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  1. This is on the tour page does anyone have aby idea on what it means?? "We're not done yet.... shits just getting started" Was this ever on the page before or what? Thanks guys
  2. Im not sure if this is the correct subsection but i was wondering in the Chinese Democracy Era logo of GnR What does the chinese lettering underneath it actually say and on the back of the Chinese Dem. Album he chinese lettering on the back of there say aswell? Thanks for informing me guys ive always been curious
  3. https://www.nwitimes.com/entertainment/music/axl-rose-is-writing-new-guns-n-roses-material/article_ec32c9f3-6e99-5a36-90a3-c2d5176922fe.html Finally its confirmed pretty much that they're all back and ready to conquer the rock world once again
  4. I cant find any lyrics for the plague anywhere. Does anyone know what they are or where to find them? Personally i enjoy the song and wish it was extended for an album release or maybe a filler song to join 2 together
  5. Im about to give all 51 songs a listen, its finally released on spotify, what do you all think?
  6. This was a good performance but i noticed the end he stuffed up missing the whole final line which prompted me to make this post actually, was a stellar performance for sure though as have all the 2018 shows have been actually!
  7. Im wondering if anyone knows why or what the value is of "Shadow Of Your Love" being sung by Axl out of time at every performance of it live so far is there any motive behind it or just common mistake? Its easily the best sung song by Axl so far and he sings it with the old amount of Axl rasp but why does he sing so much out of time. Heres an example from yesterday's Download Festival in Paris