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  1. Slash and Alice Cooper

    Slash has played with several other artists I believe. Alice Cooper and Michael Jackson come to mind. I love Slashs' guitar solo on "Hey Stoopid", an Alice Cooper track. oh yeah, and i loved "Along Came a Spider". also, Slash isn't in the video, I believe, the guy playing the guitar solo is Stef Burns, if I remember correctly. '" )
  2. Slash's best solos?

    I really like the "You Could Be Mine" or whoever plays the solo on that. Correct me if I am wrong, but Slash plays all the guitar solos in the early albums, right?
  3. General Chat / Random Musings

    Very well! I like the community here : )
  4. HQ Street of Dreams cover art

    wanted to know if anyone had a high quality version of the cover art for the Street of Dreams single
  5. General Chat / Random Musings

    Yes I am fine just wanted to say hello how is everyone
  6. Oh I thought it was a much larger amount of fans, haha thank you very much for clarifying, I appreciate it!
  7. Does anyone else here think that Axl is aware of the hype over these songs, and does everything in his power to keep them from us? in other words, he's probably teasing us... axl if you see this hi please let us listen to the songs >: (
  8. idk if anyone here has seen this video before but what happened why's he upset lol
  9. First time CD tracks were played

    Thank you very much, I appreciate it! ty and I love the track listing!
  10. Jobs you'll be glad when they're gone

    anything fast food. I know some people use them for quick money or are not "educated enough" to work in anything "higher". But I really feel that we don't need to be associating with garbage like that. Especially parents that buy their children that trash. Factory farms too. I know the majority of food comes from factories, but seeing videos of these losers mistreating innocent animals pisses me off. Why don't *they* teach the people how to farm and cultivate produce in schools? Wouldn't it be great if everyone grew their own food,
  11. Hello. I would like to know what the first time all the Chinese Democracy track were played live. If possible please list the first known / reported time each track was played live.
  12. Michael Jackson

    "The Girl is Mine" is a song I avoid. It's an OK song, but I don't go out of my way to listen to it... I did that with Billie Jean, I thought of that song as overrated. But after listening to it recently, I realize how amazing it is. I resented because it is one of his most popular songs, but then again, it's popular for a reason, because it's good, at least in my opinion.
  13. The End : machine (Warrant/Dokken supergroup)

    Yes I agree! People really give Cherry Pie (the song for the most part) a lot of crap, but it's just a fun song, and that's all there is to it. And regarding Janie, he is; like you said, an amazing vocalist. I really do appreciate his songwriting, from D.R.F.S.R. to Belly to Belly & Ultraphobic (some of the more obscure Warrant albums). Unfortunately, most focus on their early years and are unaware of the special gems that are hidden throughout their discography. The later albums (Born Again and Rockaholic, etc.) are actually kind of nice, I like them. Jani's vocals are not featured, unfortunately, but I still dig those albums, there's some cool stuff in those albums for me, believe it or not. Warrant is one of those bands that are hidden in the dust of the "glam"-era. I feel like nowadays, most don't know who they are. "Stronger Now" is, in my opinion, Jani's best creation (I believe he did write that song). Also I notice this thread features Dokken, can you guys recommend any Dokken albums? I recall someone regarding Dokken as one of the best hair-bands from the 80s. I don't even know any of their songs, I will have to see for myself... : )
  14. The End : machine (Warrant/Dokken supergroup)

    Warrant is a nice band, one of my favorites, actually (yeah yeah hate me all you want). Their best album is "Dog Eat Dog", in my opinion. Quite a shame most disregard their intentions just by looking at "Cherry Pie"