.

    Damn Good.