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  1. When did Axl lose his musical and performing drive?

    I don't think he sounded so cool in 2010, he had the voice but almost no control, always losing breath and consequently the potency and quality. So I say that he started "losing it"(his voice) in September 2010, and in December 2010 he sounded almost like he did in the 2011 tour, if you listen to the last concerts of 2010 you will see that he sings predominantly with a clean voice. But I believe that nowadays the changes he does, vocally speaking, are a mix between personal taste and health care.
  2. GNR references in pop cultutre

    In the Neon Tiger stage the song sounds similar to Guns N' Roses My Michelle:
  3. GNR references in pop cultutre

    In Megaman X game series, the bosses are named after Guns N' Roses members.
  4. GNR references in pop cultutre

    In the game Guiltt Gears we have a character called Axl Low.
  5. GNR references in pop cultutre

    In the game Final Fight, we have 2 characters called Axl and Slash.
  6. GNR references in pop cultutre

    In GTA San Andreas we have again a Axl Rose reference, a biker NPC. It's unclear if it's really a reference but he looks similar to Axl.
  7. GNR references in pop cultutre

    In GTA San Andreas we have Tommy 'The Nightmare" Smith a ex vocalist of a famous rock band, with a now unsuccessful music carrer he starts working on radio. He is voiced by Axl Rose.
  8. GNR references in pop cultutre

    In GTA Vice City we have a character called Dick from the fictional band Love Fist, he is the drummer.
  9. GNR references in pop cultutre

    A punk band called Against Me! Have a album and a music called Reinventing Axl Rose.
  10. GNR references in pop cultutre

    The brazilian animated cartoon X-Coração(X-Heart), is a rock based cartoon with many rock references. In this image we see a poster featuring Guns N' Roses Axl Rose, Slash and Matt Sorum, the character laying in the bed is called Alex and is probably a Axl Rose reference.
  11. Late comment, but I've realised that Dummy's intro was used on the This I Love remix.
  12. 10/20/19 - Tijuana, MX - Estadio Caliente

    I think Duff will take the lead vocals and acoustic guitar in this one, like he did with his solo band.
  13. What F* is this

    Things are going far...
  14. Researching a bit I've learned Axl Rose used some variations of the vocal technics Phaser and Snarl Phaser during the 80s and 90s. Nowadays during this reunion tour, Axl apparently uses a Screaming technic. I am looking for technical explanations(and names) about every raspy technic used between his youth 'til nowadays.