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  1. This isn't a fake, this exact snippet has been known to exist for weeks and it came from a trustworthy source
  2. Could you make one with the red hand that says 2000 Intentions instead of Chinese Democracy - Vol. II? I would do it myself, but I'm not very skilled at photoshop lol
  3. I know about that clip, I'm talking about the "higher quality original snippet" people were talking about yesterday
  4. Nah man, I'm the reason people believed a new Hardschool snippet leaked yesterday, it was just a misunderstanding
  5. Atlas / Hardschool isn't a leak, I made the youtube video with that in it and just put imsorry's edit of the old checkmate snippet next to the 3 second atlas snippet.
  6. You’re probably right, I just remember that Rick had a 24 GB version and the video we got was 1.4 GB. They talked about it on one of the Appetite for Distortion episodes
  7. Not a difference in difficulty (besides file size), they just might choose to keep the lossless files for themselves and leak the lower quality files. Rick did a similar thing with the HOB show IIRC
  8. The real question is if they will choose to share them as lossless files (probably not)
  9. Boston, I think Give it a listen before it gets taken down lol
  10. Is all the stuff on these CD’s actually pre-RTB? Some of those mixes in the photos were made MONTHS after RTB and even Bucket joined.
  11. I didn’t see that quote as them considering a second disc, it seems like they just thought it would be absurd to add a second disc for Atlas only.
  12. So there’s stuff confirmed from 1998 to November 2000? That’s a huge variety of stuff to be on the same set of rough mix CD’s, that’s for sure.
  13. That Hardschool clip isn’t a leak at all, it’s just imsorry’s edit of the old snippet he posted on GNREvolution a few months ago. It has nothing to do with the rest of this situation.