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  1. Great man...how many people was there?
  2. Kao i svaki Hrvat samo seres... 85% songs are Guns songs,so you're talkin shits...
  3. Axl's 90s net worth

    I read before ciuple years interview with Kirk Hammet where he aaid that without touring they will loose money..
  4. Axl's 90s net worth

    Well,as you can see all rock bands works till the end of life...Rollingstones,U2,AcDC,Bon Jovi,Metallica,GNR...
  5. Axl's 90s net worth

    They earned one on different ways all these years... And all of them are richier than normal people... They are milionares,all of them...
  6. So is it case with GNR or with other bands? I think GNR had audience 18-68 years so it is pretty normal,that older people like to enjoy on he show on a different way
  7. For me South America,Italy,Spain and Potugal have a craziest crowd... Poland,Rusia,ex East Germany have a Tamest crowd
  8. I taped this,so this isn't lame... I have problem with security because I was standing
  9. This is the proof...Omly man who standing is me lol
  10. Wtf...Zhey are like on football game...I can't believe...What a fuckin crowd...Amazing...
  11. Watched 5 Guns shiws in 5 different countries Budapest Hungary -very good crowd Belgrade Serbia-wild crowd like in South Ameria Sofia Bulgaria-very good audience Vienna Austria-Amazing crowd Chorziw Poland-most borring crowd ever...Whole tribune seating and watching show like in theather
  12. Boxscore

    There is no boxscore data yet...We will have real number on pollstar yearand list...Here will be Euro + Asisa dates...I except GNR will NITL tour will be 3rd ever
  13. I don't get it how can someone said "Gnr can not fill stadiums anymore,except in Europe" They done 4 soldour stadium only in Germany...They can do it in a years...