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  1. Definitely a troll, but it can’t hurt to ask some questions...
  2. The fact that this guy thinks they should apologize for Used to Love Her is absolutely ridiculous
  3. Is it wrong that I like Ballad of Death?
  4. I have no problem with Slash overdubbing guitar and GNR removing all the Chinese Democracy players, but if Slash's solos sound like the horrible ones he made up for the CD songs they played on tour I'd rather just hear the original players.
  5. New Proshot ? Stockholm 1991

    Sadly true. Somebody posted a link to my unlisted upload of Evader's General remake that had been up for a few months, and guess what? Taken down within a day
  6. I thought this was strange too, it makes you wonder if they have put some non-recording work into a new album