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  1. @Stlconcertsthat's odd right? Since they branded this fall tour and not NiTL. I get how the sand has run out....but it's odd to see the branding after it didnt appear on any other lithos. That thumb is odd though.
  2. I had no idea we had celebrity memebers! Hahaha sorry the first thing I thought of was Nunez or Peck insulting a tattoo with only 3 fingers. I can almost hear a mix of their voices saying "you drew a beautiful face, just to drop the ball on the rest of her anatomy".
  3. I think it's a dope design. Especially since vegas has so many lithos already in the tank. Coming up with something new should be embraced. Nice work facefirst. Edit. I probably should have quoted the other picture, since the new vegas one dropped....oops.
  4. If we are going Black Sabbath, I always thought a lil Electric Funeral jam session followed by Axl covering Fairies Wear Boots would be kick ass.
  5. They did drop it. And it was one of my favs.
  6. I haven't been to as many shows as probably the majority of the board has but that might provide a different prospective. As the overwhelming majority of folks I have run into are seeing them for the first time, the longer the better even if it sacrifices a bit of quality. They will only being going to thier hometown show, so roll out as many tracks as you can. Especially for the price. I think after hitting a bunch of shows your opinion may swing to quality over quantity. Food for thought....
  7. It was fuller than I expected with as many complaints on ticket prices as I saw online. (Basically a full house) The other 3 shows I have been to I have been in the pits, so take this opinion with a grain of salt. Last nights crowd felt like an LA crowd for sports. It was more about saying you were there. Every other show I have attended the crowd seemed to be louder singing along to knockin, patience, sweet child, etc. The crowd was loud in applause dont get me wrong. Maybe it was being so far removed from the pits I dont know.
  8. I will second NYC and say that slither is much improved from last year. And Dead Horse was awesome. Personally I miss wish you were here.
  9. I'm bringing my kids so I wont be in the pits. Have fun in there gents!
  10. In their defense, they also double as pimps.
  11. Thank you for sharing! I love the color scheme, so vibrant. I really love the tread at the bottom. The great outdoors is a huge part of the Utah experience. You cant go more than a house or two down without someone owning a trailer or some sort of atv, boat, dirt bike, what have you. Mountain biking is also a huge activity here, especially in southern Utah. Mormon missionaries ride their bikes while "serving" and a good number of them continue it in the mountain biking version as a hobby. Downtown, our drug dealers use BMX bikes to deliver their goods. Obviously the Utah mountains are kind of a big deal too. Really cool design. I also liken it to the SoCal trilogy.
  12. Its wonderful once you get out of the urban sprawl. The 15 corridor from mid state to almost idaho is awful. Especially compared to where I am from. I once made the drive from Cleveland to Toledo and was pleasantly surprised how lush and green it was. I expected more urban sprawl and was blown away by the beauty outside the city.
  13. I'm excited either way. The arch in Zion park is iconic here. The red rocks are just fucking cool be it Moab, St George, or Lake Powell. I cant draw a straight line to save my life, so take my art criticism with the salt in the flats or lake. Are you going to be at the SLC show? I will buy you a beer!
  14. Cant say I am a fan on this one. Hopefully the NOLA folks like it.
  15. I'm with holo. It isnt a top 50 for me overall, but this leg? It's a top 5 hahaha. Based on lowered expectations this time around, I consider it a winner.