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  1. man it's all so good and so much less compressed than 2008CD. Just to think of all of the other stuff that is finished out there on a hard drive or disc somewhere that we may never hear. I'd love to be a fly on the wall in axl's home studio. He probably has tons of stuff finished that sounds amazing.
  2. The Leak History

    Yeah I heard it. Pretty crazy stuff,,, and the lengths people will go to and money they have to spend on such things is appalling to me. I have a hard enough time making a house payment lol
  3. The Leak History

    What still blows me away is how someone would even know about a storage locker for sale owned by a former associate of the band unless that person let them know, and also how all of these random ass people got ahold of these finished songs in the first place even before the lockers as obviously there’s a lot out there in complete form. I listened to that SoundCloud thing. Obviously people have and have heard a lot of finished with vocal material we didn’t know existed until now. That guy said tons. The entire thing is strange. Oh well. 1 record in 26 years. I’ll be surprised if we hear anything at all in the next 2 years. I’ll be 40 by the time anything substantial gets released if rumored timelines are accurate. Weird to think I was 11 when TSI got released. Either way I’ll buy it and I’m sure it will be great.
  4. I’ve always wondered if they would re-release Chinese with other songs and have them reworked by current band.
  5. Obviously the focus was the majority of the songs that we got in Chinese 1. As those are old and obviously repeated as a focus. I’m sure there’s plenty more and people have them. Will be here them I doubt it. It is cool to hear what we have and what else may come. I hope the band releases all of this in proper form. Now if they did a Box set release of Chinese with all these demos with vocals And it was like 60 songs with the remastered version of the album and all the different types of artwork I would probably be more willing to pay $1000 for that then a release of appetite or illusions of songs I’ve already heard a bazillion times
  6. There’s a song one of those discs called inside out and I wonder what that is too
  7. What about this rumored extra CD with the songs that have complete lyrics and stuff on it. With this song dragon that supposedly super angry anybody have any idea about what that is or if it’s true?
  8. I would not be surprised if maybe they add some covers or some songs that they don’t normally play from illusions or other albums. I would bet if we hear anything new it would be towards the end of the tour I’m really tired of the covers though. And the same set list
  9. Supposedly if you read across the Internet there are far more songs than we realize that people have in complete lyrical form. I think several more of those songs from storage have vocals because if you read the listings/pictures some of them show no vox. But a larger chunk just have song titles and time and then some other random number and date. I remember some interview somewhere with maybe tommy or someone who said they had an A list and B list and it was something like 60 songs. Someone elsewhere had stated there was another disc with song “dragon” on it. That disc is supposedly chuck full of finished songs. I just hope we are lucky enough to keep hearing stuff like this. I also hope the band releases it (ALL FINISHED TRACKS) in pure form someday one way or another. I’d buy it all in a heartbeat. Never know what to believe anymore. But seems to be some truth to all of it in some way.
  10. one thing I have always wondered (because I am fascinated by the business side of music as much as music itself) is I wonder if part of the problem with the releases has been song writing credits/rights. I have always been curious what the "nuguns" contracts looked like. Meaning, I wonder if they had to sign a waiver saying the songs written over time would be owned by band name and label/axl or if they would still get some sort of royalty and writing credit for their part. So say for example The General gets released and was primarily written by tommy, josh, axl, bucket, robyn, pittman and it goes to 1 and makes a substantial amount of dollars. Yet slash records over Robyn's lead, duff records a new baseline, Frank replaces drums etc, however the song more-less remains the same. I wonder if those old members have any legal recourse or option of royalty being a writer of the song.
  11. I try and look at things in life from an objective/subjective approach. Hard to take shots at TB. They could be genuinely nice people and just have a position within the band to help in some form obviously. I am aware of their actual positions, but it obviously goes deeper. I look at it from perspective of, TB and others we think might probably don't have the control many/we think. Ultimately the band, their attorney's, their publicists, their label, marketing, and conglomerates that own the labels, and who knows who else have control. I think we didn't hear this stuff all of these years because as Axl once said "how do you take something that was once so big and re-create with an entirely new group of people." It's a big risk when you are the sole survivor regardless of who is at fault, you add in a label and several managers who envision things certain ways that they would like things to be and it becomes a clusterfuck. We all agree we love the band pretty much in all forms. I defended the band to friends all of the time since I was 13 years old that "CD" was coming, over and over, buying metal edge and reading the metal wire, spin, rolling stone magazine just to catch a glimpse of news. We went from hearing all about the band was doing in the early 90's to absolutely nothing. That is what sucks. That is the slap in the face to me. They don't have to do individual interviews if they don't want to. I could understand them not wanting to do that much so words aren't twisted. What would be best is have a random fan or person from here even ask them the hard questions about releasing new/old music. Or they could do a youtube livestream of only axl/slash/duff having that discussion with nobody interview them. Just them and the world. They would be in control. Bottom line they technically don't have to do anything and they will still make millions. They could re-release all of these leaks in complete polished form and we would all buy them as we all did with Chinese. They do owe it to their fans to give more explanations and more information regarding such things. The mystique is old an annoying. Fans make anyone in a media spotlight. I've played music for years myself and had mediocre success throughout my own life and some of those people still follow my music to this day, albeit very few. This band doesn't have to worry about. I understand the artistic integrity portion whole-heartedly too, but there comes a point where you have to let go or time passes you buy and we all end up forgotten or a was or has been.
  12. this is not a request. More a statement. But I am intrigued about Oklahoma as that was listed on the locker cds. I've always wondered about that song for years as the story was he was in court and the OKC bombing happened. I was 12-13 years old at that time in 1995. To think that song is potentially that old. I would presume most of those on the CDs have vocals unless noted,,, as some of the pictures reflect "no vox"