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  1. 09/28/19 - Louisville KY - Louder Than Life Festival

    Adler, Brain or Matt?
  2. Its really cool. Would be a good intro into a song. Not sure if it will/would fit with PRL but its definitely got the potential to go with something.
  3. Really like Curly Shuffle. Hope that’s still being tinkered with to some extent.
  4. I don’t believe that’s actually him. Is it?
  5. Tom Zutaut was very close to getting this done. It’s a real real shame this didn’t put in 2000/2001. Too many people in Axl’s head telling him the album wasn’t up to which after hearing everything over the last couple of days was complete horseshit.
  6. Man alive..... that extra guitar on Atlas Shrugged is magic.
  7. I like it. Hope there’s a vocal take out there somewhere
  8. Was she not playing? People and bands move on. Everyone gets older. Imagine if Axl came out looking like he did in the Illusions era? He would be laughed at. Time to let the guy get on and embrace the band for what it is.
  9. God almighty this is a blast from the past. Frightening.
  10. Hoping we get something exciting tonight. Even a little teaser as part of a jam would be cool.
  11. Really like Zodiac. That version of Atlas is good quality. Really clear.