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  1. Slash has publicly said that he likes Richard, and the guy has been a part of the band for what now...17 years? We have to face facts--Izzy can't be counted on to show up and record his parts (see "Locomotive"), and has no interest for being on the road for extended periods of time. I'm not saying Richard is going to do anything to make people forget about Izzy; this isn't a case like when Joe Walsh replaced Bernie Leadon in The Eagles, and everyone embraced Joe Walsh/forgot about Bernie Leadon. But the guy's been a dutiful employee for a long time, and handles Izzy's spot just fine. Meanwhile, how could anyone believe Adler could handle being back in GN'R permanently? Never mind the back issues, the strokes, the heart attacks. Adler would be a liability simply because he'd likely be the guy to fall hard off the wagon and relapse into heavy drug use. And as for Sorum? He and Axl don't like each other all that much, which has been documented. Axl would rather have a guy who knows his role, and shuts his mouth.
  2. It would be the first GN'R album ever recorded with a clean and sober Slash. Duff too, actually. That in itself is pretty exciting. I know people are going to say that Appetite was recorded with the mandate that no drugs were allowed while they were in the studio recording. That may be true, but technically, all five of them had drugs in their system 24/7 at that time, so it doesn't really count.
  3. No offense to Weird Al, but Guns should have won.
  4. He could be referencing having recorded with GN'R prior to Slash and Duff's return. When he says "more recording", he could be talking about Slash and Duff putting in their parts on songs that may have been worked on prior to NITL happening. That's how I interpret it, anyway.
  5. The T.V. Show Thread

    That first season of True Detective....I mean, WOW. That was must-see television. I always liked Woody Harrelson, but it was really Matthew McConaghey who blew me away with his performance. I have it on blu-ray, will need to watch it again soon over a weekend. Then, season two.....ugh. Now I don't have HBO, so I don't know if what I'm missing with season three is more like season one, or season two.
  6. "What Movie Did You Watch?" - 2019 Edition

    I think there were advance screenings this past weekend, I missed them. Looking forward to seeing it though. I'm 48 and my kids are grown, but I really dig Toothless. Could see myself with a tattoo of him.
  7. The truth, and the end.

    Devil's Night is every night in Detroit, isn't it?
  8. The truth, and the end.

    Totally incorrect, but whatever. It's like one other poster and myself actually supporting the band/management/record company's decision to take down videos and disable "fan channels". Without the internet, Guns N' Roses would have sold every one of the 10,000 editions of the Locked N' Loaded set within weeks, at full price. They would have sold many more copies of the Super Deluxe. They would have sold probably a few million copies of the vinyl and CD editions. It would have been in the top 40 in sales, obviously, just as it was for three years in the late 1980's. If Guns N' Roses were a brand new band in 2019, and the original 'Appetite' was being sold this year, how many copies do you think it would sell? 500,000? 750,000? 1,000,000? One thing that cannot be disputed is that 'Appetite For Destruction', possibly the greatest rock album of all-time, would sell nowhere near the 19,000,000 units that have sold in the US since 1987, if it was a brand new album today. The internet has ruined any opportunity for any artist to sell 10 million hard copy albums in this era, no matter what goodies are thrown in as a bonus. People want to bitch about high ticket prices? Bands have to make a profit somehow, and if the "fans" aren't buying hard copies of the album---either buying songs from Itunes at a significantly lower royalty rate, or just stealing the music outright--they're going to rape your wallet if you want to see them live. But then, THAT isn't good enough either. people want to pull out their smartphones and record the whole show as a souvenir, a souvenir not authorized by most bands/artists. Guns N' Roses are holding the cards here. They can make a new album to satisfy old and new fans alike, but they have to be thinking what the fuck for, if no one's going to pay for the end product?
  9. The truth, and the end.

    Point proven. You want everything for free at the click of a button. Another thing--capitalism is proven to work. Socialism, not so much. If you want to be a socialist and have everything handed to you, go to Venezuela. 90% of that country is now dirt poor thanks to socialism. Good luck.
  10. The truth, and the end.

    I am a real fan. I actually enjoyed the material on the Locked N' Loaded set because I hadn't heard it 20 years before. You know, there was a reason Axl flipped out in St. Louis in 1991. Just because he can't stop everyone from bringing their smartphones to a show in today's world doesn't mean he can't have a say on what can and cannot be put online. Jeez, do you people ever THINK that maybe the reason the band and management are trying to get a handle on things like this is because they want to make a new record, but fear these people with their "fan channels" will end up leaking the shit?
  11. The truth, and the end.

    The band has every right to take down whatever they want, sorry. If you're as old as you look in your picture, you can probably remember a time before the internet. When people had to buy music in a store. When they had to wait for their band's video to air on MTV, and maybe get it recorded to a VHS tape. Or sneak in a recorder to a concert to get audio of a few songs. Back then, that was "bootlegging". I'm so fucking annoyed by the people who bitched about the music Guns N' Roses supplied for the Locked N' Loaded and Super Deluxe Editions. "Oh, we've heard this before, it's been online for 20 years". EXACTLY! People found the files online and illegally downloaded them years ago. Then they have the nerve to complain because everything in the box set was stuff they already heard? It's called fucking STEALING. Hate to tell you this, but there is this thing called "intellectual property". The audio files and video clips you find on the internet and illegally upload/download? The band can readily make the case it belongs to them. They're the ones performing the songs. You go to the shows, you hear the performance while you're there. That's all the band owes you. Recording the whole show to put on You Tube is not some kind of bonus the band offered you. They can remove anything they damn well please. If you don't think the sales of Chinese Democracy were affected by the leaked material a year in advance, you're fucking incredibly dumb. What incentive does the band have recording an album NOW if someone's going to find a way to get it online well in advance, so when the album does drop, nobody buys it because they've already got it in a file on their computer? You can't keep expecting them to offer freebies inside a CD case or album jacket just to get people to buy a hard copy. People these days, they want everything for nothing, and then bitch when it's gone because they abused the shit out of it.
  12. They'd have been better off going drumless, just as it is with the studio version. This was probably Henley's way of thanking Axl for his guest vocal on Henley's 'End Of The Innocence' album, which would be released a few months after this performance
  13. Very pointless interview, if you can even call it that. Nothing asked about his current tour, nothing asked about GN'R plans. I do like the woman in the blue dress, though. I don't know if she's still on the Today show in Australia, but I've seen some clips where she gets fairly sexually suggestive with some of the things she says. I think her name is Georgie.
  14. Gnr Missing Out

    I wouldn't pay $12.99 a month for old Guns N' Roses shows. I WOULD pay $12.99 a month for a GN'R "loot crate". Those things are pretty cool