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  1. Last full album you listened to?

    A perfect circle - mer de noms
  2. Look forward to it as long he won't refer to his NITL experience as you're so fine you're so fine you blow my mind, hey Mickey, hey Mickey
  3. Last full album you listened to?

    The atlas underground - Tom morello
  4. After the success of NITL closing that chapter with a live album would make sense, and finally making it the highest grossing project in recent music buisness. Still much better than nothing, and a better memory for the fans than those lousy VIP packages
  5. Lots of people on Duff's side, always a good place
  6. Great litho! Still very appreciated if anyone could get me one
  7. Wtf , Eddie vedder is sharing festival spots with Beyonce and Ed Sheeran?
  8. Was not overwhelmed when it came out but still like to listen to it. A week ago I was lucky finding a first pressing vinyl in mint condition at my local store. It was not sealed but labelled as new and has zero wear. Don't know if true but I think that I've read that all rhythm guitars were re-recorded by gilby but originally tracked by izzy. Would love to hear those versions one day
  9. Oh My God on Vinyl!

    Nice to know. I have some good MOV pressings. For anyone interested, you can request titles on their url for future release. If you do so, please add like a dog to your list
  10. damn I was standing right next to that video shot. good times
  11. I think Doug Goldstein spread the rumor on Izzy at a soundcheck

    Hopp YB! I'm on my way to Stade de Suisse, ready to beat up valencia tonight.