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  1. I don't know if this has already been discussed in the official merchandise thread, but there is now a t-shirt commemorating the release of the Greatest Hits on vinyl. It looks decent. Can be bought seperately, or with the picture disc or 2 LP as a bundle package. https://gnrmerch.com/products/greatest-hits-t-shirt-picture-disc
  2. Fernando can't even count to fucking four
  3. If I had to guess, Jarmo at HTGTH sucks Fernando's dick on a regular basis, and you can't speak ill of him Nirvana's song may have peaked in early 1992. November Rain peaked in late spring/early summer of '92
  4. I'm with you. It's too bad Irving Azoff didn't pan out. Funny how Axl was claiming Azoff was scheming to get the old band back together, and to tour with the reunited Van Halen. I have no doubt that Azoff would have gotten new music from the band if he was in charge. Fernando just makes decisions, or lack thereof, based on Axl's feelings on a given day.
  5. Who knows, maybe Sympathy For The Devil was re-recorded with Fortus replacing Paul Tobias’ contribution.
  6. I will probably buy both versions of this, because like RussTCB, I am a completionist. With the $644 I’m getting back from the ticket refund, I am still going to put some of my money, albeit a smaller amount, into Fernando’s hands. Fuck. He’s Jimi Hendrix now.
  7. Just received an email that the Fenway Park show has been rescheduled to August 3, 2021. Still requesting a refund. Until there's a new album, fuck 'em
  8. I haven't seen anything for Boston
  9. They could put out a new album, and drum up some fucking interest.
  10. Probably right to do that. Seattle is a fucking war zone, and will be for quite some time, even next year

    The official merch store has Appetite For Destruction available on red cassette. Don’t know if anyone’s interested. I figured I would grab one. I’ve had the blue one for a couple of years now.
  12. I sent an email to initiate a refund this morning. First email I received in response was that my credit card would be refunded after the 30 day window for all refund requests had closed. Then later, I got the email with the July 27th announcement, and after the rescheduled date was announced, I'd have 30 days from that point to request a refund. I fucking hate Ticketmaster, they're just going to drag this refund shit out for as long as possible. The only way I decide to keep my tickets is with a new album release before the rescheduled date in 2021.
  13. I have no interest in hearing it. Probably about as good as Sheryl Crow’s cover of “Sweet Child O’ Mine”.
  14. THE most overrated GNR song?

    The studio version of "Knockin' On Heaven's Door". It sounds so neutered compared to the raw energy of the live versions from the Marquee and The Ritz.
  15. One song to rule them all...

    Sweet Child O' Mine would be the best representation. Not only did it go to #1, but in the era of the late 1980's, when hair metal was enjoying a great run, this song emphatically made it clear that Guns N' Roses was NOT a hair metal band.
  16. Does anyone else besides me think that the "woke" culture that is sensitive to everything, might demand Guns N' Roses change their name? You know, because guns are bad and dangerous? The Dixie Chicks already caved and renamed themselves "The Chicks", and Lady Antebellum shortened theirs to "Lady A". Not that they were being forced to, but now because they have, someone out there might say the "Guns" in Guns N' Roses, or LA Guns, is offensive. Likewise, although they're no longer active, .38 Special might be forced to alter their name if someone raises a fuss. Nothing out there surprises me anymore, so if it happens, color me not shocked.
  17. The merch website is really selling nothing of interest right now. Worst I've seen it in the four years since they started using the classic bullet logo again on most items.
  18. NITL live videos on youtube

    What an asshole. Posting concert footage and civil unrest have nothing to do with each other. This guy is just incredibly fucking lazy, and he has instilled that same laziness in the band. I’ll start my own protest with a sign that reads “BRING BACK ALAN NIVEN”
  19. I'm just waiting for a new date to be announced to replace the July 21st show at Fenway Park. So I can officially get my credit card refunded.
  20. Matt Sorum's Autobiography

    It is. To think just four years ago, we looked at Duff and Slash's return as sort of a rebirth of the classic Guns N' Roses. Unfortunate that Alan Niven is not the manager of this band in 2020. He's the only guy that forced them to work.
  21. These riots going on in major cities aren't going to do much to get the band to release new music, either. Why sell your new album at Target when the store's going to get looted and burned to the ground?
  22. NITL live videos on youtube

    For clips that were widely available on You Tube for a long time!
  23. NITL live videos on youtube

    Fernando's probably reading these comments right now, and saying that fifteen minutes is what us minions deserve. I mean, it's not like any of us are interested in hearing new music or anything.
  24. NITL live videos on youtube

    .....and, it's over.