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  1. Amazon Fires

    Any statistics on this?
  2. Ah. My bad. Anyway. By what i remeber from some long Brain interview he began by rehearsals to get the rio setlist up to scratch. Then after that during 2001 he did all those drum tracks. Plus the drum sound in Hardschool sounds more like those 1999 leaks than 2001 twat for example
  3. Amazon Fires

    I dunno about the rest of the country but i was in Rio last month and EVERYBODY said that crime is on the rise and that its not been this bad in years. Also less security by the cops. Less founding. I saw an doc on european tv also on the risen crime levels of rio that was made this month. I think brazil has alot of fake news too. Remember bolsanaro likes the old days of total military control. Not really democratic isint it. And when i say crime. I dont mean corrupted rich business people laundering money. I mean murders, robberies ect
  4. Josh freese instead of Brain. If iremember correctly Brain didnt start recording his drum parts until after Rock in Rio. Im sure that he said in an interview that it took months even for him to get the musical sheet music of what Josh played. So i think its highly unlikely that Brain had all the drums done by August 2000
  5. Amazon Fires

    All i know is that since the new president crime and povety has exploded and he basicly has given the green light to companies to burn some forest.
  6. Very nice. I love the drums. The robin solo. The vocals! Ahh this makes mr happy
  7. Another wave of copyright strikes?

    Do you wanna tell the username if you can.
  8. I just had a dream where i heard Hardschool in full Too bad i dont remember it anymore.
  9. Live Era

    It defenetly might. At the same time taking a vocal from Tokyo 92 and copy it over another show would be quite something that im not sure they did. Its not super easy to make it sound good with all the bleeding from instruments into Axls mic.
  10. Live Era

    Very interesting, it does sound alot like it, but theres some things missing. during that very part you mentioned Slashes guitar is a bit different ( could be fixed in the studio) The guitar notes at the very beginning from live era are missing. Also Axl says ''youre in the jungle tokyo'' but vocals are not a good reference cause lots were overdubed. From 3:35 both slashes and gilbys guitar sound different from the boot. You can hear Slash mute his string at 3:27 which dosent happen on the boot, and im doubtful that Slash would overdub a muted string in the studio. Also the outro where they go crazy its not matching each other, i see no point overdubbing that. This one is really close,but i dont think its this one. I think Gilbys tone on live era is closer to when he switched to VOX amps for the metallica tour. I could be wrong on this one.
  11. Live Era

    Also You can hear Axl finishing his rant in the intro of Outta Get Me from London 1987
  12. Live Era

    These are mostly about the Vocals. Im talking about the music, which were mostly left alone (drum fix at Brownstone was obviously done) I dont think they invited the Illusions lineup to rerecord Jungle or something.