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  1. NITL live videos on youtube

    Better than nothing, especially with the postponements today
  2. The guy lucked into the easiest gig in history, basically. Became manager of Guns N' Roses because Axl felt a connection to his mother.
  3. Maybe I'm still bitter about the "COVID-45" bullshit, but I think these "Hell Tour" shirts fucking suck also. After 33 years of my loyalty through thick and thin, this band is losing me fast. And I was one of the hardcore fucking idiots who paid the full $999 for the Locked N' Loaded set. Introduce new music, or call it a fucking career.

    This is an absolutely terrible decision by someone. Not just the shirt, because it looks stupid, but because the band had to get political. A really fucking stupid move by a band that had everything going for it in 2016, only to piss away all their momentum with the lack of new material. Now I hope "COVID 45" causes the cancellation of the Fenway Park show, because I want my money back.
  5. I ordered this from the Target website this morning. It's also supposed to be in their stores in limited quantities, but the two stores I visited both told me they weren't supposed to have them on the floor yet (as of 11/11). Doesn't make sense, because the red vinyl had been shown in their sales flyer the week before. Anyway, it seems like a nice collectible for $29.99 https://www.target.com/p/guns-n-roses-ndash-appetite-for-destruction-target-exclusive-red-vinyl/-/A-53856767
  6. Unofficial updates on 2020 tour

    I want to see GN'R this summer, though I do believe the North American leg will almost certainly be cancelled. Even though the Boston show is still three months out, it seems from my perspective that the governor of Massachusetts is going to be very slow in re-opening businesses, and there will no doubt be "social distancing" (I've grown to hate that fucking term) at all indoor and outdoor functions. If North America is cancelled, and if the plan was to gradually introduce new material in their shows, I would like to think that Team Brazil would learn an important lesson. That being, don't tease the fans into buying tickets for an "all new show", because now the opportunity to make mad cash for one or two new songs is now circling the drain. You should have played "Hard School" in Mexico City when the opportunity was there. From there, a single could have been dropped to radio and iTunes. Now, there's no momentum at all with the band. Team Brazil has always been in control of what the fans can buy, what they can see, and what they can hear. Now, something bigger than them is going to probably fuck them all hard in their wallets.
  7. I'm fully expecting the entire North American leg of the tour to be cancelled. Even if the governors of the states relax their current restrictions later in the spring or summer, there are going to be ridiculous stipulations such as continuing to maintain a 6 foot distance from one another. That isn't going to work in any ballpark, arena, or stadium. Won't work for concerts, won't work for sporting events.
  8. Just updates on the North American tour is all I ask for. I'm sure they want to do it, if the country can return to normal before those dates in July.
  9. What is the logic of posting a clip of a new song being sung at rehearsal, and then NOT performing that song at the show later that day? That, fellow GN'R fans, is the ultimate cocktease.
  10. Although she’s a country artist, she admits she’s a fan of the 80’s hard rock genre. In this week’s edition of Parade magazine, she says Motley Crue’s “Kickstart My Heart” is her go-to song to get her pumped up. She seems cool.
  11. My tickets for the Fenway Park show arrived in the mail today. I'm excited primarily because my two older sons are joining me for this show; in 2016, it was my youngest son. I'd obviously love for them to have new music by July; I'd be blown away if they did a Prince-type thing and included a hard copy of a new album as part of the show's ticket price. However, this is Guns N' Roses, and not only do you get nothing for free from them, generally you overpay for what they have to offer.
  12. I still feel that the plan is for new music to accompany this 2020 tour. It just seems to be a major ordeal for this band, and what I deem to be “inept” management. Too many “yes men”, not enough people challenging Axl to get new music done and released to the masses.
  13. North American Tour Dates Announced

    This could probably be it’s own topic, but who knows what effect the Coronavirus is going to have not just the Guns N’ Roses tour, but traveling for anyone, regardless of their profession. A case of the virus has now been confirmed in Chicago, where GN’R has a date this summer. I fully realize we’re still months away from those summer shows, but what if the virus hasn’t been neutralized by then?
  14. North American Tour Dates Announced

