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    I really like the men's leather jacket, but it's still too much at $375
  2. New Slash interview: New album hasn't started yet

    I just don't buy the notion that a new record is still in it's early stages. I just don't. I really think there's a lot done, but guys in the band don't want to say it publicly. Why? Because in 2019, if you have someone in Guns N' Roses saying they have songs done for a new record, the songs inevitably find their way online before an official release. It happened two years ahead of Chinese Democracy, and hell yeah, that hurt album sales. It wouldn't surprise me at all if the band got a new record out late this year under a fake name, like "Black Frog" or " The Fargin Bastids". Anything to combat online piracy.
  3. Slash talks about Nirvana in Kerrang's tribute feature

    The two biggest bands in the world in the fall of 1991 were Guns N' Roses and Metallica. MTV, in attempt to finish off the hair metal movement that had started in the mid 80's, introduced Nirvana first, then other alt/grunge bands like Pearl Jam and Stone Temple Pilots. They kept GN'R and Metallica in their rotation at the time so as not to completely alienate the hard rock/metal audience that had provided them with big ratings in the latter part of the 80's. But let's face it: Metallica's "Black" album had already alienated a large core of it's original fanbase because the intensity that was the cornerstone of their music in the 80's was all but wiped away; and GN'R's 'Use Your Illusion' records, while glorious in parts, felt bloated in others. It was not 'Appetite For Destruction, Parts II and III'. What made matters worse, in what should have been the greatest double bill in rock history, the Guns N' Roses/Metallica tour was marred by Axl's inability to show up on time, Izzy quitting the band, the bombast of having backup singers and a horn section on stage, the lavish after-parties, and the worsening drug habits of Slash. It all culminated at the Montreal show after Hetfield burned his arm on stage, forcing Guns to start their show earlier. It's the aftermath of that show, in my opinion, is what propelled the alt/grunge movement to the forefront at that time. Later, it would be the inability to get a new album done and the departures of Slash and Duff that would kill rock and roll for the remainder of the 90's.
  4. Steve's looking kind of frail, to be honest. Not a lot of extra meat on them bones.
  5. Here's my theory: If Guns N' Roses are a part of this festival, they will be introducing new music. It wouldn't make much sense to perform otherwise. Honestly, I think we're going to get a new album this year. November would be my personal guess, as the band has a history of November releases (GN'R Lies, The Spaghetti Incident?, Chinese Democracy). Get it out before Black Friday and Cyber Monday to capitalize on sales. Most bands introduce a new song six to eight weeks before an album drops, so September fits that timeline. I think a lot of work has already been done on new material, probably during the downtime between legs of the NITL tour. When Slash gets done on his tour, I think the band gets together to put finishing touches on the music. All of this is speculative, but I'm feeling really optimistic that the last four months of 2019 are going to be big for Guns fans.
  6. What's your unpopular GN'R opinion?

    The next Guns N' Roses record will be out in calendar year 2019. It will win Grammys, something that has eluded them previously.
  7. GNR on Terminator 2 Figure

    I believe it's very, very possible.....if the movie doesn't blow like 'Salvation' and 'Genesys'
  8. Musically, it's catchy enough, but let's be honest: Duff can't sing.
  9. Worcester, MA 11/8/06. Guns didn't start until shortly after 11PM, and then Axl ranted about the sound guy trying to fuck him over. The audience, which probably wasn't more than 8,000 people, booed when he said that, but the rest of the show went off without a hitch. Didn't end until after 2AM. Foxboro, MA 7/20/16. Lenny Kravitz's set went way longer than it was supposed to, and it took over 40 minutes to complete the stage changeover, so Guns didn't get on until after 9PM, and there was a curfew of 11PM. To their credit, they broke curfew and I think played until about 11:25. If memory serves me correctly, they did 24 songs. Fantastic show.
  10. You know you're a die hard fan...

    When you pay full price for the Locked N' Loaded set My goal is to buy a pair of Sphynx cats and name them Axl and Slash
  11. Slash: "We will focus on a new GNR album"

    Could be something along the lines of what Green Day did a few years ago. They released three albums either a week or two apart from each other, if memory serves me correctly. Maybe GN'R releases a new record at the change of every season within a one year time frame (June, September, December, March). Wouldn't that be something? I think there's definitely going to be more than one album, but let's be happy with one and see where it goes from there.
  12. Slash: "We will focus on a new GNR album"

    If Axl has learned anything from the worldwide reception of the Not In This Lifetime tour, it's that the fans of the 87-93 era came out in droves to see the return of Slash and Duff. Outside of the hardcore fans who stuck with Axl through thick and thin for 20+ years, no one wants new Guns N' Roses material without Slash and Duff. The record label doesn't want it, either. The marketing push for a new Guns record with the Big Three would be infinitely more than what Chinese Democracy got. I recall seeing the tease in the movie theater about the Guns reunion tour before The Force Awakens in 2015. My brother in-law was like, "what's that about?", and I said, "Guns N' Roses are reuniting, it just hasn't been formally announced yet". Just that tease for the reunion tour was a bigger push than for Chinese Democracy's release. When the new record's ready, holy shit....it's probably going to be a marketing campaign like no one's ever seen before.
  13. Slash: "We will focus on a new GNR album"

    100% agree. I've never cared for much of Slash's work outside of Guns N' Roses. I've always thought Axl made Slash better, especially on some of Axl's "babies" like November Rain. I can't imagine a brilliant solo like that was Slash's original interpretation. Axl probably asked/encouraged Slash to modify it so it fit more into Axl's vision of having that epic finale.
  14. Mansfield, MA 8/24/1988

    Worcester, MA 11/8/2006

    Foxboro, MA 7/20/2016