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  1. lol ... Slash butchered all CD songs .... CD did not have any problems, I dont know what are you talking about.
  2. Creed is the worst example of Christian Rock Commercial Bullshit ever, there is no sense to like it buddy. Creed is something like Christian Nickleback .... btw. their lyrics are cliche, which ofc Bob Ezrin would like. But yes everybody has different taste in music I would take Pitman solo album over Creed anyday.
  3. Told the guy who is listening to Creed . No point in rerecording it ... album is great ... but you are locked in the past it seems...
  4. Prostitute (2007 leak, V2) Rocket Queen Shackler Revenge Catcher (both Album and May version) YCBM (Live Era)/Eye on you Honourable mentions: Thyme into Madagascar(2000), Rhiad, Locomotive, Estranged, Coma, Better
  6. Finck and Izzy for me ... best song writers...
  7. It is great yes ... everybody has different taste ... I dont understand one thing why you comment this leaks when it is clear you dont like CD era ?
  8. you like Creed so you love farts too ? Axl was amazing on Chinese too you know not everybody wants to do the same thing over and over again
  9. Top notch ? From public side: I remember clearly that critics did not enjoy it as much as you think they did ... Chinese democracy had better reviews what I know ... what both these albums had in common is that the promotion was bad. In my opinion both are superb, everything is matter of taste.
  10. it is not the most expensive album ever made. Most expensive is Invicible by M. Jackson ... so it is good idea to check your information before you write something. And the demos are completly fine, because they are demos ...