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  1. Mansfield, MA 8/24/1988

    Worcester, MA 11/8/2006

    Foxboro, MA 7/20/2016

  2. 07/13/18 - Moscow, Russia - Otkritie Arena

    Axl sounded pretty good at this show. Band, especially Slash, was tight as usual. I'd really wanted my son and his fiancee to make it to this show, but they were in St. Petersburg and couldn't make it back in time.
  3. 07/13/18 - Moscow, Russia - Otkritie Arena

    My oldest son, who turns 27 on July 14th, is in Russia this week. He and his fiancee like to travel, and they were at the World Cup semifinal today. He wants to see the show, and probably will. I told him to be on the lookout for a pop-up shop that may have merchandise exclusive to the show (in other words, I hope he picks up something for his old man )
  4. I apologize if this already has a thread, or has been covered. A tweet sent by GN'R manager Fernando Lebeis around the time of the Appetite remaster announcement seems to indicate that one of the Locked N' Loaded box sets may have a "golden ticket", or as he phrased it, a "golden opportunity". Something right out of Willy Wonka. There's a woman/superfan who I've chatted with on both Facebook and You Tube who says it is absolutely true, though aside from Fernando's somewhat unspecific tweet, there's been no confirmation from the band, or Universal music, that I know of. I went through my Locked N' Loaded set pretty thoroughly (found the hidden cassette), but I didn't find any golden ticket. Obviously, the odds would be 1 in 10,000 that it was in my box, if it actually exists at all. But I didn't want to take the shrink wrap off any of my vinyls, nor open up the case with the book, as I have a Super Deluxe Edition that I did open, and it's the same thing. So, I don't know if it could possibly be something stashed in one of the vinyls that would require opening, or within the envelope packaged with the book...if not in my Locked N' Loaded box, then someone else's? Has anyone heard about this "golden ticket", whether it really exists, and if it's already been discovered?
  5. Knockin on Heavens Door Marquee

    It's always been my favorite version. First heard it 30 years ago on a Japanese import cassette (upgraded to the CD a few years ago). The cassette had that plus the versions of It's So Easy and Whole Lotta Rosie from the same Marquee show that are also on the new AFD remaster. It also had the "live, but not really" versions of Move To The City (the version also on GN'R Lies) and Shadow Of Your Love. They threw in the studio version of Sweet Child O' Mine as well. This is the Japanese import I speak of. Paid around $38 for a used copy on Ebay four or five years ago.
  6. I think so much of it has to do with Slash being clean, but he was simply awesome when I saw the band in July 2016. My favorite parts of the show were the riffs he was laying down prior to "Double Talkin' Jive", and the outro of "Layla" that leads into "November Rain". I also think that Axl has a way of bringing out the best in Slash. I'm not sure what it is, but I am a fan of very little of Slash's work outside GN'R. I withheld from labeling him as a guitar "god" until the show two years ago. He was out there looking like he had something to prove, and he delivered. Yes, he's better now than he was in the 90's.
  7. Final thoughts on NITL tour

    Pros: Seeing Axl and Slash sharing a stage again. I never would have believed it, but then I saw the You Tube clip in 2015 where Slash said he and Axl were talking to each other again, and I got the feeling a reunion was possible. Slash has become a fucking monster of a guitarist. Axl has always seemed to bring out the best in him, and it's probably extra motivation that he's part of a messy divorce, but Slash has, in my eyes, finally become the guitar god he always had the talent for. Not the original GN'R, but a talented lineup that hopefully get the chance to record new music together. I can call this current lineup Guns N' Roses, and not have any reservations about it. Cons: The tour's gone on for a little too long. Axl's voice needs rest. I understand there's still demand for the band to hit countries they haven't been to yet, but Axl is sounding really rough at times, and it puts the future of new music at risk if his voice goes completely. Merchandise prices. Not just at the shows, but on the website as well. Though, in some ways, the fact that the band finally has a reputable website that ships your merchandise in a timely fashion is a big PRO. Got my Locked N' Loaded set on June 29th, when I was supposed to.
  8. It's coming up on two years when I saw them in Foxboro, MA. I actually saw the 2nd show on 7/20, it was the first time the band had done back to back nights since the tour began. Axl sounded really good, considering he'd done a show the night before. Maybe Axl saw the writing on the wall, and realized Father Time was not going to be kind to his voice. Get a couple of the original guys back, add a female keyboardist who can sing backup vocals, go out and try to make amends for years of bad behavior. Some nights he has a little bit of old mojo, other nights he struggles. Obviously, you can't expect a 56 year old man to be 25 again. You just hope he's taking care of his vocal chords as best he can, and hope he can give you 60-70% of what he used to be. In the meantime, get some new music out with the 56 year old vocals of Axl Rose, so those songs can replace some of the older material that puts such a strain on his voice.
  9. I was hoping it would chart inside the top 5, given that today's "artists" suck.