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  1. If Axl had written his own list of Ten Commandments prior to 2015, it was a lock that one of them would read "Thou Shall Never Work With Slash Again". That's the thing that I still can't fathom, and the thing that gave this tour and Guns N' Roses credibility again. Slash returned. And he was awesome, show after show. The great rock bands in history all have that 1-2 punch: Jagger/Richards Page/Plant Lennon/McCartney Tyler/Perry Roth/Van Halen Frey/Henley Rose/Hudson So even though the setlist never really changed all that much over the course of two and a half years, and we don't know what the future holds for new music (because we didn't get any aside from the updated "Shadow Of Your Love"), remember, that up until the latter half of 2015, no one outside the Guns N' Roses circle ever thought Axl Rose and Slash would share a stage again. Here's hoping to an Axl/Slash partnership that gives us some new kick-ass music in the not too distant future.
  2. I get it, the band's original members are the main focus. But if I'm Dizzy, Fortus, or Frank, I wonder how they feel about being excluded from most promotional material? All three of those guys have been in GN'R for at least the last 15 years each, and Dizzy is going on 30. If I was one of those guys, I'd be like "what the fuck?"
  3. The Locked N' Loaded set really is a well put together package, and deserves to win. Even if it is for an award that I don't think needs to exist. Earn some Grammy nominations by putting out a record of new material that wakes the masses.
  4. New record releases have been on Fridays here in the U.S. for a few years now. With that said: 52 Fridays
  5. If I'm not mistaken, the T6 movie got pushed back to 2020
  6. It would be great if they made every live show from the tour available for purchase, the way Metallica did it on their most recent tour. Purchasing the specific show I attended (7/20/16, Foxboro MA) would be more of an incentive than just one random show, or worse yet, songs taken from a bunch of shows.
  7. I don't hate them, but they were/are quite overrated. What really irks me is the evidence of how much they sampled/stole from other artists, yet they seem to get a pass.
  8. Happy 30th anniversary to Lies!

    I got my copy at Strawberries as well
  9. Happy 30th anniversary to Lies!

    I bought it on cassette the day it was released. If I knew then what I know now, I'd have purchased a vinyl copy as well. Obviously, "Patience" is the standout track. It's a complete 180 from anything on Appetite, even "Sweet Child O' Mine". It was also unusual for Lies to be released when it was, because Appetite was still in the top five, and "Paradise City" had yet to be released as a single.
  10. Shadow Of Your Love 7" Coming For RSD BF

    I just picked up a copy at the Bullmoose store near me. They had it for $11.97. There were still two available for purchase, if anyone is interested and willing to have it shipped. https://www.bullmoose.com/p/28203385/guns-n-roses-shadow-of-your-love-red-vinyl-rsd-black-friday-2018
  11. AFD Locked & Loaded Discounts Begin!

    $649 on the official U.S. store website today
  12. Slightly early, as far as I can recall "GN'R Lies" was released on November 30th, 1988 (even though the date on the record's cover is December 6th, 1988). I think it would have been cool if they'd re-worked the classic GN'R logo into some merchandise for Chinese Democracy, since that is officially 10 years old today, but perhaps the thought process was to appeal to the older generation who were teenagers, like myself, when "GN'R Lies" was released. The hooded sweatshirt looks nice, but the other apparel...eh, I can take it or leave it. https://gnrmerch.com/collections/lies
  13. BREAKING NEWS!! Locked N' Loaded Set available on official US website for $649! https://gnrmerch.com/products/appetite-for-destruction-locked-n-loaded-box-set
  14. 11/20/18 - Hong Kong - Asia Expo Arena

    Slash really seems to embrace this song, even with he and Fortus sharing solo duties
  15. AFD Locked & Loaded Discounts Begin!

    I just posted this in the AFD sub-section.... Amazon US has the Locked N' Loaded set at $679, as one of their "Lightning Deals" for today, 11/21/18. Deal ends at 2AM Eastern Standard Time. Unsure if it will go lower on Black Friday....perhaps it will stay at $679.