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  1. Boxscore

    Great success,and I'm glad that I'm part of history... Comparing U2 and GNR isn't real...Different bands,GNR are really hard rock band,while U2 play pop-rock music,Gnr have hiatus since 1993 U2 played all these years.Watched U2 in Zagreb Croatia,and that was amzing show,but with more technology than Guns show... For me Not in this lifetime shows are the best music expirience for me.And yes,they deserve this
  2. I was there..Great show with the worst crowd ever...
  3. This is fuckin great crowd...What explosion... Nice to see packed stadium..Maybe DVD from this show?
  4. Great man...how many people was there?
  5. Kao i svaki Hrvat samo seres... 85% songs are Guns songs,so you're talkin shits...
  6. Axl's 90s net worth

    I read before ciuple years interview with Kirk Hammet where he aaid that without touring they will loose money..
  7. Axl's 90s net worth

    Well,as you can see all rock bands works till the end of life...Rollingstones,U2,AcDC,Bon Jovi,Metallica,GNR...
  8. Axl's 90s net worth

    They earned one on different ways all these years... And all of them are richier than normal people... They are milionares,all of them...
  9. So is it case with GNR or with other bands? I think GNR had audience 18-68 years so it is pretty normal,that older people like to enjoy on he show on a different way
  10. For me South America,Italy,Spain and Potugal have a craziest crowd... Poland,Rusia,ex East Germany have a Tamest crowd
  11. I taped this,so this isn't lame... I have problem with security because I was standing