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  1. GNR Tribute Album Coming Soon

    One thing that really irked me about this album was all the clean voices used. Yeah, (some of them) are technically good singers, but using that voice on a Guns song, or most other hard rock songs, just sounds kinda weak and lame, and sucks all of the edge and soul out of it. Flaccid, if you will. That's why I've never been a Myles Kennedy fan. A lot of them sounded like X Factor versions of GN'R songs.
  2. Recent special editions of Carrie, The Shining and Hausu. I mean yeah, they're remastered from the original films and packed with goodies, but quality-wise nothing I can't get on a DVD. I wouldn't know if it's any better for more recent movies, though. And don't get me started on HD/4K/whatever movies at the cinema. Blurry as shit. The last few movies I saw at the cinema, I couldn't see a thing during action/high movement scenes. I definitely would have no interest in watching a concert film that looked like that. I'm happy to stick with what works. If it ain't broke, don't fix it.
  3. In the UK at least, Blu Ray is easily available but nowhere near as common as DVDs. You can get an entire store of DVDs but only a small Blu Ray section. I've got 100s of DVDs but only 3 Blu Rays: two special editions of films I've already got on DVD bought only for the extended cuts, bonus features etc, and another film that I just couldn't find on DVD. I noticed literally no difference in quality.
  4. Serious question: what is all this talk about Blu Ray? Does no one here watch DVDs anymore? As far as I can tell, the Blu Ray fad ended years ago. Maybe it's more of an American thing?
  5. I really hope that isn't it On a related note: I found the new AC/DC calendar recently and was looking at the pictures used in it and thought... Where's Axl?
  6. I've figured it out. It's obvious. A live covers album. All the fan favourites including 'Black Hole Sun', 'Wichita Lineman', and of course essential setlist staple 'The Seeker'. But wait, there's more! Buy the $250 super deluxe edition and be one of the lucky few who care enough to own the previously unreleased Slash and Richard Fortus guitar duet 'Wish You Were Here / Layla'. Go big and grab the $1000 box set including every recording of 'The Seeker'! Bada boom, shittiest idea in the room. Maximum effort.
  7. GNR Tribute Album Coming Soon

    Jesus, that album was terrible. Tribute albums like this exist only to make a quick buck, they have no musical merit. Locomotive and Dust N Bones were OK I guess, the rest sucked big hairy ones. Their only future is to become filler for 'The History of Guns' type cash grab compilations.
  8. Hollywood Rose, now on vinyl

    Reissued again?! Talk about scraping the barrel. It does sound quite desperate.
  9. I'm far from being a Kesha fan (I personally think her voice is fucking horrible), but I can assure you she definitely knows who T Rex are, she's actually a rock fan herself. She even had a feature on an Alice Cooper album, which was surprisingly a highlight. It's pretty dumb and ignorant when people take the attitude that popstars don't know anything about "real music". Even though I'm not a fan, I think it would be a good thing for someone like her to be on the album. It's great when artists step out of their usual genre and out of their "comfort zone", as it were. I dare say she would be a better fit than GN'R - I couldn't help but doubt the T Rex cover rumour because Children Of The Revolution seemed like such a strange choice for GN'R, I always thought it was too cheesy to work, unlike something like Buick Makane, but that's just me. Also the thought of Mickey all over it is too much to bear.
  10. Does anyone remember those fake General lyrics that someone wrote and posted on the forums years ago? Some shit about zombie soldiers, it was hilarious.
  11. My wet dream scenario would be another double album. Disc 1 would be the finished version of the 1996/97 album, disc 2 would be CD2. But yeah, a T Rex cover and a shitty sounding live album, that would totally be worth a 10 year wait.
  12. No, just the usual attention whoring.
  13. Calm down, buddy. Going Down isn't that good.
  14. Plot twist: someone else on the thread claiming to be uptownterry is saying that isn't him. It probably was Wanker Alfred, it would explain why the link is still up. On a side note: for some reason I seriously doubt anyone who actually had Jackie Chan would still be calling it Checkmate.
  15. If a Duff solo album is the "big news" then it's even more disappointing than the T. Rex cover.