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  1. Amazon Fires

    All i know is that since the new president crime and povety has exploded and he basicly has given the green light to companies to burn some forest.
  2. Very nice. I love the drums. The robin solo. The vocals! Ahh this makes mr happy
  3. Copyright Strikes....

    Do you wanna tell the username if you can.
  4. I just had a dream where i heard Hardschool in full Too bad i dont remember it anymore.
  5. Live Era

    It defenetly might. At the same time taking a vocal from Tokyo 92 and copy it over another show would be quite something that im not sure they did. Its not super easy to make it sound good with all the bleeding from instruments into Axls mic.
  6. Live Era

    Very interesting, it does sound alot like it, but theres some things missing. during that very part you mentioned Slashes guitar is a bit different ( could be fixed in the studio) The guitar notes at the very beginning from live era are missing. Also Axl says ''youre in the jungle tokyo'' but vocals are not a good reference cause lots were overdubed. From 3:35 both slashes and gilbys guitar sound different from the boot. You can hear Slash mute his string at 3:27 which dosent happen on the boot, and im doubtful that Slash would overdub a muted string in the studio. Also the outro where they go crazy its not matching each other, i see no point overdubbing that. This one is really close,but i dont think its this one. I think Gilbys tone on live era is closer to when he switched to VOX amps for the metallica tour. I could be wrong on this one.
  7. Live Era

    Also You can hear Axl finishing his rant in the intro of Outta Get Me from London 1987
  8. Live Era

    These are mostly about the Vocals. Im talking about the music, which were mostly left alone (drum fix at Brownstone was obviously done) I dont think they invited the Illusions lineup to rerecord Jungle or something.
  9. Live Era

    Nope, the same thing Matt dosent play the live era drum fill in paris 1992
  10. Same. Yesteday i had to explain why ive been on my phone so much.
  11. Same here. Im a big Josh fan drum and ig wise ( you should check his ig) Any gnr songs with Josh ill take it!
  12. It will be easy to tell when and if we hear it by comparing them
  13. I wonder if old Josh drums means Josh Freeses original tracks or Brains copy version and new Brain version are the ones where he could create his own drum versions
  14. 3 second clip of atlas leaked. Probably real. Not 100% sure
  15. Gilby is formerly from GNR but Matt is not?😀
  16. Robin left mid 99 - late 00 Josh Freese left early 00. So id think these are from 97-99 and mixed in 00
  17. Live Era

    The drum fill at 5:25 is very different plus the tempo is alot slower on the Tokyo dvd. So even a drum overdub is not really an option. In Live Era Axl dosent sing the ''just a little patience'' part, which he did on most shows. He does in Tokyo, but that could be a studio trick. Anyways that dosent explain the different tempo and drum fills
  18. Copyright Strikes....

    Very true. I just wish too see it again someday, i was late to the party. (im not asking for any links here)
  19. Copyright Strikes....

    One of the worst victims of the strikes was the Idont Care About You video
  20. Live Era

    Its still a mystery where the second part of Patience is from ( the electric part) Matt does a drum fill that dosent match any of the suggested ones online. My guess is that its from a 1992 stadium show. Prehaps Houston?? Also Welcome is a mystery, ive seen online it being marked as Argentina 1992 the second show.
  21. Rumors of Izzy & Steven returning?

    For what its worth im a drummer too and i like Frank. Matt was my favourite, After that Josh Freese, Frank, Brain, Steven.