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  1. Re: The guitar solo on Perhaps There's not much evidence to actually prove that Brian May plays the solo on this track, I think this rumor started when Rick said so on a forum post a while back. I've seen some say that the date next to Perhaps on the CD case being the same as Atlas and Catcher suggest that May is on the track as well, but there's a pretty long list of other tracks dated 3/27/00: - Prostitute - Quick Song - State of Grace - IRS Unless you think May is somehow playing on these tracks as well, that's not a really good arguing point. I messaged Rick a while back on Discord about this and he told me that the CD itself was marked "Brian May Mixes", which could really just be talking about Atlas and Catcher instead. Just wanted to bring this back up because I haven't seen many people talk about this, it could easily be Robin playing the solo.
  2. Interesting looking back at the fax photo that Soul Monster isn't on there, I remember Axl saying that he laid down some mean vocals for the track at one point.
  3. Most bizarre dream I've had in a long time, I sure hope so lol
  4. I had a dream last night that GNR dropped a new album, the cover was literally just Pearl Jam's Gigaton. The album had around 18 songs and was 1hr and 22m long, tracklist was something like: 1. Hardschool - performed on Jimmy Kimmel with the next song shortly before the album release 2. All or Nothing (feat. Big Sean) - wtf? 3. Atlas - titled just like that 4. Quick Song 4. Cuban Skies - 9 mins long 5. First Right - around 5 mins long 6. ? 7. ? 8. ? 9. Devious Bastard 10. Tonto 11. ? 12. ? 13. Real Doll.com 14. ? 15. Chicken Cobbler 16. Time Attack 17. Soul Monster 18. ? Sadly no Perhaps or The General. This quarantine is really messing with my head, somebody help me
  5. 1. Atlas 2. Hardschool 3. Perhaps 4. State of Grace 5. Silkworms 6. Eye On You Quick Song would probably be above or below HS if it were a finished song
  6. The original Going Down demo was recorded in April 2001 I'm pretty sure the newer Going Down has Bucket on it, so I'd say anywhere from 2001-2004 (with BBF overdubs done later)
  7. This isn't a fake, this exact snippet has been known to exist for weeks and it came from a trustworthy source
  8. Could you make one with the red hand that says 2000 Intentions instead of Chinese Democracy - Vol. II? I would do it myself, but I'm not very skilled at photoshop lol
  9. I know about that clip, I'm talking about the "higher quality original snippet" people were talking about yesterday
  10. Nah man, I'm the reason people believed a new Hardschool snippet leaked yesterday, it was just a misunderstanding
  11. Atlas / Hardschool isn't a leak, I made the youtube video with that in it and just put imsorry's edit of the old checkmate snippet next to the 3 second atlas snippet.
  12. You’re probably right, I just remember that Rick had a 24 GB version and the video we got was 1.4 GB. They talked about it on one of the Appetite for Distortion episodes
  13. Not a difference in difficulty (besides file size), they just might choose to keep the lossless files for themselves and leak the lower quality files. Rick did a similar thing with the HOB show IIRC
  14. The real question is if they will choose to share them as lossless files (probably not)