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  1. Being a control freak just goes into the direction I told... Axl cannot control how bad he sound and looks some days lately. So what he camp does? Block videos that shows this
  2. Personally I think Axl and his camp knows about the takedowns... And is their call to block the videos. Duff and Slash solo careers don't have this issues. My point of view is a business strategy... With no videos general people don't get tired of the same setlist every other night. People don't get aware of vocal problems or weight issues. So they can pay the high prices tickets and cash in.... These youtube videos can really damage the general audience that isn't die hard fans and want a "better" performance overall. If it's a good strategy, only time will tell.
  3. Street Of Dreams, This I Love and TWAT in my opinion are the 3 Axl wanted Slash... Robin's solo in TWAT somehow remembers me Slash approach on solos...
  4. Paul Huge and the new album

    He co wrote back off bitch. What both Slash and Duff said before to dislike him were although "he couldn't play" he also had an attitude of "Axl boy" that no matter what he did he would be in the band regardless of what Slash and Duff thought about it
  5. Paul Huge and the new album

    I don't think Paul has passed the "Tommy Test" . Paul didn't pass the Slash/Duff test and was still in the band long after these two... I believe that if Tommy tried to "test" Paul in any shape or form, he would not be in the band for so long. If Slash and Duff didn't embrace the guy or his ideas, wouldn't be Tommy decision to embrace or not Paul's persona and ideas that will matter
  6. If I can recall correctly , Dave Dominguez said Axl told him to erase the "I Love You Stephanie" part after the end of the song. Not necessarily the entire tape. He also said he took extra care to not erase any other thing of the track
  7. Wasn't Sorum who brought Finck? I believe that at some point Finck, Duff , Sorum and Paul was the band after Slash quit. And I do believe that Merck worked with Doug in Sanctuary.
  8. Izzy Slash Fortus Finck Bumblefoot Buckethead Gilby Paul Huge Dj Ashba
  9. Not sure... Fortus played with Thin Lizzy in 2011. I do believe that Perla was Slash manager at the time... I don't think Slash was unaware of this....
  10. https://www.express.co.uk/entertainment/music/741379/Guns-N-Roses-guitarist-Slash-Richard-Fortus-Axl-Rose-Not-In-This-Lifetime-Tour-tickets
  11. Well, I think Axl's carer was "dead" as much as Slash and Duff... Axl was playin' arenas (sometimes half full). Duff and Slash were playin' theaters... So I don't know how much Axl's carrer if you compare it with Slash And Duff... As far as I know Slash had rights to old Logos . The ones that GNR usually sell between 2001 and 2015 were pretty much from the Chinese Era About the lineup I'm not so sure that Slash and Duff were unhappy... Like someone said , Slash wanted Fortus to play in his solo band. Rich didn't do because of his loyalty to Axl. As far as Frank goes, I believe Slash and Duff would prefer Sorum to bring more of a reunion factor. And there were rumours that Sorum wanted the same paycheck he used to have. Honestly I personally thinks that lineups would only be the original 5 + dizzy or the way things ended up happening. So I don't think personel changes with the hired guns was so much a discussion... And maybe that was the reason that maybe Slash and Duff were "Unhappy" . I'm pretty much sure that Fortus will stay even if Izzy comes back permanently. But of course this only my opinion And let's not forget that was a rumour that the salary of the hired guns comes from Axl cut... So, if that's true, it's more than fair that he can pick the ones he wants and stayed loyal to him
  12. Yeah... I know that Bucket arrived late 99, early 00... But I'm almost sure that Brain joined after the first half of 2000
  13. Can anyone tell if the drums are all Josh Fresse or some of the songs has Brain on it?