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  1. 11/08/18 - Jakarta, Indonesia

    A man can dream
  2. The Spaghetti Incident? LOCKED AND LOADED

    Is it wrong that TSI is their only perfect album IMO? Not better than any of the rest, but not one meh track
  3. There was an article from about 2014 where Axl was talking about CD2 and the remix album's release in the near future. Then Slash and Duff came back and the plans were seemingly changed But with Axl, who even knows what his plans really were
  4. I have much more hope in Slash saying that Axl's working on new stuff than Fortus. Plus, I think CD2 would've been released if they never did the reunion anyway.
  5. Wow, this is the first time anybody's actually said anything directly about new GNR music!
  6. Wouldn't the label let Axl release CD2 if he just credited it under his own name? They don't want a GNR album without Slash and Duff, but what if it was released as an Axl Rose album instead? Maybe something like "Axl and Friends - Chinese Democracy II." It would be like the Traveling Wilburys missing Vol. 2 album, but instead there would be no CD1, because it's a GNR album. He could release all those songs that've been mentioned for years, and still go on to release a proper GNR album in the near future. Everybody wins.
  7. You can delete the channel with Bumblefoot's guitar, double the other channel and make DIY non-remix versions of the new leaks of Silkworms and Oh My God
  8. Great song. I think the 2001 version is an improvement to the "demo" on End of Days. That Bumblefoot remix could've definitely benefited from a better mix as well.
  9. Yes. I think anything they could release is good, because it gets them back in the habit of releasing new music.
  10. I feel like if they did a back to the roots album it would be too bland and it wouldn't be progressing the band's sound. I think they should make an album closer to the UYI's.
  11. Yeah, maybe something like a group buy
  12. I know the Brain remixes were probably made after the release of CD, but when were the Bumblefoot Remixes (OMG, Silkworms, GD) thought to have been made?