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  1. Is Rock in Río 2011 the worst concert of Guns n' Roses?

    Should we consider Hollywood Palladium 2019?
  2. Let's ask the band to play Dead Horse or anything of the UYI :v
  3. 3 Dollar Pyramid actually is a "Better" demo.
  4. Today guys, I want to recommend you a album from a friend of mine. He worked hard to turn it real, the album consists of Acoustic Rock with the influence of Brazilian Traditional Music and rock artists like Legião Urbana, Ira!, Capital Inicial, etc. The album is entirely sung in Brazilian Portuguese and talk about the challenges and happyness of the life. So, please listen and give your opinion in the comment's section of the video, my friend will appreciate every word of support and critic: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC7MLAlo4PeXnNtY__kDwT3A
  5. It was made in 2002, imagining Axl Rose's appearence in 2014. Site where the image were uploaded: http://www.sonarproductions.com/axlrose.mov
  6. Sad but true What a pity, I always wanted to see him screaming that part.
  7. I always missed that part of the song in the live concerts.
  8. During Rock in Rio 3, in 2001, who liked me was Axl Rose. He was screaming on the backstage: "For god's sake, hold that crazy guy I need to meet him". But I was very tired. They played at midnight and I couldn't hold too much. Remembers Serguei. Original Post: http://sergueinews.blogspot.com/2016/09/axl-rose-quis-conhecer-serguei-no-rock.html?m=1
  9. Serguei brazilian rocker dies at 85.

    Serguei, 85 died June 7, 2019 he was Mick Jagger and Steven Tyler before they did it. This is one of his last performances.
  10. I know GNR played it in Tokyo 92 and 5 times during 88...
  11. I love the Philadelphia 2012 concert, but I wanna listen to more good moments of the 11-14 era...
  12. Axl Rose's 2011 Vocal Style Started in 2010

    Thanks for that interesting info from 2010, this could explain some things, but I have to correct your comparison between Axl Rose's 2010 voice with his NITL tour voice. WTTJ 2010: WTTJ NITL TOUR: But Yeah, I have to agree that Hartford was one of the best NITL concerts, in *CERTAIN MOMENTS he sounded like he sounds in 2006, 2010 and 1999. (that CERTAIN MOMENTS can vary between some microseconds to 3 seconds during a music :b)
  13. Axl Rose's 2011 Vocal Style Started in 2010

    Talking about Axl's voice, in December during the concerts he alternates between his Raspy(normally used in 2010) and Clean Voice(normally used in 2011). This started in December, if you see Townsville concert(December 1), you can see a equilibrium between the two voices, now in the Adelaide concert (December 7), you can observe that his clean voice is dominating, but in some moments is possible to hear his Raspy. SCOM - March, 25: https://youtu.be/BRA8A2TRMfk SCOM - December, 7: https://youtu.be/3Rwu9Sjunbs Don't Cry - March, 25: https://youtu.be/wiH2WoXge2o Don't Cry - December 7: https://youtu.be/vJJYZ1UhwmQ
  14. A Rocket Queen Clip Made in 2006?

    A good time ago I see something about Axl Rose making a Rocket Queen clip in 2006, anyone heard about it?