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  1. Axl "pro tooled" a masterpiece out of Brian May's solos, why should Slash consider himself above that?
  2. More takedowns?

    Seriously? These losers are still at it? Pathetic. Serving bagels by day, takedowns by night, a true troll never sleeps.
  3. ...or in general rather just hear The General... even if it is just a fanmade reconstruction of a shitty cell phone clip! Well that makes all the difference... how many Fridays left in the year? It's less, right?
  4. I'm neither here nor there on Frank, he doesn't stand out to me as being particularly good or bad, but he certainly knows what he's doing and does it well enough to earn his place. All the Frank hate is seriously melodramatic. I don't know what gigs you've been listening to, but the only people who manage to butcher anything on a GN'R stage are Axl and Slash themselves. The rest of the band are pretty fuckin tight. I dunno, it kinda seems like you're looking too hard for something to complain about, my dude. That's because Brain is a beast. Easily the best drummer GN'R has had. Josh Freese is great too, but I haven't heard enough of his work with GN'R to form any real opinion on how he would've fit into the band. If OMG is anything to go by though, he would have been just as great as Brain.
  5. "Mr. Kennedy, I found a very kind fan in a GN'R shirt who said he'd fixed your brake cables for you. I didn't know it needed work, but he said everything will be fine now."
  6. CD2, and maybe even CD3, have been done for years (supposedly). Slash & Duff just need to add their contributions, if they haven't started already, and we know they're fast workers. Cautiously optimistic. 100% agree. Slash thought the SCOM riff was dumb (I definitely agree with him), but Axl insisted he use it and it's now one of the most iconic intros. Nor did Slash like Axl's ballads, but Axl pushed him and Slash's guitar solos on November Rain are IMO some of the greatest of all time, and his guitar work on the rest of the trilogy isn't far behind. As much as I would prefer to hear Robin and Bucket's original work, it sure still would be interesting to see what Slash could add to the 'big guns'. All of which is in stark contrast to SMKC.
  7. More takedowns?

    RE: piracy - obviously it's wrong, but can ironically help the artist in a way... I've lost count of the amount of artists where because I had free access to the music, listening to music I wouldn't otherwise have had access to and loving what I heard, in turn made me a genuine fan who would actually go on to buy albums, tickets, merch etc. If I was limited to listening to music legally, I would be limited to buying music I already knew or the odd single here and there I heard on the radio. I've always treated free downloading as a 'try before you buy' type thing - of course that's not necessarily true for everyone that does it, but still... But I 100% agree with your point. This whole takedown business reeks of bullshit. This is the same guy who actually leaked stuff himself, after all. Just an attention seeking twat.
  8. How many Tuesdays left until August?
  9. New album with most of CDII?

    Well, Duff liked My World, and there was Slash's electronic Universal Monsters EP, so... yeah, I can. Have you heard Seven and Atlas, then? And Silkworms could very easily be reworked into a straight ahead punk track if necessary.
  10. If they're going to continue their trend of paying tribute to recently passed artists, I'd love to hear them jam one of Keith Flint's solo songs
  11. The Case Against Woke Axl Rose

    Anyway, I'm not sure what Axl was supposed to have done which was necessarily 'woke', as people call it. Unless the writer was admitting that supporting Trump is a particularly 'un-woke' and therefore shitty thing to do? Because literally all Axl has done was make a few anti-Trump tweets. You can get much more 'woke' than that. The article is nothing more than a classic case of "Someone I don't even know personally has different views than me so I will let it eat me up inside and make sure everyone knows how much it seriously affects my own life".
  12. Old Axl Rose Diss Track?

    I'm sure Axl wiped away his tears with his million dollar cheques, you know, the ones used to pay professional musicians and studio engineers.
  13. At least we've had enough live covers for TSI 2 . It's just a shame the recordings of the Wembley 06 covers are such shitty quality. I've always dug The Seeker and Liquor & Whores. I would love a soundboard recording of Slither too. I'm really suprised we got Wichita Lineman - Silkworms/My World/etc sound more like GN'R than that song. Not that I'm complaining, it's a beautiful song. Hearing them play I Got You (and the Rocket Queen jams) make me want some funk songs from them - Slash and Fortus both have the chops for it. It was funny when they did Don't Let It Bring You Down. Comments on the live videos had been taking the piss out of his Neil Young/Mickey Mouse voice for years, but as soon as he sang that song it changed to "Wow! He sounds just like Neil Young! What an amazing cover!" Like... dude, it's the same voice .