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  1. Long sets are ok. Its all about the short breaks between songs. Chinese era. There were lots of jams. Solo spots ect. 2016-2020 i realised that its super intense until wish you were jam for the drummer. That said im sure i will be finished physicly after playing that or that huge setlist of la forum 2017
  2. Great episode. I played drums along the osaka 2017 bootleg and this cat can play his ass off. Theres basicly no breaks in the set until duffs solo spot and even then its only a minute. Hes got great stamina. I was sweating like hell halfway through the set.
  3. Live Era

    I just did a quick listen of that show and Axl does stop the show after the first song but its not the same speech from live era, not even in a edited form.
  4. Live Era

    maybe someone should try to ask Del James on twitter
  5. Live Era

    the first part is mexico 1993 but not the electric part. Actually something like 5-8 years ago i was listening to this bootleg and recognized the same patience from live era, and went to wikipedia to change the recording date which used to be paris 1993
  6. Matt Sorum's Autobiography

    And this fool bought it from amazon the day it supposed to come out. Now it just says out of stock. The money is gone tho
  7. a must listen just finished your episode with Eric Dover today. Great stuff!
  8. This was the most enjoyable Rocket Queen of the 2016 era. The sound quality with all the details really makes for a better listen
  9. i think its pretty pathetic to expect gnr to keep you busy and cheer you up during a pandemic. They are a rock band, not the morning cartoon on the tv. Gnr is a band that plays music, i expect nothing more nothing less. What metallica does on youtube is cool. but do i think all other bands are greedy because they dont do the same? hell no.
  10. Top live performances!

    Chinese Democracy - Curitiba, Brazil 30.03.14 (i prefer the 09-14 version. theres something in this one that sticks out for me)Shackler's Revenge - Vienna, Austria 18.09.10 (Sosso you made me listen to this one. Its damn good!)Better - Novarock, Burgenland, Austria 17.06.06 Street of Dreams - Edmonton, AB 07.12.06 If the World - Tokyo Dome, Japan 19.12.09 (it gets jammy at the end, i love it. epic show all around)There Was A Time - Hammerstein Ballroom, New York 12.05.06 (every member kills in this one)Catcher in the Rye - The Joint, Las Vegas 21.11.12 (the version on the film is perfect!)Scraped - Edmonton, AB 17.01.2010 Riad N' The Bedouins - Pukkelpop, Belgium 24.08.02 Sorry - Amneville, France 10.09.10 I.R.S. - Sunrise, FL 24.10.06Madagascar - Boston, Ma 02.12.02 (this is just too good)This I Love - The Joint, Las Vegas 09.11.12 (great mood that fits the song, and not too much rasp in Axls voice)Prostitute - Houston, Tx 10.11.17 (Dizzys piano outro with Slashes guitar fade ins is what makes this so good.)
  11. What did i miss. Was it a 30sec clip or more like a full song or even better?
  12. Matt Sorum's Autobiography

    https://www.amazon.de/dp/164160154X/ref=sr_1_1?dchild=1&keywords=matt+sorum&qid=1585181575&sr=8-1 Still stating April 7 as the release date
  13. theres one around with extended stuff like axls speech before DTJ
  14. Kimo. Slashes body guard posted on ig that he found out overnight that he is unemployed because of the coronavirus.