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  1. The "New Album" Thread

    From my perspective, the band is making up for years of missed opportunity. I certainly have been the optimist about a new record, and while I was disappointed that 2019 didn't bring anything new, these tour dates (without "Not In This Lifetime" attached) would strongly suggest, in my opinion, that they will be touring in support of new material. January 31st is interesting, because with it being the first show since NITL ended, I would fully expect something new to be introduced, especially to an audience in town for the Super Bowl. It would definitely cause media buzz.

    I happen to like this puzzle, and will buy it if I don't receive it as a gift for Christmas
  3. What Made Guns N' Roses Special?

    A band whose debut album was impossible to ignore. A real rock n' roll record in an era otherwise dominated by hair metal. Swagger of the Rolling Stones, vintage guitar crunch of Aerosmith and AC/DC, attitude of The Sex Pistols. They took these elements and managed to be unique. As said by others, a band greater than the sum of its parts.
  4. I agree 100%. Axl could have brought Duff, Izzy, and Steven back into the fold for Not In This Lifetime, and it wouldn't have succeeded as much as it did having Slash back. Axl/Slash is what Jagger/Richards, Page/Plant, Tyler/Perry, and Roth/Van Halen were to their respective bands. It makes all the difference.
  5. GNR Announce Miami 2020 Super Bowl Fest Show

    Actually, Disney bought FOX, which is why The Simpsons can be streamed on the new Disney Plus service. The only part Disney didn't acquire in the deal was FOX News. So technically, Mickey could make an appearance if he wanted to
  6. We've still got a month left in 2019, the possibility of new music this year still exists. I strongly believed the band would release something new this year, and while there's been no whispers of that actually occurring, it's not impossible. In 2020? Yes, I think any touring will be accompanied with new material, whether it be one song, a few, or a whole record's worth.

    I didn't notice that. They should sell it seperately for like $10. I already have the L N' L boxset, so I'm not in the market for the vinyl bundles. I got the Appetite cassette in blue at Target last holiday season.

    The merch website's been updated with a bunch of new things: Christmas sweater! Ornaments! Puzzles of the two Appetite album covers, plus Use Your Illusion I and II (I like these)! Also new are seperate shot glass/vinyl bundles. One features all four LP vinyls from the Locked N' Loaded set. The other has all the 7" singles from Locked N' Loaded. Surprisingly, they are affordably priced. Check it out.
  9. How long do you think NITL tour will be

    I think it finally concludes tonight. If the rumors are to be believed, there's a new album coming by the end of March, so there's no reason to call the next tour "Not In This Lifetime", right? Sure, in the eyes of most fans, it dragged on for too long with generally repeated set lists. Still, it was just about four years ago when we learned that Axl and Slash had mended fences, which led to the speculation that there could be a reunion. Something that seemed impossible for so many years. So, when you look at it that way, every time they take the stage together, it is a gift.
  10. 11/01/19 - Las Vegas, NV - The Colosseum at Caesars Palace

    "Thanks to your lame-ass floor's lack of traction, I'M GOING HOME"

    I'm sorry she got that shirt, unless she likes it. That and the shirt that repeats "Lies" over and over are the two shirts I absolutely did not want.

    I got my laundry bag mystery bundle today, and was pleasantly surprised by it's contents. I got the white/green ringer tee that reads "Guns N' Roses Appetite For Destruction" on the front. Also received the white trucker hat with the logo embroidered on the front. They threw in two stickers, one of which is now my avatar. The other is a sticker of the banned Appetite cover. Was really impressed with the laundry bag itself. The canvas material is pretty rugged, and the bullet logo is larger than it looked on the merchandise website. I'd post pictures, but I can't figure out how to post URL's, wish I could just copy and paste. Worth the money I spent, in my opinion.
  13. 10/01/19 - Jacksonville, FL - Vystar Veterans Memorial Arena

    Tonight's setlist (not confirmed): 1) It's So Easy 2) Mr. Brownstone 3) new song 4) Welcome To The Jungle 5) My World 6) new song 7) Sympathy For The Devil 8)Sweet Child O' Mine 9) Riad And The Bedoins 10) Wichita Lineman 11) new song 12) Look At Your Game, Girl 13) Civil War 14) Shackler's Revenge 15) November Rain 16) Don't Cry (alternate lyrics) 17) Oh My God 18) new song 19) Anything Goes 20) Bad Apples ENCORE: I.R.S. The Seeker Knockin' On Heaven's Door new song Paradise City

    My thought, also.