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  1. Chinese Democracy (2019-08-28 leak as Chinese Stew) is actually Drums & Guitar at regular level from New Brain Drums 3rd time
  2. The Blues leak from (2019-08-28 ) is not the new brain drums version. Its instead the the old Josh drums version or the rough mix 6/1/01 version which i think are the same but mastered differently
  3. Twat has so many leaks 1999 one that leaked in 06 2000 from the lockers 2001 from the lockers 2001 that leaked last year (sounds just like the 2000 one but is like 20 secs longer) 2006 short 2006 long 2008 antiquet 2008 album version. Album version is superior.
  4. Would have been great if Tommy would done these at least once in a while in 2009-2014 instead of My Generation/Sonic Reducer/ Holiday In The Sun
  5. I never thought about it being outside those locker cds. I like your thinking. That said the tone of that extra guitar has more like a Brian May wibe than a Slash wibe. At that quality it could be anything
  6. The drums on the Atlas we got couple days ago from the rough mix full cd it has different drums from the older leak from a month ago. New Brain drums match the old Atlas. So im pretty sure Atlas from the Rough Mix disc has Josh Freese on drums. The.mystery is that we still dont have a full version from the original snippet with the extra guitar
  7. In interviews Brain has said that he was asked first to play exactly what Josh did and later when that was done to play what he wants. Thats why on cd Riad Twat and Prostitute have drum arragement by Josh Freese in the credits cause they used those Brain playing what Josh played takes. If we take Riad as an example Old Josh drums has the same fills as the 2008 record but with a different sound. New brain drums has some different fills. What is interesting is that on Maddy original Brain, new Brain and Old Josh have all different drum fills
  8. So. The question is. Are "old Josh drums" the Josh Freese takes from 1998-1999 or are they the Brain copied what Josh played takes from 2000-2001? New Brain drums sound nothing like the old Josh ones so it cannot be Brain playin note by note what Josh Played. My gues is that since the drum sound is very different "old Josh " takes are with actually Josh Freese. That means that we are missing Brain copying Josh takes.
  9. Im confused i think i have 2 different versions of me and my elvis
  10. How does Atlas Twat ect. Differ from the leaks last month?
  11. Would be funny if people make banners with ''Who's the mac daddy!?'' for the coming shows
  12. ChiDem Live Performances

    Worcester MA. I think there used to be a vid on youtube but i cant find it anymore unsurprisingly
  13. ChiDem Live Performances

    Scraped was played once in 2011
  14. For prostitute id recommend Houston 2017
  15. The Leak History

    This band is weird
  16. What a monster of a song. Im sure that it will grow to be even bigger for me.
  17. I feel a bit foolish saying the snippet was fake Every new leak (song)so far has been amazing. This one hasent grown on me yet as much as the others have. But still a very strong track.
  18. So. I havent had the chance to listen yet. (Im at the bar) But is this a part of the AFD 1999 or is this a genuine 2001 recording with bucket and brain?