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  1. Another wave of copyright strikes?

    This is disgusting. Hard to understand how things got this fuckedup
  2. I could see it happen. They agreed to do it in 1989 and 2006. Why not 2019? Would be a killer show.
  3. Another wave of copyright strikes?

    Has any old vids been removed lately or only 16-18 era vids?
  4. Another wave of copyright strikes?

    In Tallinn last year i saw the head of GNR security telling a guy holding a camera to stop filming (camera, not smarphone) His filming annoyed me cause it was disturbing my view. Probably pretty standard practice, but i remember it being a bit odd in 2018.
  5. My take on it is that Axl wasen't ready to tour in mid 91 and he was forced to tour which made Axl's life difficult. Getting ready to do great shows (if they shows are medicore, the band wouldnt have made it this far) So he had huge pressure, mixed with mental health stuff which led to starting shows late, and letting the band go to a uncomfortable situation that eventually made Izzy quit. And looking back i think Axl knows that if the Illusion tour would have started in lets say late 91. Izzy could have stayed longer and the band would have had a different path. Or not. It all worked out in the end.