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  1. All the similarities are there: They both play Les Pauls. They both have long curly hair. They both love horror movies. And, err... Slash sometimes wears a McDonald's shirt, which is basically the same as a KFC bucket. The truth has been staring us in the face all these years and we've been oblivious.
  2. Changes in the upcoming leg?

    I've heard from a reliable source that Axl has grown back his handlebar moustache and bought a new jacket, both of which will debut on the next leg.
  3. Hey, guys... has anyone actually seen Slash and Buckethead in the same room together? Do any photos exist of them both together? No? That's because they're the same person. How do we know that isn't Slash under the mask and bucket? Think about it. Slash gets fed up with how much of a hassle it is to work with Axl in the studio, so he creates a secret alter ego so that he can stay productive and keep releasing new music on the side, and he doesn't alienate his traditional audience with his shred based brand of avant-garde. Things go tits up in Guns. Slash leaves and keeps himself busy with Snakepit, Blues Ball and his experimental Buckethead project - but he quickly gets bored. He wants back in on Guns, but there's just one problem - Axl now hates his guts and wants to keep him away. Axl unwittingly hires Bucket for NuGuns, unaware of his true identity. Slash is once again living the good life, back in the band he helped bring to the top. But things once again start to sour quite quickly, and Slash realises why he left the first time. After a turbulent few years, he leaves once again, finding himself back in the same position he was in 10 years prior. He then throws himself into Velvet Revolver. Fast forward another 10 years, and third time's the charm. Axl and Slash are happy again. Of course Slash can nail Bucket's solos perfectly live (because he wrote them, obviously), but he deliberately fucks them up so that nobody catches on, least of all Axl who would throw a massive bitch fit when he discovers the decades of deceit and realises he was right about Slash all along. Slash, disappointed with his traditional audience's dislike for his Bucket project, tries to change their minds by publicly acknowledging him as 'a fucking amazing player'. As shown in this thread, it backfires. Think about it. It makes too much sense.
  4. Guns N' Roses aging together

    Am I the only one that thought that watching those faces was creepy as fuck? Plus, all things considered, Buckethead aged really well.
  5. Yeah, the llama ended up biting someone, and Freddie was like "fuck this".
  6. Has Frank gotten worse?

    I guess you need to take your own advice, mate I was speaking generally. Key word: "people", not "you".
  7. Has Frank gotten worse?

    I couldn't even tell the difference in sound when Adler did a few songs tbh. People always complain about Frank playing too fast, but they played My Michelle faster with Steven too, so...
  8. Changes in the upcoming leg?

    It would most likely come off as really cheesy if they played one if the hits, hence why Axl said they wouldn't be able to do a Prince cover justice (remember when everyone and their mama were covering Purple Rain and Nothing Compares 2 U? Cringe.) Although I would love to hear Axl's take on something like 319, Chaos & Disorder or Loose. Slash would sound great on something bluesier like Zannalee or Baby Knows. I always thought Duff would've at least dusted off his Bambi cover as a solo spot.
  9. Bumper Cars is so fucking cool. Easily one of my favourite individual Bucket tracks, it sounds like early Chili Peppers.
  10. That's definitely one of my favourites too. I always thought the riff for The Way To Heaven had some similarities to Don't Cry, especially that little run at the end of it, which is interesting because that album was recorded during his time in Guns.
  11. But... but... what about the SOYL single the NITL lineup recorded? [Insert X-Files meme here]
  12. ITW is definitely the oddest thing we've heard from Guns so far. It's a fusion of hard rock, flamenco, hip hop, funk, reggae, electronica and orchestras, all inspired by 'bad Bond songs', and it sounds like at least 3 different songs all playing at the same time. It's completely mental and should not work. Which is exactly why I love it
  13. - Slash says Buckethead is a "fucking amazing player". - Slash fanboys respond by trashing Buckethead.
  14. So you didn't actually say that more output = better? Because it sure as hell looked like that's what you wrote. Either that or you didn't actually have a point. Are you able to explain, or are you just going to call things stupid when you have nothing better to say?
  15. I don't care what anyone says, these songs are fucking awesome.