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  1. well, that shouldn't mean much, he has how much money? personally, i think if you want to drink in utah, then DRINK AWAY, the laws don't stop highschoolers,
  2. Help!!!!!

  3. why can't we contact the band members? that would be the main highlight of this forum, after all, if we could literally ask them for help with bands, or even just for a good joke, we would all use it, just sayin'
  4. Help!!!!!

    i dig it I have more names, Fury of the amazon, wrath of the amazon, twin pillarz, and a solo name in case i can't get the band of the ground, Billy BadAss
  5. Help!!!!!

    If you Have name suggestions, please add them in this discussion, after all, you all seem to have shot down mine pretty well, you guys will have a better name for a band.
  6. Help!!!!!

    I am making a band, i need to narrow down the names i have three, view them in the poll, if you have any suggestions for names, please give them in the comments