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  1. He still sounds quite bitter here, which is understandable. When CD was released he said in an interview that he enjoyed it and was interesting to see what Axl was trying to do, and more recently on Chris Jericho's podcast he said that the album was "really cool" and would have been a GN'R record with or without him playing on it. In the same inteview he also said that he felt really comfortable playing with Fortus and Frank because how long they had been in the band by that point. It's funny reading people here who say that he feels otherwise, because they're clearly trying to project their own opinions onto him to validate them, which is just lame.
  2. Moby just counted the years between UYI and his arrival. The only stuff that had been done at that point was farting around with loops and jamming ideas while auditioning potential band members. A significant amount of the vocals were recorded between 1997 (post-Moby)-2000. The Sean Beavan version of the album was done with aim for a '00/'01 release, then Bob Ezrin came in and told Axl it sucked, which triggered a massive setback and a whole set of new recordings including the Bucket and Robin compositions from then until around '04 when the label stopped funding it, then tinkering, overdubs and mixing until it was finished in '07, with the label figuring out htf to release it throughout '08. Most of what ended up on the album had already been written and (vocally) recorded by 2000, with later material being saved for later albums in the supposed trilogy. Roughly.
  3. It's good to see so many people on the forum are men of culture. We're having an evening of culture and poetry and chess you know, while you're sitting there vegetating in front of Emmerdale Farm, you poor sad peasants.
  4. "Cross my palm with silver..." "I can't cross your palm with silver, I've just had my wallet nicked. You're a fortune teller, you should know that!"
  5. If it's been over 10 years and you still can't get over the fact that CD was released under the GN'R name, or after almost 30 years can't get over the fact that Steven and Izzy aren't in the band... that sounds like a whole lot of your problem.
  6. Yeah, and wiping them away with hundred dollar bills
  7. No, there's no such thing as women... it's all a leftist propaganda conspiracy!
  8. Aaah, it's got lady people in it! Yuck, no thanks. I prefer movies with real people in them.
  9. Feminist? Like, treating women like human beings? It's fuckin terrible, innit.
  10. What the fuck happened there? Usually a little part of me dies everytime that song gets butchered, but that was actually hilarious.
  11. 'Ska punk' is a thing, but it shouldn't be.
  12. That was the kind of article I was expecting, which made it all the more dumb when the guy starts going on about how he hates GN'R because he doesn't like the way Axl describes candles, or whatever. People who are actually fans have bigger problems than that, and criticise the band more harshly for it than this article did.
  13. There's nothing wrong with your English, it's just a poorly written article. I don't understand why it's had so much attention either.
  14. Why do we give dumb stuff like this so much attention? 5 pages already? Are we that desperate for something new to talk about? This is the kind of thing a 7 year old would write about why so-and-so artist smells poopy, it had no business being published, let alone discussed.