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  1. Chinese Twat The Blues Irs Prostitute Riad Madagascar Catcher Going down Silkworms Tommy demo 1 Atlas Perhaps Hardschool State of grace Eye on you Nothing If the world
  2. Source of Tommy demo 1 is called Motormouth? Axl denied in 2008
  3. The ep can be seen as a single. Why not? live like a suicide december 1986 . 8 months later AFD was released.
  4. The solo from 2:47 its bumble so Bucket & Bumble both are on the mix
  5. Im sure theres still more than 35 differents versions of TWAT. Just kidding, it would be cool
  6. FYI its portuguese not spanish
  7. No Different source.its not easy as you think to stop leaks. So many people involved
  8. If this mails leaks it would not be a smart move from the chairman. Chairman if you read this, dont do it. Keep searching the famous 11 songs (Cuban Skies is an instrumental)
  9. According to that article was 1991 http://www.lamag.com/culturefiles/mash-of-the-titans-when-eazy-e-met-axl-rose/
  10. They didnt record anything. Shaq just goofed around with Paul & Dizzy just because they were at the same building
  11. The leak its 100% bucket.no doubt it just different take.