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  1. None of the guitars in evader's is actually from Guns N' Roses guitarists? Neither are the drums? None of it's real? evader fooled me lol. We need an expert that can do an as is audio as it is heard exactly on the clip. Reimagining what you think you hear is cool but the meat and the bones of the meal is what's actually in the 2 minute clip. I feel uncomfortable with fantasy music. I want the real deal as heard in the clip.
  2. Hey guys. I've heard the evader rebuild. Problem is the first 28 seconds of evader's have Axl vocals. Something like "who would do this to you?" It's hard to make out. But this isn't how the first 28 seconds on the cell clip go. The intros don't match. The cell clip is 2 minutes. evader's is 2:28 minutes. I hear impressive guitars and drums. Is the guitars Bucket? Is it Robin? Is it Bumblefoot? Don't tell me it's DJ Ashba LOL And I hear Axl screaming stuff after them. How much is genuine? How much is evader? Not at all the music captured from cell clip is in evader's. A lot is left out in evader's that you clearly hear in the cell clip. What do we believe? When I listen to the clip I don't hear what evader did. I hear something different. What do you hear? What do you think is left out?
  3. I'd ask Axl: Axl, when's the next Chinese Democracy CD coming out? Is Slash a part of it? A pretty big blue pill.
  4. lol I couldn't clean up the cell clip with audacity. I'm wafflehead with audacity lol maybe somebody can do it! I heard there's 2 clips. I'm interested in the original cell clip getting cleaned up as is. That hasn't been done yet. In the cell clip it's 2 minutes of The General.
  5. Maybe you can perform a miracle with the clip!
  6. I read rumors Axl asking Slash if he wanted to lay down some parts on the next Chinese Democracy CD and in my opinion I think Slash did.
  7. I think Slash recorded guitar parts on the next Chinese Democracy CD. Instead of starting from scratch Axl should just release the next Chinese Democracy CD with Slash.
  8. Why is it complicated to make a direct clean up of the clip with the audio exactly as it is heard in the clip?
  9. Don't forget in the China exchange Axl said he was thinking of adding Slash to songs from future Chinese Democracy CD releases. It's on the table too.
  10. Axl's the source. Before the NITL tour Axl said the next Chinese Democracy CD's were recorded. And Axl said he wanted to release 2 more Chinese Democracy CD's after the first Chinese Democracy CD from 2008. The idea was the next one in 2010 and the final one in 2012. This comes from Axl.
  11. There's music on the table. All the Chinese Democracy CD's Axl recorded that have yet to see releases. This is on the table, guys!
  12. I'd like to hear a cleaned up version too. Can someone with the expertise clean up The cell clip and produce 2 minutes of The General you hear on the clip? When I listen to the clip I try to block out the people speaking. If I do that I can faintly hear 2 minutes of The General from the start of the clip to the end of the clip. Can it be accomplished to fix the audio so we hear exactly how The General was recorded in the clip for 2 minutes?
  13. Hard work is always appreciated!
  14. I look forward to these!
  15. Bypass the audio drop outs and make perfect flacs from the audio.