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  1. From the instrumentals they have a lot of potential specially Tonto Me & My Elvis D Tune (this probably will have other name now) Curly Shuffle (this probably too) Zodiac Quicksong
  2. Well Brian confirmed he played in 3 songs. Looks like he recorded the solos the same date. So perhaps fit on that
  3. I would say its more a rehearsal... that recording was january few days before Rio. The Black Hawk offer was late 01.
  4. First ever GnR song that you heard?

    Its so easy Ritz 88, aired on a Catalan TV in 1991.
  5. Coma and Jungle Demos

    But its not fake
  6. The other day happened the sane with my wife. We were watching tv news and ir was announced the death of al-bagdadi. It sounds like mcdaddy and she already said whos your mcdaddy hey hey
  7. I found this from the interview from Trunk to Axl in 2006. Interesting...so he could heard something about Tommy out/ Duff back in 2006 Trunk: Axl, let me ask you something real quick, and we're gonna put a song. I wanted to ask you this: Tommy Stinson's still in the band right? Axl: Absolutely
  8. Chinese Twat The Blues Irs Prostitute Riad Madagascar Catcher Going down Silkworms Tommy demo 1 Atlas Perhaps Hardschool State of grace Eye on you Nothing If the world
  9. Source of Tommy demo 1 is called Motormouth? Axl denied in 2008
  10. The ep can be seen as a single. Why not? live like a suicide december 1986 . 8 months later AFD was released.
  11. The solo from 2:47 its bumble so Bucket & Bumble both are on the mix
  12. Im sure theres still more than 35 differents versions of TWAT. Just kidding, it would be cool
  13. FYI its portuguese not spanish