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  1. The "New Album" Thread

    personally i find the Tokyo 1992 dvd to be amazing. It made a hardcore fan. Now knowing the tour better, i still think its one of the greatest shows of the whole tour. Setlist and performance wise 5/5
  2. Man you have seen some legendary ones. Especially Boston 2002 and Hammerstein 2006. Very cool!
  3. i know theres audio from the full show, recorded from the audience. Featuring a false start to Madagascar and a pissed off Axl
  4. In terms of audio quality. 1987 Last London show of the summer 1991 Noblesville 1992 Tokyo / Paris 1993 Saskatoon 2001 Rio 2002 Boston 2006 Rock Am Ring (not complete) for a full show maybe Roskilde or Novarock or Madrid 2007 Japan shows 2012 Vegas 2017 LA Forum
  5. Appetite era - not sure. Maybe London 1987 havent listened much to this era 1991 - La Forum last night, both nights in Stockholm, and the run in MSG. 1992 - Tokyo run 1993 - Cologne 2002 - Boston 2006 - First show at Hammerstein 2009 - Tokyo 2014 - Second to last show in Vegas 2017 - La Forum
  6. i really hope the band isint reading this forum. If i would be Axl, or even 4tus and reading this shit, id be mentally destroyed by the hate. Its fair to hope for a new album, but criticising every rough note, hair, weight, the setlist ect is too much.
  7. He is reading this forum and wonderring why the europeans are staying up for this
  8. 4.40 here also. And i got work at 11am Waiting for the first couple songs and then going to sleep
  9. The "New Album" Thread

    Im pretty sure nothing major will happen this week. 1-2 songs will be broadcasted after the show. There still can be a annoucement of some sorts this spring Plus i think the "all new show" didnt concern this super bowl thing. This is more of a one off
  10. The "New Album" Thread

    Exceptions are songs like Better where they use a lot of samples.
  11. The "New Album" Thread

    Frank didnt use a click track in 2006-2007. He sounded fine there. Even 2016-2019 i think he uses a clicktrack to count the songs in but i doubt they use one during the songs. Other wise double talking jive or coma wouldnt ever speed up towards the end. Even some performance of locomotive had the outro speed up a little. Thats is pretty much impossible with click