    I think a new song before the tour kicks off would drum up a lot of interest, especially if the song is able to break through to a younger fan base.
  15. North American Tour Dates Announced

    I posted basically the same thing in the "New Album" thread, but thought I might post it here as well: Maybe Guns N' Roses could try the same approach as Prince did with his "Musicology" album in 2004? Ticket prices for that tour included a copy of Prince's album for each concertgoer at the show. By doing that, it was almost 1.5 million copies of his album that might not have been bought otherwise. It was also counted as a "sale" by Billboard, so Prince's album was in the top ten for several months. That's certainly a way for GN'R to sell more tickets, with a guarantee of a new, physical album handed out to each show patron. It also makes them look good on Billboard if the album is a top ten or top five hit for a large portion of the calendar year.
  16. Could we see Guns N' Roses take a page from Prince? If you saw Prince live in 2004, you received a copy of his "Musicology" CD at the show. It was included in the ticket price. 1.47 million discs were handed out to concertgoers; two million copies were moved overall. Given the cost of tickets for the forthcoming tour, I think if the band does have an album's worth of material done, why not try doing it this way? It counts as a sale, and would be reflected on the Billboard charts as such. You could see a Guns N' Roses album in the top ten, or even top five, for many months.
  17. Leaked material definitely affects the band and management. Just look at sales of the Locked N' Loaded set, and the Super Deluxe. True, they were both overpriced at the outset, but when no one wants to buy them because they'd already found all the unreleased tracks online years before, there's no incentive for the band to record anything new if they assume the same thing is going to happen. All of you who heard the leaked songs a few months ago got instant gratification by hearing something "new", even if it was unfinished. To the band, though, it's a bunch of possible material for a new album that has lost it's element of surprise, because people will now judge the final version of a song to the demo they previously found and heard online. For free. People like me, who didn't try to find the leaked tracks, and are willing to pay for a new record, are angry. I'd bet if music pirating didn't exist, GN'R would be promoting a new album right now, instead of leaving us to guess when/if we might ever get anything new from them.
  18. North American Tour Dates Announced

    I heard these promos early last week before tickets for any of the shows went on sale. I'd like to think it's more than a cock tease. It got me to buy three tickets for the Fenway Park show, so mission accomplished on their end.
  19. North American Tour Dates Announced

    Fenway Park is a smaller venue. For a baseball game, it holds a maximum capacity of just under 38,000. I am fully expecting this show to be sold out, especially with the addition of Smashing Pumpkins as the opener. They're not my cup of tea, but it will bring in some of their fans who will probably stick around for Guns. Also, this North American leg is still five months away. Ever the optimist, I'm keeping an open mind to the possibility of new tunes by then.
  20. North American Tour Dates Announced

    I have no interest in seeing Smashing Pumpkins, so I guess if they open at Fenway Park, I’ll be at the merchandise stands or on the toilet
  21. North American Tour Dates Announced

    I was trying to grab three tickets for TURF at Fenway, and I kept getting the message that there were not any available based on that quantity. So, I had to "settle" for three tix in Field Box 70.
  22. North American Tour Dates Announced

    Thanks, man. I'm planning on buying some tix for the Fenway Park show. I sure hope 'Larger Than Life' has some meaning being the tour name, though it doesn't sound like an album title I'd expect from them.
  23. Unless there’s a plan for the band to make a surprise appearance at the halftime show and debut something new, last night’s show was a massive disappointment. It’s just illogical, and insulting to the true fans, to roll out the same set list when a “new chapter” was being touted. I didn’t want to believe that a tour in 2020 would be nothing but a cash grab, but it’s now difficult to think otherwise.
  24. It's my gut feeling that something new will be performed tonight. The audience probably won't give two fucks, but this website will be buzzing. I also think the merch website is going to be offering new stuff very soon. With Christmas and the 25% off sale earlier this month, there's not much left there.