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  1. Chinese Democracy Vinyl

    Yeah same with my end of each side it gets kinda static with like hissing on the emphasised words. Heard about this before I bought the vinyl though so i think its just a poor mastering. Hopefully one day we’ll get a better and extended master lol.
  2. I swear i must be The only person who likes silkworms 😂
  3. In this new album id place bets that Hardschool will be on it as a track regardless of its initial age bc general public would know no different. Maybe we'd even get Atlas on the album
  4. I realise they say this constantly however with Hardschool on the actual setlist and it being soundchecked I actually believe Fernando is telling the truth, they probs had plans to release it just before or after playing it live or even just debut it live. I know it’s frustrating and just annoying believe me ive watched all last year’s and this years concerts live to hear only the same thing after promised time and time again but this time i think fernando is for real
  5. NITL live videos on youtube

    @Gambit83 ??
  6. NITL live videos on youtube

    give him atleast another year mate, if we're lucky we might get an interview with richard saying how the wheels are turning and we have good videos coming soon of the previous tour
  7. I think in him not wanting to speak about it shows that its in the works and him saying that “management to make a formal announcement” kind of says that its in the works so hopefully we’ll hear it soon. But thanks @Gambit83for asking, he wasnt offended or anything and you handled it professionally. Thanks for representing the fans in such a professional way, good work and you rock
  8. NITL live videos on youtube

    I dont know what the big deal is? This may not even be affiliated with the live footage it was simply an on this day post. I think they’re still working on live clips
  9. NITL live videos on youtube

    Gee you’re being a bit generous there mate, thinking they’d say “next week”! Id expect them to say soon if anything 😉
  10. Hey @Gambit83 ive never watched your show but I think i will with Frank onboard, you seem to know what youre doing quite well! Am just asking with all respect to you just please atleast find out for us if we can expect a single before the concerts restart again, its all im dying to know i check this forum every day and all i wanna know is when we can hear something at all. Anyways thanks for putting all effort into this its greatly appreciated and any answers towards new music would be a godsend!
  11. NITL live videos on youtube

    Probs safe to assume they wanna clean their slate of Izzy and Steve's name since they didnt join in the reunion (I could assume TB wasnt a fan of them not taking the money they offered) and so id assume they wanna start a clean slate with the band now so safe to assume 2016-Now is a fair looking timeline of these vids. Would be amazing if they did a livestream exclusive show lmao but no way thats gonna happen.
  12. Couldnt load imgur but did it thru another site heres the image https://pasteboard.co/J7q1C5S.jpg
  13. How do i post pics i have the image just no clue how to post it lol