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  1. I dont think thats the killswitch. Sounds more like what Dave Kushner played on the intro of Slither. Im not a guitar player so i dont know what the technique is.
  2. Listening to rhiad again. Are we sure its bucket on the solo? It sounds a bit robin esque
  3. These are great but im glad we got twat with bucket. He put thay song on a another level. Same with the orchestra on prostitute
  4. I got ya. I agree on the drums. Cd is way more pumchy on the 2000 versions. Id say on catcher im quite neutral i like both. (2008 a bit more) The better leak from 2007-08 is the only one that could be better.than thefinal one. No slideguitar during the bubbly pitman solo
  5. Second solo on cd Second solo on irs Rons solo on riad The calmer intro on the blues Everysong was improved on the final album if you ask me.
  6. No. Its all Tommy. With guitars and drum machine
  7. Listening to these make me.feel like the wait until 2008 was worth it. These are really cool demos but on everysingle track i find the album version to be superior. These are superduper extra cool work o progress version tho
  8. Damn its 6am and still havent gone to sleep
  9. About prostitute. It could be a fake. But someone needed to record new guitar parts on it. And record new drums. Doable but id say unlikely.
  10. I never realised bumblefoots solo was so unpopular. I like it more than May's. Dont get me wrong both are great. Im happy to have both to listen to.
  11. Are we sure its the exact same versions of catcher and irs than we got in the 2006? They sound a.bit differently mixed Or it could be just the difference on quality
  12. Here i understand where they werent satisfied with Josh drum sound. It sounds way more huge on the.final version. Also the outro is really cool here. Not as grandioso as the final version but really cool. Nothing beats the final version for me. Its my fav track on chinese atm
  13. Im hearing different drums. Some new guitars. Could be done by recording over the rock band tracks but my gut feeling is that its legit
  14. I get ya. Before 2008 i only heard the better leak. And im happy about it. After i went after the leaks cause im curious to hear what the songs sounded like in 1999 ect. Now im not sure at all hardschool will ever get released so im more tempted nowdays
  15. I found a other version that missing the 4 secs of silence and the file is 5.46 mt. This one is legit aswell? Quality seems the same
  16. Amazon Fires

    Fair enough
  17. Amazon Fires

    Any statistics on this?
  18. Ah. My bad. Anyway. By what i remeber from some long Brain interview he began by rehearsals to get the rio setlist up to scratch. Then after that during 2001 he did all those drum tracks. Plus the drum sound in Hardschool sounds more like those 1999 leaks than 2001 twat for example
  19. Amazon Fires

    I dunno about the rest of the country but i was in Rio last month and EVERYBODY said that crime is on the rise and that its not been this bad in years. Also less security by the cops. Less founding. I saw an doc on european tv also on the risen crime levels of rio that was made this month. I think brazil has alot of fake news too. Remember bolsanaro likes the old days of total military control. Not really democratic isint it. And when i say crime. I dont mean corrupted rich business people laundering money. I mean murders, robberies ect
  20. Josh freese instead of Brain. If iremember correctly Brain didnt start recording his drum parts until after Rock in Rio. Im sure that he said in an interview that it took months even for him to get the musical sheet music of what Josh played. So i think its highly unlikely that Brain had all the drums done by August 2000