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  1. Im not kidding at all. I wouldnt consider it fake if it was produced through his actually singing. Im not talking about pure computerized music. Maybe it wouldnt need to be done with every song or every line, but if he can sing and get help to get his illusions voice back or earlier we can make something incredible here. I dont think Ive been much of a Drama queen here either...Ive seen them live a couple years back and had the time of my life, and hope to see them this summer again.
  2. Doesnt have to be that way to record an album, technology should be advanced enough to change and alter his voice in studio and make him sound like old Axl or close to it so we get an incredible album.....assuming they can write good songs of course.
  3. Im honestly completely sick and tired of KOHD, its just not fun to listen to any more for me. I can take just about any other track but that one and I used to love it.
  4. She is my 3rd current active GNR member behind Slash and Duff, she should get some solo performances on tour so the crowd can hear actual good signing for a short time Actually, why not replace Axl with her? I really think she can do a great job...compared to whats going on now.
  5. You can be overweight and in terrific shape at the same time. I work out all the time and actually look fit (I mostly weightlift,) but I cant do what Axl does night after night, its crazy! I do wish he looked fit on stage though, helps give him a more charisma than a distraction. Although he wasnt known as a "fitness model" when I was young kid back in the early 90's illusion era, watching him motivated me to work out hard and lose weight. Ill take his old voice over the way he looks any day though.
  6. I think the only reason the Appetite was re-recorded was so he can sell the songs and not give the ex's royalty fees. GN'R material was high demand and unfortunately almost impossible to use at the time for movies and stuff.
  7. Zutat Locker leaks Lol not serious
  8. Lies

    If only they did that acoustic November Rain demo and completed it with the Lies quality recording and mix that would have been absolutely incredible. I heard one of them, maybe Slash or Duff that just about every song starts acoustically, and they said if it sounded good acoustically then it would sound good full production.
  9. Lies

    What I remember when I was a kid in the 80s was that alot of people blamed homosexuals for AIDS and its primarily them. Even if statistically it shows gays as the majority, its certainly not a homosexual disease. The AIDS event was still a private event so they can do whatever they want all I care. The way I look at it, there were consequences that GNR was hit that day, but the event also had to endure the consequences of banning them due to their perception of the song and this is just a guess but Id bet it hurt AIDS research fiscally, at least a little. Other than that, its comical because Im not sure Slash even knew what a condom was at that time, lol.
  10. Lies

    Back in the day they were kicked out of the AIDS benefit concert because of protests of that song.
  11. Lies

    Id certainly take AFD and UYI over Lies any day as much as I love Lies. TSI is hard for me to listen to, but I do love that first 50s song and Down on the Farm.
  12. Lies

    Well I mean thats fair. To me it sounds like a musical masterpiece but I shouldnt judge how others feel about that
  13. Lies

    As much as I love UYI albums, OIAM easily would make the top 5 chart on both UYI without even thinking about it. So your saying Patience wasnt A-List? LOL The entire Lies Side B was absolutely A-list and that album as a whole is one of the greatest Rock albums in history. Lies wast released because of some B-list songs they had, Lies was put out to give the fans something incredible prior to the UYI albums which took a long time (funny we all thought "long" at the time! LOL) to put out after AFD.
  14. Lies

    That Lies album art is most the most memorable and favorite album art for me in all of music history.
  15. Lies

    I actually didnt like side A when I was a kid back in 88 listening to it that much, but side B just made me crave so much more. I appreciate and enjoy side A much more these days, but Lies always was and still is mostly about side B for me.
  16. Lies

    I would have rather seen Lies V2 (how about "More Lies?") with November Rain Acoustic being the anchor and having another side A cover songs and side B all acoustic originals rather than Novermber Rain on UYI which I did love. If only I were the manager, what could have been lol
  17. Lies

    It depends on how you look at it. Years ago it was a more open society, and at least we could have a intelligent conversation over these things without being condemned by the entire country. Not sure if you heard his side of it, but here it is.
  18. Lies

    My vote goes for "Lies is an Album" and its the 2nd best Album of all time after AFD. I just wish they made more like that.
  19. This is a better comparison to younger and older smash. Both are absolutely awesome, there should be nothing to complain about at all.
  20. Why would you compare two completely different songs with a different band to measure his passion/skill level?....DTJive is naturally a far superior and emotional song. If your going to compare UYI era to now era you would get both DTJive's and compare with those two, or two of the same other song. Personally, hearing the latest DTJivess, Slash is absolutely incredible and has grown as a musician talently and has never been better and thats not in any way shape or form saying he wasnt absolutely incredible back then. I think his work with Richard has made him better as well. His emotions are up there on top as before and his skill level has grown to another level.
  21. Im far more optimistic if and if ever a new album comes out he can put out a much better voice. That being said, I saw him in Hershey Park in '17 and he actually sounded really good to me there. His Apollo recording not long before that sounds good as well....this compared to alot of other shows Ive heard on the net as of late. I wouldnt mind Axl using technology to help his voice and get that rasp back. I think it can be done, its still him singing and his voice. Maybe in studio they can use modern tech to sound a bit more old school, just for the album at least then you can consider the live mic.
  22. Not a knock on that lineup, well respected but not only is that unpopular, but thats is completely insane!!!!! LOL
  23. Melissa was awesome when I saw them. I saw them at Hershey Park and Axl introduced her as Melissa Reece's Pieces and she wore a Reece's shirt that she probably bought at the Hershey Chocolate World shop. Before that time I hadnt really followed GNR as closely since 1996 so I was unaware of the Reese addition, but their new upgraded rock sound as a whole was refreshing and enjoyable and she looked great on stage.
  24. Makes no sense other than screwing up or that was the way it was labeled when originally produced. When I grew up watching MTV and that came out it was always the short version with color as the primary main version, now known as "alt" version. A little later on (dont remember) the long version came out. This all BandW doest ring a bell for me, but it was a long time ago.