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  1. Axl Rose has trademarked his own name

    This is so well written I wanna read it over and over.
  2. Axl Rose has trademarked his own name

    Will he use it to name a new burger?
  3. Bloodshot Eyes by L.A. Guns

    Wasn't there a full LA GUNS Gig where they played it? someone sent it on a discord server, two months ago (or so)
  4. Gimme some what?

    BBF's Oh My God has some influences of reggae, no doubt of it, and the 2009/10's version of KOHD too.
  5. 1 year ago, 22segs of Checkmate and 1 Min of Atlas Shrugged came out. 
    Good Days.

  6. This forum is slowly turning itself into "that other one" led by Led Zeppelin's Drummer.
  7. So, APPARENTLY, that WTJ that leaked last year was supposed to come out on a movie called "Blackhawk Down"


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    2. rocknroll41


      Yup, that’s what that was for!

    3. NeonKinight


      I believe that there were rumors stating that This I Love would come out in 1998 in "What Dreams May Come", but I never found sufficient proofs of that.

    4. rocknroll41


      I heard about that as well.

  8. Admins : Is it allowed to ask for Tabs for the leaked songs? 

  9. The first pic is the best i've seen of axl in years...Thank you so much for these! A couple days ago, i've managed to find another pic of Budapest 1992...i tought there was only one.
  10. One in a million DEMO (Axl low voice verses)

    iT's a shame we can't share links openly anymore.
  11. Sp What Happens Now?

    What i'm about to say might be misunderstood by many, but AT LEAST covid 19 held Guns N' Roses shows for a while, thus making a possibility for them to focus on their new material, and maybe, trying to be a normal band for once - you know the deal, trying to be a band that actually RELEASE SONGS. If the news are to be believed, and there are at least 5 vacines on the corner, I can imagine them touring by the end of 2021, hopefully with NEW SONGS...they need to understand that the 2016 hype is - almost- over. But I can't see Coins N' Roses lasting for more ten years. Sorry, but they're making this "Feels Like a Lifetime Tour" so they can have FAT bank accounts when they retire. We'll have maybe a new album, being it double or not, the UYI Box Set, and few other 'vault' songs when Axl dies, and that's it.
  12. I'm assuming that YCBM, WTJ and My Michelle are in E Dorian. Whether i'm wrong or not, i'm looking forward to learn more about it.

  13. Fernando is from Santos, São paulo, the Second worst city in the worst state of the worst country. I'm pretty much sure that he knows someone who's infected or even dead. PS : If you see bolsonaro on the street, please kill him.
  14. Need your help!

    Down On The Street with Slash on guitar might be really cool to listen to. It's a shame that the only cover of the stooges made by Guns N' Roses doesn't (and will never) have izzy on guitar. Beer and Cigarrette didn't quite fit for me, but is cool nonethless.
  15. do we have proofs that "Always on the run" was meant to be a GNR song?

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    2. soon


      Sorry that the flowing doesnt connect to the source interviews. But these quote, found at the bottom of this page, are ones that I remember reading previously. If accurate they are Slash confirming that it was a Guns tune but Steven couldnt play it (in Slashs estimation) 


    3. rocknroll41


      Oh wow! Never knew about that! Thanks for sharing @soon

    4. NeonKinight


      That website is GOLD! Thanks man! =D

  16. Need your help!

    Well, I used the zombux list as a reference. And according to that, "Bill Price Mixes 3/91" DAT" is known to exist, but does not circulate.
  17. NITL live videos on youtube

    Who wants to do something, does something. Who doesn't, blame others and the circumnstances) (Quem quer faz, quem num quer, arruma desculpa.)
  18. I'm both disgusted and displeased with my own country.
    And it's a feeling I don't wish upon my worst enemy.

  19. Need your help!

    It's amazing! this band can dig a hole all the way trough from USA to China but they can't release a new song! anyway : Praga 1992 Pro Shot São Paulo 1992 Pro Shot (This yet unseen for most of us, there are only snippets out there) I Don't Care About You (Music Video - Yeah, it leaked already, but so what?!) Ain't Going Down (Single) Munich 1993 (Where they did a few shots for Estranged) Coma Demo Bill Price Mixes Alternative Artwork for the UYI (Trocolli had one in his site, i believe. The other one had lyrics, who played in which track, etc) Down on the street / Beer And Cigarrette Covers
  20. WTF Finck Solo

    Ah, Robin Finck Solos... Or as I like to call it : Sentimental Schizophrenia.
  21. Matt Sorum's Autobiography

    1:55 minutes on : Right before he mentions his singer (2:17) he talks about Axl, which is surprisingly, **not in your transcription**, He mentions that he gave "Axl was going to play it, but an.... the song called beggars and hangers on" to "him" - "Axl was going to play it , but an...the song called beggars and hangers on, we gave him the material, the music, and he wrote beggars and hangers on, and it was like cool, that's deal"